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PMMA (Acrylic) Machining Service

When it comes to PMMA (Acrylic) machining services in China, HDC is the industry leader. Delivering high-quality and cost-effective solutions for their clients is at the forefront of HDC’s mission, and their service of PMMA machining is no exception to that. With the use of the latest technology and expertise, HDC provides state-of-the-art PMMA machining services, producing finished parts with unparalleled quality and precision. The company’s commitment to meeting their clients’ specific needs ensures that each project is treated on an individual basis and completed in a timely manner. HDC’s expertise in PMMA (Acrylic) machining service ensures consistency in production whilst maintaining a competitive price point for all clients. With HDC as your partner, you will be assured of getting nothing but the best service, quality and cost-effective solutions for your PMMA machining needs.

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HDC for PMMA (Acrylic) Machining Service

Polymethyl methcryalate (PMMA) also known as Acrylic is a wonderful engineering plastic that is ideal for machining products that serve as an alternative to glass. PMMA offers certain benefits like high tensile strength, flexibility, transparency, great impact strength, and high resistance to chemical and thermal changes. Here is why you should use our amazing Acrylic machining services.

Why Choose Us

We develop PMMA machined prototypes and custom designs

Developing prototypes is our expertise. We have the latest CNC machines to perform PMMA (Acrylic) machining services. With the 5 Axis CNC machines at our disposal, we can achieve the most intricate designs without any problem. You can share your design with us for the development of PMMA custom machined parts. However, if you do not have the design, we can develop a custom design for you. You can check the sample of the custom-designed acrylic part before making the batch order.

Your design is safe with us

When developing custom parts, we make sure that your design stays safe with us. We have a strict policy of client privacy, therefore, we never share the designs of one client with another client. So, you can feel safe about your PMMA machined part and that it is in safe hands.

We help you in selecting the best material

We will help you in selecting the best PMMA (Acrylic) material for your product. It often becomes difficult to select the best material for your product. However, our materials team will help you in selecting the best material for your product based on the application of your product. Furthermore, we will ensure that you get the best quality of material at the most competitive rate.

Our rates are the most competitive in the market

Since our team is constantly busy finding new ways to cut costs without affecting the quality of the PMMA CNC machined products, we can proudly say that we offer the most competitive rates in the market. Moreover, we believe in client satisfaction, therefore, we will try and provide you with the best rates so that you are satisfied with the CNC machining services and become a returning client.

Available materials

The density of PMMA is between 1.17 g/cm3 to 1.20 g/cm3 depending on the various grades of Acrylic. PMMA (Acrylic) is largely resistant to scratches, therefore, it makes an amazing material for machining. PMMA (Acrylic) machining materials are available in various grades like P20MH, P150E, 60MS, 23SP, 20HR, 170P, 140 HF, etc. All of these grades have their ups and downsides for PMMA machining applications.



Does PMMA (Acrylic) give good results for machining?

Yes. Acrylic offers some great features that make it ideal for machining. These features include great impact resistance, high tensile strength, accuracy, repeatability, lower friction, and high thermal resistance. However, when selecting the right grade for the application, certain features of the PMMA have to be considered.

What are the main applications of CNC Machined PMMA (Acrylic) parts?

A common application of PMMA machined parts includes phone booths, windows, incubator covers, instrument panels, advertisement boards, and covers, surgical instruments, boxes, etc.

Will HDC provide surface finish services for PMMA machined parts?

Yes. We at HDC provide aesthetic and cosmetic effects to the finished Acrylic machined parts to make them more appealing and attractive for the observers. Furthermore, we also offer different color shades for the finished parts as per the requirements of our clients. You can discuss the aesthetics and colors of the final product with our team in detail.

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Does HDC offer intricate and complex PMMA parts?

Yes. We have the latest machinery at our disposal which makes our CNC machining services one of the most competitive in the market. Also, we have a Swiss CNC machine that allows us to use various tools at a very minute level for the creation of complex and intricate PMMA designs.

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