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Trailer Safety Chain

Trailer safety chains act as a second tier of connection between the trailer and the vehicle. These chains are extremely important to keep the trailer and vehicle connected in case the main towing connection is disconnected. When selecting the trailer safety chain, you need to consider factors such as weight towing capability, the material of the chain, and its strength for safe and reliable operation.

Specification and usage of Trailer Safety Chain

Here are a few standard types of trailer safety chains that are commonly used in the industry:

1.     Fifth wheel to gooseneck Pin Box Connector – Safety Chain with Hooks

This safety chain is for connection with Hitch fifth-wheel-to-gooseneck pin boxes. You will have to thread the chain through the cut-out pattern of the pin box and then connect the chain using the clevis hooks to your hitch. These chains can support heavy-duty trailers with loads of up to 26,000 lbs. The length of these safety chains is approximately 84”, however, a custom length can also be designed.

2.     Coiled safety cables with S-hooks

Safety Cables are often required as a requirement by the traffic authorities for trailers. These cables/chains are manufactured from nylon-coated steel and provide reliable towing operations in case your trailer is decoupled from the vehicle. The S-hooks are designed to accommodate all standard sizes of trailer hitches.

3.     Trailer Safety Chain with Clevis Grab Hook

This trailer chain provides a reliable backup in case of disconnection of your trailer. These chains can support up to 10,000 lbs. and even more in case, certain modifications are applied. The clevis grab hook is designed to accommodate all standard sizes of trailer hitches.

4.     Long Safety Chain with Latch       

The long safety chains usually have a length of 50” and above. These trailer chains snap hooks and latches to provide an extra layer of safety while towing the trailer. There are multiple options for manufacturing the chain as it can either be standard chains or titan chains. It can vary as per the requirements of the client.

5.     Trailer Safety Chain with 2 Quick Link Connectors

The quick link safety chain provides an easy installation for the trailers. Therefore, you can easily clamp the chains and make up for the disconnected trailer. Usually, zinc coating is provided on the chain to make the chain more durable and reliable.

 Why Choose HDC

HDC provides a high-quality trailer safety chain for its clients. Our products are thoroughly checked and inspected under the ISO 9001-certified quality assurance programs. Also, we have supply chain experts that ensure that all the trailer parts are delivered to you as per the agreed time. Another benefit that you will get in working with us is that we keep our clients in the loop and update them frequently about the progress. We offer all of these features at the most competitive rates in the industry. So, working with us is a win-win for you.

Product Advantage

All HDC products are of high quality and are manufactured from the finest materials. We understand that trailer parts are very critical so we pay extra attention to the selection of material. Our trailer safety chain is made from steel and aluminum and is coated with zinc for extra protection against weather and moisture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Trailer Safety Chains

We are dedicated to providing you with essential information about Trailer Safety Chains. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your understanding or looking for guidance on choosing and using safety chains for your trailer, you’re in the right place. Explore the questions below for valuable insights into this critical component of trailer towing safety.

What is a Trailer Safety Chain?

A Trailer Safety Chain is an essential part of trailer towing safety, acting as a secondary connection between the trailer and the towing vehicle. It helps prevent complete separation in the event of a hitch or coupler failure, enhancing safety and preventing accidents.

trailer safety chain 2

What material and finishes should you choose for trailer safety chains?

When selecting materials and finishes for trailer safety chains, prioritize strength, durability, and corrosion resistance. Common materials include steel and stainless steel, while titanium is a more budget-flexible choice. Surface treatment options include zinc plating and painting. Galvanized chains excel in challenging environments, making them a preferred surface treatment for trailer safety chains. Painted finishes enhance corrosion protection and offer various color choices. You can choose the appropriate materials and surface treatments based on your needs, ensuring that the strength and durability of the trailer safety chains are paramount for trailer safety and compliance with local standards.

trailer safety chain 3

What size safety chains do I need for my trailer?

The size of the safety chains you need for your trailer depends on various factors, including your trailer’s weight and local regulations. It’s essential to choose chains that exceed your trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) for added safety.

trailer safety chain 4

What is the best way to attach safety chains to the trailer?

To securely attach safety chains, utilize robust attachment points on both sides of the trailer’s hitch or coupler. Cross the chains under the coupler, creating a cradle shape that can catch the tongue in case of a disconnect and prevent it from hitting the road, reducing the risk of a serious accident. It’s vital to ensure they are firmly secured while still having enough slack to allow for turns without binding but not too much to risk dragging on the road. Typically, a few inches of slack is recommended.

trailer safety chain 5

Does twisting trailer safety chains weaken them?

Twisting trailer safety chains can reduce their strength and durability over time. It’s recommended to avoid twisting them to maintain their integrity.

trailer safety chain 1

Do you need to carry a spare Trailer Safety Chain in your vehicle?

Yes, it is highly recommended to have two safety chains on a trailer for redundancy and increased safety. In many regions, this is a legal requirement.


We hope these FAQs have provided you with valuable information about Trailer Safety Chains. If you have more questions or need customized trailer safety chains, please feel free to contact us. HDC will offer professional advice to help you turn your ideas or design blueprints into real and reliable products.

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