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Comprehensive CNC Copper Parts Machining Services at HDC

Discover the wide range of CNC copper parts machining services provided by HDC, tailored to meet diverse industrial requirements. From precision turning to complex spare part fabrication, learn how our state-of-the-art technology and extensive expertise deliver unparalleled quality and precision.

CNC Copper Parts Machining Services Offered by HDC

HDC provides a number of CNC Copper Parts services for its clients. A few of these services are as follows:

CNC Turning Copper Parts

One of our most popular services in the country is the turning copper parts service. You just have to provide us with the dimensions of your part and we will develop it. In case you are unsure about the dimensions of the product you want you can also consult with our expert design team. We will guide you through the process and deliver you the best Copper turning service in the country. This service usually deals with the manufacturing of high-precision parts where there are curving surfaces.

Precision CNC Copper Parts

We have a number of precision machining options available for our clients. With our 5-axis machines, we can prepare Copper parts with great precision. Our state-of-the-art machines, enable us to touch new limits of tolerance levels. Therefore, the tolerance level of our high-precision machines is as low as 0.01 of an inch. You will rarely find any offering of higher precision than what we are offering. So, for your copper parts, you can simply convey your acceptable tolerance levels and we will ensure the part will be as per your specifications.

Spare Parts Machining Service

We at HDC also offer services for the machining of spare parts. Often there is an issue of getting the OEM parts in the market. Therefore, we offer CNC Copper Parts spare parts machining service. For spare parts, you can share the specification of the old part that was installed and we will be able to develop the new part from it.

However, if you are unsure about the part specifications of the previous part then you can even provide us the part of the OEM. We will develop on that exact specifications and provide you with a valuable spare part.
Cnc Machining Copper Parts

Our spare manufacturing service is great for all clients who are unable to get their part from the market or there is a long lead-time involved in getting the part from OEM.

Also, we provide services for bulk manufacturers who want a large quantum of CNC Copper parts.

Machining Construction Machine Parts

Construction parts are often difficult to develop without proper design and experience. However, due to our highly experienced team of experts, we are able to develop parts for the construction machines. The parts that we make are rugged and can stand the test of any quality standard. That is why we have a long list of satisfied customers who are satisfied with our CNC Copper parts service.

CNC Brass Turning Service

We also offer a Brass turning service for parts of Copper Alloys. You can provide us the details about the material that you want to use for the part and we will develop it in the shortest possible time. Although working with Copper-alloys is not so easy in the market, we provide specialized services for our clients to machine the Copper alloys.

CNC Lathe Machine Parts

Lathe machine services are one of the oldest services that we offer. However, we have integrated the CNC with our lathe machines and now we can achieve high precision designs.

Manufacturing Copper Parts for Machines

Copper parts for machines is another amazing service that HDC offers. You can get your machine’s specifications to us and we will develop the part for you. All you will have to do is contact us and we will ensure that your parts are on the path for development.brass cnc machining service 17

CNC Machining Techniques for Producing Copper Parts

Specific CNC machining operations used in creating copper parts include the use of computer numerical control (CNC) machines to shape and form raw material into various components. This involves machining processes like milling, turning, drilling and engraving to attain the appropriate shapes dimensions as well as surface finishes. Due to its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, copper is an indispensable element of many components for industries such as electronics or plumbing. CNC machining provides for high accuracy and quality in the manufacture of copper elements with complete compliance to design requirements/tolerances.

Common Copper Materials for CNC Machining

Different common copper materials used in CNC machining include several types of the alloy, such as ETP Copper known for its high conductivity and OFE Copper which is preferable due to purity and applicability with electronics along with cartridge brass that can provide good machinability. Besides, the machining properties of brass alloys such as 360 Brass and Free-Cutting Brass are considered ideal for machine cutting. Other materials used in CNC machining include bronze alloys, which includes Phosphor Bronze with corrosion resistance and Aluminum Bronze that features strength. As the choice of material is shaped by particular part specifications including conductivity, corrosion resistance and strength tailored to a sought-after application and desired features of copperwork output.brass cnc machining service 16

Suitable Surface Finishes for CNC Copper Parts

Various surface finishes for CNC copper parts that could be considered provide a broad variety of solutions to improve the look and performance. Such finishes for example include leaving copper as nature intended for its distinctive color and conductivity, electroplating with materials of nickel or gold to improve durability yet aesthetics, chemical patinas permitting diverse appearances; clear coatings that make possible the preventions of tarnish but retaining a reflection from this metal including brushed or satin surfaces offering reduced levels in reflectance only Different finishes are chosen depending on the aesthetic qualities, functionality and environmental aspects that ensure copper parts machined using CNC meet certain specific requirements in various kinds of applications.

Major Industrial Areas Covered by HDC

HDC covers a number of major industrial areas. Here is a list of the areas that we cover for the provision of machining services:brass cnc machining service 10

Automobile Industry

Due to its property of good thermal conductivity and higher corrosion resistance Copper is ideal for use in heat-exchangers and other fittings where hot fluids travel. One great example is that of car radiators and their fittings. HDC has the full capability to design, machine, and manufacture CNC Copper parts that are used in the automobile industry. You can share your requirements with our team for further details about the products that we manufacture for the Automobile industry.

Sanitary Industry

Similar to the Automobile industry, we also offer machining services for the development of fittings and parts relevant to the sanitary industries system. The parts that we can develop include valves, gauges, pipe-fittings, gaskets, tubes, couplings, etc. Furthermore, we can develop any other Copper equipment/part which you need for the sanitary industry. Also, with tanks and motors that have to operate with the sanitation industry, you can get the machined products from HDC.

Power Industry

Since Copper is one of the best electrical conductors on the planet a lot of the electronics and electrical industries highly use CNC Copper parts for their products. For instance, we can produce connectors, pins, and other parts of the electrical/electronics industry for you. HDC has high experience in dealing with the electrical and electronics industries. Furthermore, we have been providing these industries with a seamless supply chain of CNC Copper parts for the past many years.brass cnc machining service 14

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry also has a large application of Copper parts that need to be machined. We offer all such services that can manufacture parts for the manufacturing industry. Even we provide parts for the machines that are used in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, if you are unable to find any part for the manufacturing industry in the market then you can raise the same with us.

CNC Copper Parts for Machines

Some machines like motors and pumps have a high use of Copper parts. Therefore, we have vast experience in supplying Copper parts for machines of various industries.

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, we are working with a lot of other industries that are benefitting from our state-of-the-art services.

In case you are unable to find the industry you are related to you can click here and check out our expertise in parts for your industry.brass cnc machining service 7

Minimum Order Quantity for CNC Copper Parts

Although our minimum order quantity for CNC Copper parts is 50-100 parts we are flexible with our MOQ. However, we suggest that before placing the order you discuss your project requirements with our team. It is quite possible that your product is below the MOQ, yet due to its economic value, we can accept the production. However, you need to contact us for further details on the minimum order quantity before finalizing your order.

The minimum order quantity does not apply to the prototyping service. However, you need to confirm the exact details of the project with our team before placing the order for CNC Copper parts.
Cnc Copper Pars

Benefits of Choosing HDC's CNC Copper Parts Service

Copper CNC Machining Experts

Since 2009 HDC is known for its CNC Copper Parts all around the country. We have a number of satisfied customers who have benefitted from our expertise in manufacturing Copper parts. And our services are not limited to the manufacturing of parts. We can also customize your existing parts. Therefore, you will get multiple services for your Copper parts under one roof. And the list doesn’t stop here. We have a number of satisfied clients outside the country. This domestic and international trust in our services is a matter of pride for HDC.

High-precision designs

Due to the high-precision machines available with HDC, we are able to achieve very precise and complex designs. The 5-Axis machines, CNC screw machines, etc. are the tools at our disposal that we use to create immaculate parts for you. Therefore, you will benefit from getting high-precision parts from HDC.

Also, size is not an issue for us. We can develop the most minute parts with the help of swiss screw machines. And that too with a very high level of accuracy. Therefore, you need not worry about the accuracy of the part regardless of its size.

Quick Turnaround Time

We have been leading in the field of CNC Copper parts for a long time. And in order to keep pace with the competition, we have a focus on ensuring a quick turnaround time. Furthermore, project management is a specialty of ours. Therefore, we ensure that minimal time is spent on the production of products. And the shortest possible time is ensured for parts.brass cnc machining service 13

Designing Capability

HDC has a dedicated design team that is expert in developing computer-aided designs. In addition to the above, due to our versatile set of machining options, we can offer a variety of design options for our clients. With the combination of an expert design team and the latest technology, we are able to achieve amazing results with the manufacturing of CNC Copper parts.

Adherence to Client Requirements

One great benefit that you will get in working with HDC is getting the product right the first time. Often it is seen that a substantial amount is wasted on the reworking of parts and rejections by clients due to non-adherence to its requirements. However, this will not be the case when working with HDC. This is because we ensure that the product we are delivering is exactly as per the clients’ requirements. Furthermore, we keep our clients up to date with the progress of their projects. This way there is very little chance of straying away from the clients’ requirements.

Value for Money

Despite all our capabilities and team of experts, we are providing value for money. That is you will not feel you are paying anything more than what the high-quality work of ours deserves. Furthermore, we have been successfully leading the charge in machining services in the country, therefore, we offer the most competitive rates in the market.

Check out our competitive rates for CNC Copper parts here.brass cnc machining service 12

Design File Types Accepted by HDC

We accept all types of design files for the development of various parts. This means that you can submit your design in .dwg, .dxf, .uiges, . step, .sat and in .pdf format. However, we have just listed these options so that you can have an idea of the variety of design files we accept.

In addition, you can provide us with any type of design file for CNC Copper Parts and we will have no difficulty in working with it.

Furthermore, even if you do not have the design file for your part you can contact us. We will guide you through the design development phase and will provide you with a design that will be as per your requirements.

Standards Followed by HDC for the Production of CNC Copper Parts

HDC has acquired the prestigious ISO 9001 certification. This shows HDC’s commitment to excellence and adherence to Quality Standards.

In addition to the above, we also offer the opportunity to our clients to share with us any requirements for following international/military standards for manufacturing/machining of their products.

In this regard, HDC can provide parts that adhere to the international standards that you want. Just share your requirements with our team and then let the rest to us.

Furthermore, in the case of medical parts certain additional certificates are required. We at HDC can manage all sorts of parts and will provide you with safe and reliable parts that will adhere to the medical industry standards.brass cnc machining service 9

Usual Turnaround Time for Orders with HDC

The turnaround time for CNC Copper parts depends on a number of factors. For instance, if there is a large order then it might take us days to process. However, if there is a medium-size or small order then we can develop it within weeks.  The actual turnaround time depends on the service you have chosen and the number of products that we have to develop.

Having said this, you need to stay positive that HDC has state-of-the-art machinery. Therefore, whatever part you tell us to develop we will develop in the shortest possible time. And you will save a lot in terms of direct and indirect costs in working with HDC.

Cost Consideration When Custom CNC Copper Parts From Manufacturers

When speaking about the price of custom CNC copper parts from manufacturers, there is more than one factor that we need to discuss. Such factors include the choice of materials, design formulation and complexity, batch size machine time required for processing and post-processing requirements among others. Copper is an expensive material for which specific alloys and quantities can determine the price. The engineer may need to have sophisticated designs with small tolerances, which increase the machining time and cost. In most cases, if larger quantities are ordered then economies of scales become evident and the costs per part decrease. Also, post-processing should be considered a part of the total cost in case any finishing and plating is done to meet specific needs. It is critical to make sure that you communicate your budget constraints and needs with the manufacturer clearly so as to have cost-effective solutions.brass cnc machining service 8

The Typical Process of Custom CNC Copper Parts from Manufacturers

  • Project Consultation: The procedure starts from the client-manufacturer discussion sharing details on project.
  • Design and Engineering: CAD model design for the copper part is elaborated by manufacturers based on client demands.
  • Material Selection: The selected copper alloy is just right for the use of a part.
  • CNC Programming: CNC programmers develop programming instructions for machining operations.
  • Machining: The CNC machines are programmed to shape copper into its desired form.
  • Quality Control: Inspections require the parts fulfill specified tolerances and quality standards.
  • Post-Processing: The optional steps such as fettling or finishing make the appearance and functionality of pieces better.
  • Final Inspection: Finally a final check makes sure all parts meet the specified requirements before delivery.
  • Packaging and Delivery: The parts are neatly packed and the client is delivered.
  • Client Feedback: Clients review delvers and reorders additional requirements.
The entire communication process between the customer and manufacturer must ensure that custom CNC copper parts meet all client demands and lately exceed clients’ expectations.brass cnc machining service 15


The CNC Copper Parts Machining Services offered by HDC are renowned for accuracy, flexibility and conformity to the standards in industry HDC has a proven history of providing quality copper parts to several industries through our blend of excellence in technology and human resource. Whether it is precision machining, spare parts or custom designs HDC guarantees value for your money and a dedication to seeing you satisfied in CNC Copper Parts manufacturing process.

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