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Precision Stainless Fasteners China

HDC is Your Expert Precision Stainless Fasteners Supplier in China.

HDC is a professional precision stainless fasteners supplier in China. We are dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of precision stainless fasteners. Plus, we also offer custom design fasteners according to detailed requirements. Enquire now.

  • 13+ years of precision stainless fasteners OEM experience
  • Expert engineers to support product development
  • Competitive rate precision stainless fasteners
  • Complete production testing reports
  • Delivery time from 1-2 weeks
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HDC- #1 Precision Stainless Fasteners Manufacturer

If you are searching for precision stainless fasteners that feature quality and performance, HDC is your ultimate choice. HDC manufactures high-end precision stainless fasteners in different sizes, shapes, designs, and quantities. Plus, you can customize your precision stainless fasteners based on your exact details.

You can make sure that your designs are safe at HDC. We will provide production reports so you could timely check your spare parts. For as low as 50 pieces, you can have your top-grade precision stainless fasteners to start your business.

Custom Your Precision Stainless Fasteners with HDC

Custom Precision Stainless Fasteners

At HDC, we offer custom precision stainless fasteners, keep your own design private and protected. Free samples are available for you to check quality.

Precision Industrial Stainless Steel Fasteners

HDC manufacture precision stainless fasteners providing reliable performance and consistency. We have skilled engineers to support your product design.

Stainless steel 304 Standard Fasteners

HDC stainless steel 304 standard fasteners have been completely tested in the factory. Lifetime quality guarantee on your spare parts.

Stainless steel 316 Special Screw Cold-formed Fasteners

Ideal for a range of industry use. Reliable, durable, and smooth construction. As an ISO9001 certificated factory, we offer full OEM support for your unique product.

A2 Stainless steel Bolt Fasteners

A2 stainless steel bolt fasteners can be etched with your logo on the component surface. No charges. Samples are also provided for your approval.

Stainless steel Full Thread Bolts Machine Fasteners

HDC stainless steel full-thread bolts machine fasteners can be specifically designed as per details. Consists of high-end feature providing excellent performance.

Precision Rivet Nuts Stainless Fasteners

As an expert manufacturer, we offer precision rivet nuts stainless fasteners ISO-approved. Provide easy, accurate, reliable performance.

Precision Stainless steel Snap Fasteners

HDC, precision stainless steel snap fasteners come in various materials, surface treatment, and other specification options. Products are offered at a more competitive price.

2 person Four wheels surrey bike MS-2

Lifetime guarantee for precision shoulder screw fasteners is provided at HDC. You can get your logo to etch for free, sample design is free as well. Order now for as low as 50 pcs.

Why HDC Precision Stainless Fasteners

HDC is expert in providing OEM services for precision stainless fasteners. We offer you affordable services, from prototyping to production. One-stop solution for your need, full support are provided. HDC also offers low volume manufacturing services for start-up business.

Free samples are provide for you to check the quality first. If you want to put your logos on each precision stainless fastener, HDC will provide it free of charge.

Precision Stainless Fasteners

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your Precision Stainless Fasteners

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Custom Your CNC Bike Parts with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Precision Stainless Fasteners

HDC is your premier provider of precision stainless fasteners in China. We have different variety of precision stainless fasteners for you to choose from. In fact, HDC has all the capabilities to produce your ideal precision stainless fasteners for affordable prices.

Our more than 13 years of experience will surely earn your trust in this industry. We can produce precision stainless fasteners with the different specifications you require. Different styles, sizes, and applications are available in our precision stainless fasteners.

We can guarantee that our precision stainless fasteners have the qualities to skyrocket your business in this industry. HDC is also an ISO 9001-certified company that can provide all your needs for precision stainless fasteners.

If you want to check our productions, HDC has weekly production reports. Production testing is also available. In fact, we are giving free samples of our product for you to inspect the quality.

You can book orders for as low as 50 pieces to start up your business. If you are already engaged in this business, we offer you the best deals to turn your expenses into profits.

You can send your inquiries anytime! We assigned a professional team to assist you.

Precision Stainless Fasteners FAQS

Are you trying to find an expert precision stainless fasteners manufacturer that can provide you with bulk or wholesale orders? Do you yearn to get high-quality stainless steel precision fasteners? Don’t worry, we here at HDC Manufacturing can produce your wholesale orders, wherever you and your business are in the globe!

Should you need help and assistance, here is a brief FAQ of precision stainless steel fasteners to help you identify your needs more and further!

What Are Precision Stainless Fasteners?

figure 1 what are precision stainless fasteners

Precision stainless steel fasteners are fasteners that are precisely and accurately made, and those that are made from stainless steel. They’re different from those that have been manually produced and manufactured simply because of the fact that the measurements of these fasteners are on-point.

Typically, stainless steel precision fasteners are made via CNC machines and equipment, instead of manual machines that are traditionally and typically used for the production of these fasteners.

Are Stainless Steel Fasteners Good For Aluminum?

figure 2 are stainless steel fasteners good for aluminum

Yes, as a matter of fact, stainless steel is actually the one considered as the best match for aluminum parts and components simply because of the fact that stainless steel does little-to-no reactions when mixed and partnered up with aluminum.

It is just sensible to use stainless steel precision fasteners as the base material for any aluminum part or component regardless of the machine or equipment it’ll be latched onto.

Aluminum vs. Stainless Steel Precision Fasteners

figure 3 aluminum vs. stainless steel precision fasteners

This question is almost always asked for crucial machinery and equipment – particularly in the aerospace and automotive sectors. What’s better will actually depend on the results that the client is looking for.

To help you out with this even further, here’s a quick table that outlines the differences between precision stainless fasteners and precision aluminum fasteners:

Aluminum Advantages Stainless Steel Advantages
Strong and lightweight and is flexible to be used for precision parts and components (fasteners). Strength, temperature-resistant, and weather and abrasion-resistant compared to aluminum. It also has good levels of corrosion resistance, too
Not as flexible as stainless steel but is highly resistant to corrosion. Stainless steel is flexible – it can be welded, machined, cut, and bent easily.
Aluminum is typically cheaper and more affordable. More expensive than aluminum, but is low maintenance and has a more aesthetic appeal than aluminum.
Long-lasting, but can be easily warped, morphed, and deformed, especially under high heat circumstances. Highly durable and long-lasting compared to aluminum fasteners and components.

These are some of the differences between precision stainless fasteners and aluminum fasteners that you want to take note of.

What Machines and Equipment Are Used to Produce Precision Stainless Fasteners?

figure 5 what machines and equipment are used to produce precision stainless fasteners

Many manufacturers use a wide variety of machines and equipment for the production of their precision stainless fasteners. In a typical sense, though, the most common processes involved would be machining, polishing, and cold heading.

Here at HDC manufacturing, we’re able to manufacture precision stainless fasteners using high-quality CNC machines that are flexible, versatile, and easily adaptable to many different types and kinds of situations and instances.

How Are Precision Stainless Fasteners Made?

The manufacturing process of precision stainless fasteners is not done by a single machine or step. In fact, it involves more than just juggling through different machinery and equipment.

To give you a general breakdown of the step-by-step process here is how it’s made:

  1. The product specifications will be sketched and drafted.
  2. Then, the machine that’ll be used (CNC) will be programmed.
  3. Once done, the stainless steel sheet or bar will be fed onto the CNC equipment.
  4. A dry run will take place to check whether or not the program has been captured.
  5. Then, the machine will pursue and proceed to cut, shape, and form the fastener.
  6. Over the process, inspectors and analytical engineers will inspect the tolerances and the measurements made.
  7. From there, the product will be heat treated, cold treated, or anodized depending on the wants of the client to give it the further strength it needs.
  8. Lastly, it will be coated with a surface coating option, which is the choice of the client.

This 8-step process is what’s usually done to help clients with their need for precision stainless fasteners.

Pros and Cons of Precision Stainless Fasteners

Just like any other process or material, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to precision stainless fasteners. You might already know some of these, but the vast majority of you wouldn’t have a clue about it.

Pros and Cons of Precision Stainless Fasteners

To help you with it, here’s a list of the different advantages and pros of precision stainless fasteners:

  1. They are extremely corrosion resistant
  2. Stainless steel fasteners are capable of self-repairing
  3. They have longer lifespans
  4. Stainless steel fasteners look, feel, and fit better than other types of metals

Now, let us go to the drawbacks or the things you need to consider further as regards precision stainless fasteners:

  1. Ultimately, the initial cost of precision stainless steel is higher
  2. Not great for long-term storage – you need to use them right away
  3. Breakage is easy when the force is too strong – it’s not capable of withstanding high pressure and force

Where Can You Get the Best Quality of Precision Stainless Fasteners?

HDC Manufacturing has been China’s cradle when it comes to precision stainless steel fasteners. We’re always on the hunt for innovation and uniqueness in all our services and products, and you can count on us for both retail and wholesale orders, too!

Over time, we have produced custom stainless steel fasteners, stainless steel 304 standard fasteners, and even A2 bolt fasteners that are highly accurate and precise to the machine our clients needed them for.

Besides our expertise in precision stainless fasteners, HDC Manufacturing can also be your one-stop manufacturer if you need CNC valve covers, custom wheel lug nuts, magnetic oil drain plugs, CNC shift knobs, and many more!

Join thousands of other businesses and organizations and get the best and highest quality of precision stainless steel fasteners for your vehicles, industrial equipment, as well as medical and pharmaceutical machines, too!

Get a free estimate of your orders within hours of sending a request!

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