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Stainless Steel Cutting Service

HDC is Your First Class Manufacturer Of Stainless Steel Cutting Service Supplier.

For stainless steel cutting, HDC has the finest workpiece. We can offer methods and different cutting services for stainless steel. Manufacturing to different industries has given HDC the chance to prove its standard and quality control through experience and innovation. Our stainless steel cutting services will always give you an excellent impression.

  • Various equipment for your different designs
  • Waterjet cutting, laser cutting, plasma cutting, in house
  • No MOQ required
  • One-stop solution for metal parts
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HDC- Your Professional Stainless Steel Cutting Service Provider

HDC knows that the demand for cutting services is always on top, especially in food and beverages manufacturing. We manage to keep our work as ideal as it can be. HDC can manufacture your needs for stainless steel cutting service that has precise results with minimal labor effort.

We are offering Shearing, Laser Cutting, Plasma Cutting, etc. for stainless steel cutting services. HDC is well aware of the needed machines and tools of every component. Stainless steel CNC cutting can only be looked after by high professionals like HDC’s group of experts, for the procedure requires a high level of expertise.

Custom Your Stainless Steel Cutting Parts With HDC

Laser Cutting Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Service

In laser cutting, your stainless steel will be cut by laser automation. HDC can manufacture smooth, decent, and precise productions with the method of laser cutting for stainless steel, it is efficient

Stainless Steel waterJet Cutting

Water jet, which uses water as a knife, its real name is high-pressure water jet cutting technology,  It is favored for its cold cutting does not change the physical and chemical properties of the material.  In China, the maximum pressure of the water jet has reached 420 MPa.

Stainless Steel CNC Plasma Cutting Services

This kind of method provides us to deliver high-quality and error-free stainless steel cuts. HDC’s plasma cutting can cut through thick steel sheets, using heat can melt steel parts off.  Your customized designs are always acceptable to us.

Why HDC Stainless Steel Cutting Service

HDC is an ISO9001 certified company that always loves doing its craft while serving thousands of people around the world. Having modern machines and knowledgeable people made the way for HDC to be on top. HDC’s stainless steel CNC cutting services can give you highly precise products no matter how tricky they may be.

We are very much suited for serving big industries and making complex cuts and materials. HDC had able to gain learnings and expertise through years of experience in stainless steel CNC cutting. We are always glad to welcome you to be part of our regular clients while giving you the greatest machining service you will ever come across.

Stainless steel cutting your parts

HDC Capabilities On Staineless Steel Cutting Service

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Custom Your Metal Parts With HDC CNC Cutting Service

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Stainless Steel CNC Cutting Service

When in need of the best stainless steel cutting service supplier, HDC can provide you the most top-notch service this industry could offer. Aside from having a high standard, we always deliver competitive prices in every component.

HDC has the most machining stainless steel grades like 303,304,316 and the like. Using the types of equipment that are best suitable for stainless steel cutting such as laser cutting, plasma cutting, shearing, etc.

All of the said things were made possible by the experts and workers that made us exceptional. HDC has the ability to serve you with different surfaces like anodizing nickel plating, tumbling, powder coating and so much more. 

hdc cnc stainless steel cutting

We all know that a manufacturer that uses high-quality equipment will produce the best tools with superior quality services. You can consider that HDC is one of the profitable companies that can cater to your needs when it comes to machining.

Shipping can be made depending on how you want your item to be delivered, you can also decide the packaging, the payment method, and the trade terms that are suitable for your shipping requirements. 

As part of our commitment to this industry, we offer a broad variety of services. Aside from stainless steel CNC cutting, we offer high precision CNC milling services, CNC turning services, aluminum forging, investment casting, plastic injection, etc. You can always consult our CNC machining services

Whatever service, product, and guidance for your projects. HDC is here to provide you the most efficient way for Stainless Steel Cutting Service. Enquire now with HDC!

Stainless Steel Cutting Service FAQS

Premium stainless steel cutting services would often be costlier and more expensive than what you might think, and, in fact, it’s a job that requires skill, experience, and high-quality machines. Don’t fret – because, we here at HDC Manufacturing are able to provide excellent stainless steel cutting services without stressing you out on payment!

To help you with it, here is an FAQ that would guide you in your search for the best, most efficient, and most accurate stainless steel cutting service you can get in the market!

Is Stainless Steel Easy to Cut?

figure 1 is stainless steel easy to cut

No, in fact, stainless steel is one of the few materials that many manufacturing companies face problems with in terms of cutting. The reason for this would be hidden in the properties of stainless steel. You see, stainless steel is a material that is known to have high ductility and high heat resistance.

These two (2) properties are what conspires, making stainless steel extremely difficult to cut and pierce through.

What Are the Different Ways of Cutting Stainless Steel?

water jet cutting

There are a few different ways manufacturers use to cut stainless steel almost perfectly, the most common of these would be:

Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is the process where ionized gas is used at temperatures over 20,000 degrees Celsius to properly melt and pierce through the workpiece or the material.

Power Shears

Power shearing is done either through pneumatically or electrically charged materials. This process usually entails shearing through the workpieces using high-quality materials.

Waterjet Cutting

This type or method of cutting entails accelerated water pressure in order to cut through materials. Usually, this is done via CNC where the program will already be set before the process even begins.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the process of using a high-powered laser beam to cut through workpieces and materials. Oftentimes, this is also the method used for etching, designing, or for styling several workpieces and applications.

Diamond Saw Cutting

Diamond saw cutting is one of the earliest and most traditional ways of cutting through stainless steel. It uses a diamond cutter (also called concrete cutters) in order to slice through stainless steel.

Here at HDC Manufacturing, our focus in stainless steel cutting are in the fields of CNC plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, and laser cutting – all of which have been tested and proven to yield the best, most accurate, and most precise results.

What Machines Are Used to Cut Stainless Steel? 

figure 3 what machines are used to cut stainless steel

The different machines used to cut through stainless steel depends on the particular process that the manufacturer is willing to use. For instance, here at HDC Manufacturing, we make use of water jet cutters and CNC lasers to make sure that the stainless steel parts and components you want produced are manufactured accurately and with high quality.

Nevertheless, the most common materials used in the process of cutting stainless steel are:

  • Routers and Diamond Cutters
  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Plasma Torch Machines
  • Waterjet Cutters
  • Hacksaws (and other handheld devices that would properly cut stainless steel)

Can I Use a Hacksaw to Cut Stainless Steel?

figure 4 can i use a hacksaw to cut stainless steel

Yes, in fact, hacksaws are considered to be one of the most common and earliest devices to cut and pierce through stainless steel. A lot of metalworkers take advantage of the benefits of hacksaws in order to cut through various types of materials.

The only problem with hacksaws is the fact that effort, time, and safety are all factors you need to consider because it is handheld and it is a manual tool.

What Temperature Does Stainless Steel Blue At?

In case you weren’t aware, stainless steel usually turns blue when subjected to highly fluctuating temperatures. What that simply means is that if the machine or tool you used has these high temperatures, then, the color of the stainless steel could turn and transform into the color blue.

This color will be noticeable at about 575 degrees Fahrenheit (or about 301.7 degrees Celsius).

Waterjet Cutting vs. CNC Plasma Cutting vs. Plasma Cutting Stainless Steel

The question about which is better is actually relative to the type of project you are doing. More so, waterjet cutting, CNC plasma cutting, and CNC laser cutting all have their benefits and advantages.

To keep things short and concise, waterjet cutting is usually the best when it comes to the maximum cutting thickness factor. They do, however, create a lot of noise in the background compared to plasma and laser cutting services.

Laser cutting is the best for finalization of the cuts, guaranteeing high-quality, polished, and finished products without the need of human intervention.

Plasma cutting is the cutting type used in automotive, metal fabrication, and other similar industries as they’re able to produce high-quality cuts but with more waste and additives.

Where Can You Get Premium Stainless Steel Cutting Services Affordably?

Stainless steel cutting services are widespread in the market. Although you wouldn’t be able to get them from your local steel and metal shops, you could possibly get them from a CNC manufacturer just like us here at HDC Manufacturing.

There are tons of Chinese stainless steel cutting service providers where you can get the materials from them independently, and you can also have them cut it out, too! But out of all the options you have, why choose HDC Manufacturing?

Why Choose HDC Manufacturing?

For 12+ years, HDC Manufacturing has been the people’s choice when it comes to stainless steel cutting. We have provided all our clients with accurate and precise cuts, as well as clean and neat options when it comes to adjusting their work.

We can perform CNC plasma cutting, waterjet cutting, as well as CNC laser cutting for your stainless steel products, too! So, if you want accurate cuts in prices you will never be disappointed to pay for, work with us here at HDC Manufacturing!

Other than stainless steel cutting, you can also trust us if you need other similar services, too. We are experts in CNC rapid prototyping, laser cutting services, as well as metal stamping services as well! We can be your one-stop manufacturer for all these different  types of services you may need!

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