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The recent global pandemic has shown the world the importance of having portable and custom medical machining options for medical equipment. Due to the pandemic, the global supply chain of medical parts was badly affected, leading to long waiting time for receipt of medical parts. However, the custom medical machining and manufacturing technology resolves the issue of long wait times for medical spare parts.

What is custom medical machining?

With the evolution of machining technology, a range of medical equipment can be manufactured by CNC machining. These equipment consist of handheld tools, Electronic Machines, Ultrasonic Machines, Laser Machines, MRI Devices, Ventilators, Tablet Panels, X-ray equipment, Medical Carts, Surgical Equipment, Physiotherapy devices, Medical Beds, and Teaching Aids. All these equipment and their associated spares can now me machined through high-tech CNC machines.

You must have observed that the part requirement for medical equipment has risen sharply. Therefore, it is important to develop custom parts for the medical equipment.

When selecting the equipment for the medical tools, its best to consult our team of experts. Since there are a number of factors that have to be considered for the selection of material and its design. For instance, the strength of the material, its weight, dimensions, compatibility to bio-standards, etc.  

custom medical stainless steel parts

Custom medical stainless steel Parts

cnc medical parts

CNC medical Parts

cnc medical machining parts

CNC medical machining Parts

cnc machining medical parts

CNC machining medical Parts

The material we machine for custom medical machining

Custom Medical Machining involves the use of multiple materials depending on the application. Since medicine and manufacturing of medical equipment is a very vast field, there are multiple aspects to consider while selecting the material for the equipment. For instance, for implants, the ideal material will be Titanium Alloys, Cobalt Chrome alloys, Stainless Steel and PEEK

Whereas, for the surgical equipment, the ideal choice of material will be Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V), SUS, Aluminum (A2000 series and A6000 series).

Similarly, the ideal material for medical portable devices and electronic items the ideal material for casing will be plastic. With the latest CNC machines, its very easy to create delicate and intricate plastic designs for medical equipment.

Once the material of the medical equipment is finalized, it is time to finalize the machining process required for each medical product. Like the material, the machining process for each medical equipment varies according to the design and shape of the equipment. And that is where HDC’s expertise of custom medical machining will come into play.

Why HDC Custom Medical Machining?

With an experience of more than 13 years in the field of CNC machining, HDC knows how to make the custom medical parts that fulfill your requirements. Our professional design team has the capability to design and produce new medical parts in the shortest possible time fulfilling all the regulatory standards required to pass the medical standard test. Furthermore, HDC can also develop parts that are difficult to find in the market or might take a long time for arriving from the original equipment manufacturer.  

There are multiple benefits of having custom medical machining facility at your service. In this manner, you are very near to source of custom medical equipment and therefore any disruptions in the global or local supply chain will not affect your work. Furthermore, you will have the flexibility to customize the design as per your requirement. Also, there will be strict adherence to regulatory standards that are very stringent for parts in the medical industry.

In case, there are different medical regulatory standards in your country, HDC will be able to tailor make the part suiting the standards of your country. Another benefit that you get is the fast delivery and short production time. The combination of experienced design team and latest machinery enables top quality custom medical machining products. Due to the adherence to highest quality standards while making the custom parts there is almost no rework required on the medical parts machined by HDC. This way, you can save a lot of money and your medical facility will benefit manifolds from the efficiency and high quality of HDC.

Custom Medical Machining FAQS

In the industry of medicine, there are many different types and kinds of parts and components that make up a whole or entire medicinal or pharmaceutical equipment. But do you know what custom medical machining really is?

For this FAQ guide, not only will we here at HDC Manufacturing give you complete information about what custom medical machining is, but we will also help and guide you in understanding them more and deeper!

Understanding What Custom Medical Machining Is

figure 1 understanding what custom medical machining is

Custom medical machining is a manufacturing procedure that is done to produce parts and components of medical, medicinal, and even pharmaceutical equipment. It’s easily understandable with its term – it is the production of highly specialized and customized parts and components (typically using CNC or computer numerically controlled machines).

This process is smiled upon by a lot of businesses and companies because of how flexible and versatile it is. Tested and proven, custom medical machining was able to produce the hardest, most challenging, and most complex of parts.

What Are Examples of Medical Machines?

figure 2 what are examples of medical machines

When it comes to custom medical machining, the range of machinery and equipment that are catered by its parts and components is vast. I’m talking about everything from standard machines used in hospitals and clinics to complex and high-tech machines and advancements, too.

To name a few of the most common and most accustomed medical and medicinal machines, they include:

  • MRI Machines
  • PET and CT Scanners
  • X-Ray Machines
  • Ultrasound Machines
  • Sterilizers
  • Surgical Handheld Machines
  • And Many More!

What Custom Medical Machining Components Are Commonly Made?

figure 3 what custom medical machining components are commonly made

As mentioned above, the library of selection of custom medical machines is not that narrow. This means, the most common components and parts that are commonly made via CNC medical machining are significant, too.

Three (3) of the most common applications and components produced and manufactured via custom medical machining are:

Medical Implants

These include body implants, replacements, and other implants that often require accurate and precise measurements in order to be valid. Typically, these components need to have a tolerance of ±4 μm.

Medical Instruments

In addition to medical implants, medical instruments heed the effectiveness and efficiency of custom medical machining, too. We’re talking about biopsy spacers, clinical tubes, blades, surgical tools, and other types of instruments that are crucial in the medical and surgical world.

Electronic Medical Equipment

Finally, most medical and pharmaceutical equipment and machinery wouldn’t be complete without some of its parts. These parts often make up the entirety of custom medical machining. Like the machines and equipment we outlined above, such as sterilizers, defibrillators, PET and CT scanners, MRI machines, and so on!

What Types of Materials Can You Use For Custom Medical Machining?

The medicine sector is vast and is typically versatile per se. However, there are some moments where this versatility and flexibility is dangerous, especially when it comes to electronic medical and medicinal equipment.

what types of materialscan you use for custom medical machining

Therefore, the raw materials and products used for custom medical machining are only a few select products – typically those that have been tested and proven in the field already.

Some of the common materials used for the manufacturing of custom medical machining parts and components include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium (And Its Alloys)
  • Polymers and Composites

NOTE: Just because these are the most common materials used doesn’t mean that you are just limited to them. You’ll be able to find other raw products and materials you can make use of. As of today, though, those categories of products and materials are the only ones that are being used by manufacturers and suppliers.

Advantages of Custom Medical Machining

Custom medical machining, in itself, is already a positive. But, there are a couple of other pros and benefits you can take out of with this kind of manufacturing procedure:

  • All parts and components will be manufactured precisely and accurately
  • There will be little-to-no chances of defects and needs to re-modify
  • The design you want can be custom-made according to your needs
  • Production time and lead time will be explicitly faster and more urgent
  • You can be sure that the quality of the parts and components will be high

Disadvantages of Custom Medical Machining

Along with those pros and advantages, of course, there would also be a couple of cons and drawbacks to them. These cons and drawbacks include, but are not limited to:

  • Because of their versatility, some of the designs could not be ready and prepared for production
  • They are usually costlier and more expensive than standard or traditionally-manufactured parts and components
  • Modification in the middle of production is not possible because it will be run by the CNC machine from start to finish

Are Chinese Custom Medical Machining Manufacturers Reliable?

Yes, in fact, in the global market, Chinese manufacturing companies are the leading and most reliable when it comes to custom medical machining. The skill, experience, resources, and manpower that they have outruns all other countries and nations.

Why You Should Choose HDC Manufacturing For Your Custom Medical Machining

HDC Manufacturing is an expert when it comes to custom medical machining – and we have been for 12+ years! Our expertise and overall capability of manufacturing custom medical machining parts and components have been viewed by many businesses and corporations as a positive.

Whether you need CNC medical parts made of aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and even plastic, you can bank and rely on us here at HDC Manufacturing to produce and create them for you!

Other than custom medical machining, as a company, we are also revered as experts and professionals when it comes to other services and capabilities. You can also place your complete trust in us if you need CNC rapid prototyping, laser cutting services, aluminum forging, sheet metal fabrication services, and many more!

Join hundreds to thousands of manufacturing companies and suppliers in getting the best and highest quality of custom medical machining parts without beating a buck!

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