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Custom Any of Your CNC Parts with
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OEM CNC Parts Manufacturing Expert

  • Tolerance down to +/-0.01mm
  • Low-volume manufacturing services
  • Free Samples are available for quality approval
  • Skilled Service Team make it as easy as buying locally
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CNC Machining Service
Tight tolerance and advantaged equipment makes the awesome parts
CNC Turning Service
Best economic solution for cylindrical parts, with various materials available.
Rapid Prototyping Service
Build the designs to reality with production materials
Sheet Metal Fabrication Service
One set of the manufacturing processes to form parts from sheet metal material
Low Volume Cnc Manufacturing
Low Volume CNC Manufacturing
We can support low MOQ from 1 pc parts to check your quality for your retail business. Just send us your drawing and get an instant quote within 1 business day.
Mass Production of Your Parts
Mass Production of Your Parts
After confirming your CNC parts drawing and order details, then we start the mass production, you will get detailed photos or videos during production and also before shipment.

5 Axis Precision CNC Parts Manufacturing

Equipped with 5-axis machines, with fewer setups required, it can machine complex shapes with tighter tolerances, shorter turnaround time, better surface finish, not only meet your high requirements but also can minimize your manufacturing costs.

Why HDC can be Trusted by 1000+ Clients

More than 10 Years’ Experience
HDC has 13 years of CNC parts OEM experience since 2008
50+ Countries Clients Served
HDC has served over 1000 clients from 50+ countries
ISO 9001 Certified
HDC has the certification of ISO9001:2005
50+ Certified Materials
HDC can custom your CNC parts with over 50 type’s different materials
Strict Tolerance Control
HDC can make tolerance based on your precision needs, lowest down to +/- 0.01mm
On-Time Delivery
The parts will be delivered to you as promised, from 1 week to 30 days.
Strict Inspection
We will inspect your product from the raw material to the last manufacturing process
Designs Protected
HDC will have Non-disclosure agreements with you, all your designs will be protected, not shown to any 3rd party.

Varieties of Industries & Applications We Served

During the last 13 years, HDC has manufactured thousands of CNC parts from different industries, whether you need your parts for any application, just tell us your detailed requirement and get an instant quote within 1 day.

Resources & News from HDC

questions about CNC
All Question You May Need to Know
For questions about CNC and our company, you can check our FAQ list to find an answer.
Company Profile
Download Our Company Profile
You can learn more about HDC from the detailed company profile we made for you.

What Client Say About HDC

  • Aerospace
    Well received packages, the parts were all protected well, not any scratch, all inspected within tolerance, also the anodizing surface looks amazing, thank you for the excellent job, I will get you machining more parts for us.
    Tomas (Director of KCC)
  • Racing
    Wanted to let you know that you impressed us with the first round of parts quality, delivery time and your service, Keep up the great job, we will have a fair amount of work for your Company.
    Scott (Buyer of AET)
  • Medical
    Parts arrived, All are perfect and in good condition, inspected qualified, all amazing, Thank you for the Job, Joyce, I can’t wait to do another batch with you!
    Frank (Ceo of TLC)

Custom Your Next CNC Parts Now

Just send us your drawing, picture, or even just an idea, HDC will make the perfect part for you.

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