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Plastic Machining Services

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HDC Plastic Machining Service

HDC uses the highest technique in each component. You can achieve the tightest tolerances necessary in most applications. Either you need a prototype or custom-made components, it is no doubt that HDC can produce first-class plastic parts for your respective projects.

Our material for plastic parts consists of HDPE, Nylon, PTFE, ABS, Acrylic, Delrin, etc. you have the right to choose your preferred material and surfaces with the guidance of our expert engineers.

HDC manufactured millions of products and received tons of great feedback. We have various advanced machines that are producing the highest type of machined plastic parts, it will all surely give you satisfaction, contentment, and comfort. 

Having lots of orders and competitors gave our team the eagerness to serve in the best way any industry can. Our team is competent enough to manufacture and present the professionalism you will surely admire.

After all the years of serving, HDC engaged with constant innovation which indicates the best quality and services. We continuously learn and hear every clients’ and society’s demands, this results in the uttermost services you can rely on.

HDC shipment method can be courier, sea, or air. We offer freedom of choice when it comes to payment, you can choose from Paypal, T/T, L/C. Trade terms like FOB, CFR, DDP is also available. You can have a sample of your part before the final payment to ensure quality approval.

Aside from the plastic machining services, HDC also offers various CNC metal machining services, We also have aluminum forging, aluminum extrusion, investment casting, pressure die casting, magnesium dies casting, plastic injection, and blow molding for metal parts.

Go now with HDC as the greatest plastic machining services provider. You will never go wrong with HDC. 

Types of Plastic Machining Services

plastic cnc turning 2
Plastic CNC Turning
plastic cnc milling 1
Plastic CNC Milling
3d printing 4
3D Printing
plastic blow molding 6
Plastic Blow Molding
plastic laser cutting 3
Plastic Laser Cutting
plastic injection molding 5
Plastic Injection Molding
plastic extrusion molding 7
Plastic Extrusion Molding
plastic engraving 8
Plastic Engraving

Plastic Materials Provide By HDC

uhmw machining parts 13
UHMW Machining Parts
pvc machining parts 11
PVC Machining Parts
ptee machining parts 10
PTEE Machining Parts
pom machining parts 9
Pom Machining Parts
polycarbonate machining parts 12
Polycarbonate Machining Parts
nylon machining parts 15
Nylon Machining Parts
nylon 6 machining parts 16
Nylon 6 Machining Parts
pmma machining parts 14
PMMA Machining Parts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Plastic Machining Service

The information provided in this FAQ is useful for understanding Plastic Machining Services that are offered by HDC. It deals with the importance of plastic machining in a fast-paced plastics market, service categories that HDC offers, evolving target markets and industries to which they are serviced delivery modes for end user projects processed media types processes such as quality assurance prototyping solutions custom /special packaging. No matter if you operate in food, medicine or manufacturing and packaging businesses HDC provides precise plastic machining services accordance to special requirements of all the sectors.

What Are Plastic Machining Services?

The plastics market is growing rapidly every year. This means that there is a requirement for plastic machining services to produce new and unique plastic parts that are durable and long-life. Moreover, these plastic parts as per industry standards and must have sizes with minimum deviation from clearance levels as per specifications. Also, with the development in technology, be types of plastics are hitting the market each year. Therefore, there is a need for the development of plastic machining services to cater to the composition of new plastics.

As a result, plastic machining services are very common now. In plastic machining services, machines are used to design, alter and develop plastic products. These services transform raw plastic into products that are widely used in the industry today. However, to get the plastic machining right with the right specifications and clearances as you require, you need to engage someone with the right skills, facilities, and experience.

plastic machining parts

To fulfill the demands of plastic products, HDC provides state-of-the-art plastic machining solutions for multiple industries.

What Plastic Machining Services Are Offered by HDC?

We at HDC specialize in all types of machining services. We have the capability to handle plastics of various kinds and apply different machining techniques for obtaining the right product. Some of the machining services for plastic that we provide are as follows:

  • 3D printing

3D printing is one of the most exclusive plastic matching services that we provide. With 3D printing and additive plastic manufacturing, we can do wonders. You can either share your requirements with us or leave the design to our design team. The HDC team will prepare a plastic prototype for you that you can view and finalize the design.

Plastic 3D Printing

  • CNC milling

CNC milling for plastics is an ideal service for producing multiple parts of the same design. With our computerized milling machines we achieve the highest level of precision for milling of plastic products.

plastic cnc milling service

  • CNC turning

HDC’s plastic machining services also include CNC turning. This service is for making plastic products that are twisted and turned. As a result, there is great skill required to achieve the level of precision in CNC turning of plastic products. However, with our latest machinery and team of experts, we can achieve a high level of precision in CNC turning.

plastic cnc turning

  • CNC routing

For our clients who want the extra-fine delicacy, we also offer CNC routing solutions for plastics. With the CNC router, we create hand-made designs on plastics that are a specialty of our workshop and the craftsmanship of our staff.

The list above is only the tip of the iceberg. We provide many other plastic machining services for our clients. To know all the services that we provide click here.

What Is the Turnaround Time for Plastic Products?

It depends. In case you have a single prototype for which you have already provided the design, then it may take a day or two to finalize the product on a sample basis. However, in case there is a large order with multiple products the then it may take a few days to even a month.

We at HDC will keep in touch with our clients throughout the process from designing to manufacturing. So, we will keep you updated on the progress of your product and how soon you can have it. As a result, our clients always count on us for provision of products well within time.

You need not worry about the delivery time as it is one of the things we take very seriously. We believe a satisfied customer is extremely important for a long-term business partnership. Therefore, we greatly invest in the timely delivery of our products.

Which Industries Deal With HDC for Plastic Machining Services?

We deal with several industries. Following is a list of a few of the industries that we deal with:

  • Food and Utensils Industry

The food and utensils industry often needs designs that are unique and appealing to the public. Plus, products related to the food industry require plastics that are food-grade plastics and fulfill certain international standards.  Therefore, we manufacture plastic containers and utensils that are for the food industry. While making these products we not only pay great attention to the design of the product but also to the high standards to follow for food-grade items. As such, HDC ensures that all the requirements are fulfilled for plastic parts for the food industry.

  • Medical Industry

Similar to the food industry, the medical industry also requires parts that fulfill certain pre-requisites and certifications. Therefore, HDC plastic machining services take great care in ensuring that it provides parts that have the necessary certifications for use in the medical industry. The major parts that we manufacture range from medical trays, tools, and other plastic stuff that is widely used in the medical industry.

Plastic Machining Medical Parts

You will only have to provide us the design and the specifications of the plastic product that you need. However, you must ensure that in case your country has some special additional requirements regarding medical products then you must share them at an early stage. In this way, we will ensure from the beginning of the project that the certification requirements are met.

  • Manufacturing Industry

With the increasing use of plastic in manufacturing, there is an ever-increasing need for plastic machining services for the manufacturing industry. Therefore, we produce all types of plastic fittings, clips, plastic bolts, etc. One important thing to note here is that the manufacturing industry has a stringent requirement for clearances and design specifications. Therefore, we at HDC  expect that you share all the specifications of the product along with any allowed clearances that you want to incorporate into the product.

  • Packaging Industry

The packaging industry also has a large use of plastic machining services. A lot of parts that are produced need to be packed with the proper plastic with specifications and dimensions of the product they are packing. Therefore, we deal with the packaging industry in providing them the plastic machining services for packaging parts.

  • Plastic Furniture/Decoratives 

Plastic furniture and decorative plastic products are widely popular now. Therefore, there is always a demand from these industries for the provision of unique and high-quality designs. We at HDC, fully comply with the task and provide plastic furniture and decorative products that are not unique but speak of the high quality that we use to manufacture them.

In case you can’t find the industry that you work in above, you should not worry. This is just a list of the main types of industries we deal with. However, in reality, we are dealing with much more industries and providing them plastic machining services.

You can just contact us here and let us know about your product regardless of the industry you belong to.

What Types of Plastics Are Machined by HDC?

We have a vast range of plastics that we machine. Here is a list of the main types of plastics that we deal in:

  • PTFE
  • ABS
  • Acrylic
  • polycarbonate
  • HDPE
  • polypropylene
  • PVC

The above list is only of a few of the plastics that HDC works with. In case you need details about any special type of plastic then we have also got that covered. You can contact us here and let us know about the type of material you want for your product.

We will make sure that the product is available and will use the highest quality in your product.

Why Should I Work With HDC?

You will save a substantial cost in working with HDC plastic machining services. Here’s how you will save money by working with us:

  • Eliminate Re-ordering

Re-ordering is one of the major nuisances in the manufacturing industry. The main reason for re-ordering is the product not being as per specifications or deviation from the required quality. However, when you work with HDC you will discover that you will not have to re-order. This is because the expert team of HDC makes the product perfect the first time. It is as per your requirements. Furthermore, it is as per the highest quality standards that are acceptable at the international level.

  • Avoid Extra Shipment Charges

With delays in order, delivery come the extra shipment and late surcharges. However, at HDC we make sure that he part reaches you well in time. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any late delivery charges or late delivery.

  • No wasting of time during meetings

It is usually observed that technical and financial meetings for the finalization of products are stretched for multiple hours. We at HDC believe in technology. Therefore, we will keep in touch with you throughout the design finalizing and manufacturing process. In this way, you will not need to meet our team multiple times. As a result, you will be saving a lot of man-hours and finances on unnecessary meeting hours.

  • Material finalization time reduced

Also, since we at HDC are experts in plastic machining services, we will not take a lot of time in selecting the material and finalizing the design for your product. We will consider the best material for your product and will finalize the material accordingly.

What Types of Design Files Does HDC Accept?

For prototyping and designs of other plastic machining services, we accept all types of design and image files. As a result, you can send your design in SolidWorks, STEP,IGES, .dwg. or .dxf file formats. In case you have a different file format for your design you can send it to us as well.

How Important Is Quality Assurance at HDC?

HDC is an ISO 9001 certified organization.

Furthermore, we strive to achieve excellence in providing quality plastic machining services for the industry. We ensure that each product is manufactured as per the requirements of our customers. Moreover, if there are any further specifications for plastics, for instance, their use in the food industry, then we also make sure that our product meets all types of international quality standards.

In addition, if you provide us certain additional standards/certifications required for some specific country, we will ensure that the same is complied with.

In short, our quality assurance team takes the quality of products and the manufacturing process extremely seriously. Therefore, we have a list of satisfied customers who are satisfied with the level of quality plastic machining services that HDC provides.

Can HDC Provide Plastic Machining Services for Prototype Models?

Yes. With our 3D printing setup, we process your files and develop a prototype. You can provide us the design that you want a prototype of and we will deliver as per your needs. Also, if you do not have the computer design for a prototype, you can contact our design team. Our design team is one of the most experienced design teams in the business. They will develop a CAD for the prototype that you want and share it with you. Once the design is final, then we make it into the final product.

Does HDC Provide Custom Packaging for Products?

Yes. You can check out our packaging SOPs and in case you want something to add to it, please feel free. However, if you want some special packaging for your product then we are going to provide the same to you. But we insist that you discuss your exact packaging requirements with us well in advance of finalizing the deal.


In the world of plastic machining services, HDC is a trustworthy partner. With emphasis on the accuracy, characteristics and time delivery HDC targets broadly diverse industry carrying plastic machining methods including 3D printing, CNC type precision milling ccn honed cylinders with multiple axes surface grinding complex profiles routings for polyurethane line extrusion cutting as well laser cutters. Its dedication to adhering with international standards set for quality and client-specific certifications guarantees that customers are availed of excellent plastic parts produced in accordance with the requirements as specified by individual clients. The high level of expertise in prototype development and customization, as well the attention to detail that HDC pay on packaging make it among most preferred firms when outsourcing plastic machining services.

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