Titanium Grade 2 Machining

titanium grade 2


HDC has over a decade of experience in the custom metal components field. We possess precision 4-axis and 5-axis machine tools, automated CNC machining centers, and a professional design and production team. We can provide you with various machining processes, including CNC milling, CNC turning, laser cutting, metal casting, and more, to craft your Titanium Grade 2 components to perfection, tailored to your specific requirements.

Titanium Grade 2, is unalloyed titanium. It‘s particularly similar to Titanium Grade 1. People call it the “labor force” of industrial pure titanium. Compared with grade 1, it has higher strength and outstanding cold forming performance. It is the first choice in many application fields, such as the Aerospace industry, electricity generation, Chemical Machining, and more.

Chemical Composition

Chemical ElementContent (%)
Titanium, Ti≥ 98.9
Iron, Fe0- 0.30
Oxygen, O0-0.25
Carbon, C0-0.08
Nitrogen, N 0-0.03
Hydrogen, H0- 0.015

Titanium Grade 2 Mechanical Properties

Tensile strength485 MPa70300 psi
Yield strength345 MPa50000 psi
Poisson’s ratio0.34-0.400.34-0.40
Elastic modulus105 – 120 GPa15200 – 17400 ksi
Elongation at break28%28%
Hardness (HV)160-200160-200

Titanium Grade 2  Physical Properties

DensityBeta TransusMelting PointThermal conductivityElastic Resistvity
4.51g / cm³915 °C1660 °C21.79 W m-1 °C-10.53 µΩ/m
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