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Steel Stamping

More Suitable Service for Your Steel Metal Stamping Parts

Based on the drawings or samples you provide, HDC will select the most suitable production process, consider the production time and cost of the order, and develop a production plan applicable to steel metal stampings. We will fully communicate with you to review the feasibility of the plan.


Material preparation: Selection of suitable steel plates or coils is based on elements such as material grade, thickness and required properties. These materials may need to be pre-treated, such as cleaned or coated, to enhance their formability and stamping properties.

Feeding: Steel sheets or coils are fed into a stamping press. Accurate feeding mechanisms ensure proper alignment and positioning before stamping begins.

Stamping is a process that utilizes a die and punch to apply a precisely controlled force to steel. This pressure causes the steel to be bent, stretched and shaped into the desired geometry.

Molding and shaping: Other molding methods such as embossing, embossing and deep drawing can be used in order to achieve specific functions. After molding is complete, excess material is cut away by means of precise cutting tools.

Surface treatment and finishing: For steel stampings, a variety of surface treatments, such as painting, plating or galvanizing, can be applied to enhance corrosion resistance and improve appearance.

The advantages of the steel stamping process are covered below:

High Precision: Steel stamping allows for exceptional precision in creating complex and intricate shapes, ensuring consistent and accurate final products.

Cost Efficiency: The process of steel stamping can be highly efficient for mass production, as it allows for rapid and consistent manufacturing of parts, leading to reduced production costs per unit.

Material Compatibility: Steel stamping can work with a wide range of steel grades, allowing manufacturers to choose the appropriate material for the intended application.

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