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Titanium Bolts

When we talk about bolts, titanium is the kind of material that is ideal for this as it has greater tensile strength. It can resist intense heat, saltwater, and galvanic corrosion. Titanium bolts are often used in different applications, such as Military, Maritime, Aerospace, etc.

Some experts in the motocross industry choose titanium bolts in order to save loads. Using titanium as a material for fasteners and bolts demands more complexity and extra machining services.

The weight of titanium is half the weight of steel, therefore the handling of the component will be as easy as if you don’t put anything at all. It is also strong, non-magnetic, and non-toxic. People prefer titanium as material if they are going to put it in a destructive environment.

titanium bolts for motorsports

Titanium Bolts For Motorsports

titanium bolts for marine applications

Titanium Bolts For Marine Applications

titanium bolts for engines

Titanium Bolts For Engines

titanium bolts for aerospace applications

Titanium Bolts For Aerospace Applications

custom made grade 4 titanium bolts

Custom-Made Grade 4 Titanium Bolts

custom titanium bolts and nuts for medical use

Custom Titanium Bolts and Nuts for Medical Use

HDC Titanium Bolts

Titanium Bolts from HDC are suitable for many applications, like aerospace, motocross, automotive, medical, motorsports, architectural, marine, and so much more! Our experts are meticulous when it comes to manufacturing parts, so expect an error-free titanium bolt from HDC.

We manufacture titanium bolts that are maintenance-free and are more economical. We manage to make it effective even in high or low temperatures, lightweight, exceptionally tough, long-lasting, and well-built. Surface treatments are available in Passivating, Anodizing, Brushing, Heat Treating, and many more. 

Our products are customizable even the titanium bolts themselves. You can request your preferred head style, head diameter, head height, thread diameter, thread pitch, thread length, and overall length. You are also free to make it colored, whatever hue and shade you want it to be. 

If you are looking for an extremely durable titanium bolt from a respectable manufacturer, you are definitely on the right page! Let HDC be your supplier and experience a hassle-free end-to-end transaction. 

Why choose HDC?

HDC’s titanium material is as powerful as steel but it is way lighter. We design our titanium bolts to endure high temperatures (600 ℃), and low temperatures (-250 ℃) without any deformity. We have gained a lot of trust from our clients through machining titanium bolts. 

We manufacture superior bolts that can last for ages. We titanium grade 5. Our machines and equipment are well maintained to build countless components each day. 

HDC utilizes advanced practices and techniques, as well as excellent and complete machining facilities that empower us to introduce the most durable and advantageous titanium bolts. Outstanding services, machines, appliances, and assistance has made HDC one of the greatest among other titanium bolts manufacturer. 

Here in HDC, building or attaching your component will never be a hassle for we offer engineering assembly for each and every client we encounter. You can also choose your desired shipping way, payment method, and trade terms. The packaging may also be customized based on your requests.

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