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Strap Hinge

Strap hinges are very versatile hinges with multiple applications around various industries. The main uses of strap hinges vary from kitchens to multiple industries. One of the major benefits of strap hinges is the smaller space it occupies compared to the weight they can support. There are certain types of strap hinges that are very popular in the industry.

Specification and usage of strap hinges

Various types of strap hinges are used in the industry. The type of material used in the strap hinge varies from application to application. For instance, the stainless steel type hinges are extremely resistant to weather changes therefore, it is ideal for outdoor applications. Similarly, aluminum-type hinges are used where the weight of the hinge is of concern. So, each of the materials has its own advantages and is accordingly used in multiple applications. Here is a list of the main types of strap hinges and their dimensions that are popularly used in the industry:

Strap Size

Weight Rating


200-250 lbs


250-300 lbs


300 lbs


Although these are the standard strap hinge sizes, we can manufacture custom designs and shapes for the strap hinges. You just have to share the dimensions with us and we will deliver the product.

Why Choose HDC

HDC offers the highest quality of products to its clients. We have dedicated quality assurance teams that ensure that the product that rolls out from our plants are of the highest quality. Furthermore, we have been awarded ISO 9001 in recognition of our commitment to quality. Another benefit that you will reap in working with us is the on-time delivery of products. You will get all your shipments on time. Also, we offer the most competitive rates in the market.

Product Advantages

Strap hinges are used in multiple applications including the marine industry, kitchen cabinets, main gates, doors, etc. Protective coatings are often deployed on the strap hinges to keep it safe from corrosion and deterioration. With the added coating, the strap hinges become extremely rugged and perform for longer times.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  Strap Hinges

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ about strap hinges! Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a professional builder, understanding the ins and outs of strap hinges is essential for many projects. In this guide, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions to help you gain a deeper understanding of strap hinges, their applications, and how to make the right choices for your projects.

strap hinge 1

What is a strap hinge?

A strap hinge consists of two flat, elongated plates or “straps” joined together by a central pin or pivot point. One strap is attached to the stationary part of the object (such as a door frame or cabinet), while the other strap is attached to the movable part (such as a door or gate). This design allows the two parts to pivot or swing open and closed. Strap hinges come in various sizes, styles, and materials to suit different applications, and they are known for their strength and durability. They are often used in situations where heavy loads or large doors need to be supported and allowed to swing freely.

strap hinge 2

What are strap hinges mainly used for?

Strap hinges are commonly employed in scenarios involving doors, gates, cabinets, chests, and other similar fixtures. Strap hinges are known for their durability and ability to support heavy loads, making them suitable for applications where robust and reliable hinge mechanisms are necessary. They are often chosen for their aesthetic appeal as well, as they can add a decorative element to the overall appearance of doors, gates, and other objects.

strap hinge 3

What’s the difference between tee hinges and strap hinges?

The main difference between tee hinges and strap hinges lies in their design. Tee hinges resemble the letter “T” and are typically used for lighter doors and cabinets, while strap hinges have elongated plates and are preferred for heavier doors, gates, and larger applications. Strap hinges offer better support for heavy loads.

How many types of strap hinges?

Strap hinges come in several types, primarily including:

  • Butt Strap Hinges:These have a flat plate on both sides and are often used for doors and cabinets.
  • Barn Strap Hinges:Commonly used on barn doors, they have a rustic appearance and are designed to support heavy doors.
  • Pintle Strap Hinges:These come with a pintle or pin for installation and are often used for gates and doors that require easy removal.
  • Hinge Bands:These are long, continuous strap hinges used on large doors or gates.

Are strap hinges stronger?

Yes, strap hinges are generally stronger than tee hinges due to their elongated design and greater surface area for attaching screws. They are suitable for heavier doors and gates.

strap hinge 4

What is the recommended length for strap hinges?

The length of strap hinges can vary widely depending on the specific application and the size of the door, gate, or object they are intended to be used with. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how long strap hinges should be because it depends on factors such as the width and weight of the door or gate and the desired aesthetics.

What is the weight-bearing capacity of strap hinges?

The weight-bearing capacity of strap hinges can vary depending on factors such as their size, material, and design. Heavy-duty strap hinges are designed to hold substantial weights and can typically support several hundred pounds or more, making them suitable for various applications where strength and durability are crucial. To determine the exact weight capacity of a specific strap hinge, you should consult with us or refer to the manufacturer’s specifications.

strap hinge 5

Do strap hinges swing both ways?

Strap hinges can be installed to allow doors or gates to swing in both directions, provided they are designed for such use and installed correctly.

How do you attach a strap hinge?

To attach a strap hinge, you typically:

  • Position the hinge plates on the door or gate and the stationary frame.
  • Mark and pre-drill pilot holes for the screws.
  • Secure the hinge plates in place with screws.
  • Insert the pin or pintle into the hinge to allow for swinging.

Can I customize strap hinges for my specific project?

Yes, many companies, like HDC, offer customized strap hinge services. You can specify the size, material, finish, and any unique features needed for your project.


We trust that this FAQ has offered you valuable insights into the world of strap hinges and their wide-ranging applications. Should you have additional inquiries or need tailor-made strap hinge solutions to meet your distinct project requirements, please feel free to contact us at HDC. Our dedicated team is ready to provide guidance, helping you make well-informed choices to ensure the success of your projects.

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