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Polycarbonate Machining Service

HDC is your go-to source in China for high-quality polycarbonate machining services. The company provides precision-engineered polycarbonate parts, utilizing advanced technology and equipment to deliver tailored solutions to its clients. HDC has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality finished parts with exceptional accuracy and durability. With a team of experienced and highly skilled professionals, HDC has the expertise to work with complex geometries, tight tolerances and challenging materials. From product design to production and delivery, HDC is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions within a competitive time frame and budget. With HDC as your partner, you can be confident that you’re getting polycarbonate precision machining services of the highest quality.

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HDC for Polycarbonate Machining Service

Polycarbonate is one of the oldest known thermoplastics. Known for its ability to withstand impact and stay unchanged under stress and chemical changes, polycarbonate machining offers great opportunities for usage in various industries like electrical, electronics, aerospace, automotive, etc. Here is why you choose us for polycarbonate machining services.

Why Choose Us

Option for custom designs of polycarbonate

We have a dedicated design team that can develop custom designs for you. You will just have to provide the parameters for your polycarbonate parts and our team will turn it into a reality. Moreover, if you do not have the full design and want to make a part from a sample, we will also develop the CAD for the part and re-make the part. Also, if you want us to design the part from scratch, we will also provide you with this service for the polycarbonate machined parts.

Adherence to quality standards

HDC is committed to excellence. We give utmost importance to the quality standards and material standards for our clients. As a result of our commitment to quality standards, we have been accredited with ISO 9001 certification. Whereby, the quality control department keeps a close eye on the manufacturing processes for developing the polycarbonate machined parts.

We make on-time deliveries

We ensure that our clients get the parts on time. In order to ensure timely deliveries, our supply chain team makes sure that all the project timelines are met and our clients receive the parts on time. Therefore, you will always get the parts on time as agreed. Furthermore, we will keep our clients posted about the completion of work on their polycarbonate machining parts.

We offer the most competitive rates

HDC takes utmost pride in offering the most competitive rates for its clients. This is not only a claim but also a science. We have deployed the most advanced cost-cutting techniques in our polycarbonate machining services that ensure that the final product is available at the most competitive rates to the clients.

Available materials

Polycarbonate is a wonderful option for machining because it offers exceptional toughness, UV resistance, very high-temperature resistance, and optical clarity. Generally, polycarbonate has a tensile strength of 9500 psi. The density of polycarbonate is around 1.20 g/cm3. Polycarbonate is available in various grades like film, flame retardant, reinforced, and stress crack resistance grades.



Does Polycarbonate give good results for machining?

Polycarbonate has multiple machining benefits to offer over other types of thermoplastics. For instance, Polycarbonate can handle higher temperatures than acrylic which makes it a better option for certain applications. Low friction, hardness, and impact resistance are some other advantages that polycarbonate offers for machining.

What machining services can be applied to polycarbonate?

We offer precision machining on polycarbonate parts. Other services that we offer include CNC milling, CNC turning, laser cutting, CNC precision machining.

Can polycarbonate be machined to close tolerances?

Yes. When machined with the appropriate coolant, you can machine close tolerances on polycarbonate machining parts.

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What are the main applications of CNC Machined Polycarbonate parts?

Polycarbonate machined parts are used in multiple industries including automotive, fuel handling parts, aerospace, etc. And the main parts that can be manufactured from polycarbonate machining services are connectors, seals, gaskets, housings, wheels, windshields, cockpit parts, face guards, etc. Therefore, polycarbonate can be machined into various parts that have applications in a wide range of industries.

Will HDC provide guidance in selecting the right material?

Material selection is one of the most critical parts of manufacturing and machining parts of polycarbonate. We understand that it is a tricky process and therefore, our team of material experts will help you in selecting the best material for your product.

Does HDC provide a material certificate?

Yes. HDC provides its clients with the material certificate for all necessary regulatory approvals. This also includes certificates for food-related parts, aerospace, automotive, and other industries that require a material certificate.

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