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Titanium Hardware

Titanium hardware is composed of bolts, fasteners, rods, nuts, washers, studs, pins, and screws. They are made of titanium to replace your original hardware in order to save some weight, especially for your moving vehicle. Some titanium hardware is sold as a kit and presents a stable and heavy-duty function. 

A metal material like titanium is likable because it is resistant to corrosion, is non-toxic, has a high melting point, is resistant to rust, has little to no chance of thermal expansion, and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio. 

Titanium has different grades, such as grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, and so on. Every titanium grade has its own strengths, advantages, and most suitable application. It is important for every titanium grade’s capabilities whenever you want a component that is made from this material.

titanium hardware parts

Titanium hardware Parts

tc4 titanium machined parts

TC4 Titanium Machined Parts

custom machined titanium parts

Custom Machined Titanium Parts

cnc titanium hardware parts

CNC Titanium Hardware Parts

cnc machined titanium rings and flanges

CNC Machined Titanium Rings and Flanges

HDC Titanium Hardware

HDC’s titanium hardware is manufactured using T5 titanium grade, an alloy that presents extreme durability and toughness, as well as low density (as low as 4.51 g/cm³). Our bolt, fasteners, and washers have great corrosion prevention even after years of usage, also excellent in sailing as they can endure seawater and chlorine corrosion.

We have manufactured screws with applications that have saltwater and pool surroundings that count on titanium screws to maintain the stability of the structure undamaged. It is also available in any type here in HDC, we have a hex head, socket head, pan head, flat head, button head, and shoulder titanium screws.

HDC’s bolts and fasteners are attainable in a wide range of sizes, lengths, colors, and finishes. These are often used as a replacement to their bolts whenever they want to upgrade and want to carry lesser weight, especially the riders and cyclists.

All of the said components above are customizable in size, diameter, height, and length. These can also be available in a set or kit that will surely meet your upgrading needs. HDC has a long list of surface finishes, such as Brushing, Anodizing, Engraving, Heat Treating, etc.

Still searching for a manufacturer that creates the most ideal titanium hardware? Try HDC and we guarantee you the maximum satisfaction you’ll ever receive.


Why choose HDC?

Each and every piece of titanium hardware from the HDC has undergone CNC machining and has smooth surfaces. Our titanium hardware has numerous applications, it can be applied to engines, medical equipment, marine, motorsports, aerospace, home appliances, bicycles, etc.

We manufacture titanium hardware with excellent quality that guarantees lifetime usage. Our experts are confident that you can enjoy the most out of your component, in any weather and temperature (as high as 600 ℃ and as low as -250 ℃).

We are very welcoming to any kind of industry, prototyping, and customization for more than thirteen years of service. Turning, Milling and Forging are the processes we are using to manufacture titanium hardware. HDC ensures the customers’ satisfaction in every transaction we encounter. The best one-stop-shop solution for your metal and plastic parts can only be found in HDC.

We humbly accept any part specification and put competitive pricing on every component that is manufactured and delivered around the globe. Our highly skilled engineers and machinists are going above and beyond just to give an impressive quality component.   

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