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Steel Turned Parts

HDC is Your #1 Steel Turned Parts Supplier in China, fully equipped with high-end CNC machines to process a broad range of steel turned parts and components. We are a 12-years experienced manufacturer that can support your business by serving you our exceptional services and products.

  • We accept a minimum order of 50 pcs
  • Professional engineers to custom steel turned parts
  • Different surface treatment available
  • Low MOQ and fast quote
  • Logo print free of charge
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HDC- Expert Steel Turned Parts Manufacturer

If you want your designs of steel turned parts to be developed with a trusted CNC machining manufacturer in China, then HDC is your ultimate choice! We have full capabilities to satisfy your requirements.

As an expert manufacturer, we are devoted to providing exceptional quality products. You can use our steel turned parts for different industries including transportation, automotive, equipment, and so forth. We assure you will get proven quality steel turned parts, available in custom surface finish.

Custom Your Steel Turned Parts with HDC

All our CNC machining steel turned parts with standard and custom design are offered at competitive costs. It has a minimum tolerance of +/-0.01mm, available in custom sizes.

Custom Steel Turning Auto Spare Machine Parts

Logo etching and color-anodized surface treatment for custom steel turning auto spare machine parts give the component the best looking. Manufactured with 0.01-0.05mm tolerance and custom dimensions.

High Performance Casting Steel Turned Parts

We provide high performance casting steel turned parts from your designs. Standard designs are also provided for your choice. With black anodizing, hardening, clear anodizing, chrome plating, and more surface finish.

High Precision Steel Turned Parts

Our high precision steel turned parts are broadly applied to intended purposes such as electric appliances, cars, motorcycles, etc. Its dimension and tolerance are made as per your demand.

Industrial Steel Turned Parts

We produce industrial steel turned parts with high precision. They are available in different surface finishes like laser engraving, polishing, powder coating, brushing, and so on.

OEM CNC Steel Turning Parts

You can avail of HDC OEM CNC steel turning parts with custom dimensions based on your designs. They are commonly used in machine parts, aerospace, automotive, and other purposes.

Steel CNC Turned Parts Screw Nuts

We specialized in different steel CNC turned parts screw nuts production and export. Available with +/-0.005-0.01mm tolerance range, 100% QC quality checking before the shipment.

Steel Turning Bolt Nut Parts

HDC is capable of custom the exact size of steel turning bolt nut parts according to your designs. It is available in wide surface treatment options like polishing, brushing, anodizing, etc.

Wholesale Custom Steel Turned Parts

We accept a minimum of 50 pcs orders for our wholesale custom steel turned parts from China. It is available in custom dimensions, 100% inspected before delivery to ensure quality.

Why HDC Steel Turned Parts

Allow HDC to custom-machine your steel turned parts needs for your business. We will give you a custom quote as fast as possible. In the factory, we have expert project engineers and managers that will help your design come true.

HDC is equipped with ultra-modern CNC machining services for steel turned parts production. We can be your perfect partner for absolute business success!

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HDC Capabilities on Custom Your Steel Turned Parts

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Custom Your Steel Turned Parts with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Steel Turned Parts

HDC is a leading China-based manufacturer, specializing in CNC machining of steel turned parts. As a company worked for over 12 years, HDC has produced superior parts to multiple industry sections worldwide. With the support of our ISO 9001 registered system, you can rest assured of our performance and stability.

Thanks to the professional in-house equipment at HDC, our skilled team is capable to produce steel turned parts with the most detailed conditions. So, if ever you`re seeking exact steel turned parts for your purposes, then allow HDC to be your go-to source.

While using our most advanced and modern production technology, we can custom the exact size of steel turned parts. Each and every steel turned part at HDC has the unbeatable quality you will not be able to find somewhere else.

As an ISO9001 certificated manufacturer, HDC can offer numerous designs of steel turned parts for your selection. We can also custom machine steel turned parts depending on your needs, so all you need to do is send us your specified requirements. Our specialist will make the perfect steel turned parts for your application

However, our steel turned parts include grooved pins, dowel pins, set screws, grooved shanks, dog point screws, pointed bolts, cone point screws, and so on. We provide them with the right measurements you send to us. No matter purposes you are planning for our steel turned parts, HDC is your top choice.

Why HDC steel turned parts? Because it’s the most cost-effective but doesn`t compromise the quality. It performs very well and is exceptionally popular in the market. Plus! They are versatile, extremely strong, corrosion-resistant, and hard-wearing. At HDC, we make sure you will get the steel turned parts with these remarkable features.

Whatever the simplicity or complexity of your design, you are assured that it will be custom-made to the highest standard. We are sure to help you achieve sure success for your business!

If you`d like to talk with one of our staff regarding our bespoke steel turned parts, contact or email us. We`re happy to serve you!

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