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Trailer Ramp

HDC – Your Reliable Trailer Ramp Supplier In China.

HDC, as the leading manufacturer of trailer hardware parts in China, Trailer ramp is our common product,

-More than 13 years of OEM metal parts experience

-5 years in the trailer hardware field

-Flexible lead time from 7 days to 45 days

-Lifetime guaranteed toolings

-All Trailer Ramps are custom dimension


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HDC- Expert Trailer Ramp Supplier

HDC is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer with over 13 years of CNC machining and metal fabrication, we have gained extensive experience in the trailer hardware field. As your one-stop supplier of custom metal parts, we perform all major processes in-house, including CNC machining, laser cuttingstamping,  and welding. Equipped with advanced machines, HDC can always keep your trailer hardware in high-level quality, We also have our own mold development team in-house, which can save cost and time, and all your tooling is guaranteed for life. To ensure that the welding quality is always high, we also have our own welding team that can weld steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Whether you need Trailer Motorcycle Ramps, Trailer ATV ramps, Car loading ramps, Equipment Ramps, or other ramps, Just send us your design and leave it all with us.  As a leading manufacturer of trailer hardware in China, We have a full range of machining, stamping, laser cutting, and welding equipment to ensure your part quality is always at a high level. Steel and Aluminum materials are the common materials we produce for trailer ramps, which only offer great strength for trailer ramps but are also aesthetically attractive. Moreover, our custom-manufactured ramps come in various optional coatings of zinc and HDG which makes them more resistant to corrosion and rust.

Custom Your Trailer Ramp with HDC

Heavy-Duty Trailer Ramps

HDC offers heavy-duty trailer ramps with options of materials from steel or aluminum. The size and dimensions of the heavy-duty loading trailer ramp are set as per the requirements of our clients. We have the capability to make heavy-duty ramps of all sizes and designs. 

Steel Trailer Ramps

Steel ramps offer great strength and is ideal for supporting heavy loads. The steel type ramps are resistant to corrosion and other chemical reactions that can affect the steel trailer ramps. The steel trailer ramps have a long life and gives reliable operation throughout its life.

Aluminum Trailer Ramps

Aluminum ramps have a high strength-to-weight ratio. The aluminum trailer ramps have the high structural strength to bear higher loads. Despite high strength and durability, the aluminum ramps are light in weight and easy to carry around. The rate of the aluminum ramps offered by HDC is also very competitive.

Trailer Ramp Door

HDC trailer ramp doors are made from steel and aluminum. These ramp doors offer protection to the cargo when it is being loaded and afterwards. HDC ramp doors are resistant to corrosion and rust and therefore are long lasting. You can provide your custom specifications for the trailer ramp doors as we prepare all parts on custom orders and specifications.

Trailer Ramp Gate

HDC’s trailer ramp gates are designed specially to keep heavy loads and cargo in check. These gates come with fixing parts that will enable you to connect the gate with the ramp in no time. Moreover, the material of the gate is usually steel, We also offer coating options of zinc and HDG to make the ramp gates more resistant to corrosion or rust.

Trailer Ramp For Tractor

We produce extremely reliable and sturdy trailer ramps for tractors. This ramp is designed for the movement of the tractor during loading and unloading cargo from the trailer. The trailer ramp for the tractor is made from aluminum, or steel which makes it durable for handling heavy loads of tractors. Plus, the coating options of zinc and HDG makes the ramps resistant to corrosion and rust. This ensures that the structural integrity of the ramps is not affected by time or weather.

Why HDC Custom Trailer Ramps

When it comes to moving a heavy piece of machinery, people always choose to load them onto a trailer. In order to put your heavy items on these trailers, trailer ramps are necessary. A step deck trailer ramp is an inclined plane used to load and unload materials from vehicles or containers. And trailers are usually low to the ground, which means you can use shorter ramps, although longer ramps are usually safer and more versatile.

Depending on the different structures, trailer ramps can be designed to withstand the weight of walking, heavy cargo, construction equipment, lawn care equipment, etc. The best and most durable ramps are usually made of steel and aluminum, and trailer ramps come in a variety of sizes and styles. They play an important role in storage and transportation. Choosing the correct trailer ramp and the required ramp size can have a significant impact on the success and efficiency of loading equipment. The proper heavy-duty loading ramps are available at HDC, or a custom ramp can be made to your requirements.


Trailer Ramp Supplier

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your Trailer Ramps

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CNC Machining
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Custom Your Trailer Ramps with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Trailer Ramp Specifications

Length(Inch) Width(Inch) Thickness(Inch)
60 12 2.5
72 14 2.5
72 15 2.5
84 14 2.5
84 15 2.5
94 15 2.75
94 15 3.25


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