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HDC has been an expert when it comes to Aluminum Forging Service. We manufacture a high strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, excellent durability & design flexibility forged aluminum parts. Serving any kind of industry for over 13 years has proved our goals and persistence which lead us to be a rising company. 

  • ISO9001 Certificated; IATF 16949:2016 certified 
  • 20+ Forging lines, 50 + CNC Machining center
  • Equipped with CMM, Hardness Tester, Tension tester, spectrum analyzer 
  • Offering value-added services, forging, machining, anodizing, performance testing
  • Life guaranteed Toolings
  • Rich experience in aluminum forging, from toolings design, materials,  production
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HDC- Top Aluminum Forging Service

Gained expertise, obtained knowledge and outstanding customer service has been a way for HDC to innovate and learn more. Our aluminum forging machines and services have always produced components with superb durability simultaneously. In HDC, we always offer forged aluminum in standard or unique geometries. 

You are always welcome to custom your own aluminum forging, we have the finest machinery to manufacture your desired components. HDC has a wide variety of aluminum grades you can choose from, our engineers are always free to give you advice and consultations regarding every component and material you wish to have.

Custom Your Aluminum Forging Parts With HDC Aluminum Forging Service

Aluminum Forging Vehicle Parts

Aluminum 6061/7075  are the most forgeable alloys here in HDC, it has low flow strength at forging temperatures and can fill spaces easily. Others forged their aluminum parts such as knuckle, rear supporting bracket, control arm, and the like.

Aluminum Forging For Motorcycle Application

Motorcycle Industry is one of the main fields we focus on, we produce lots of forging wheel hub, triple clamp and blake clutch lever, also can do CNC machining, anodizing after aluminum forging.

Aluminum Forging For Bike Parts

6063 is the most popular aluminum used for Aluminum forging Bike parts. Its unique properties allow it to be formed into complex profiles with very smooth surfaces.

Aluminum Forging For Electrical Industry

This is ideal for processing large pieces of aluminum. We are using this to aluminum blocks weighing 200,000 pounds to create large aluminum components with precise structural integrity.

Aluminum Forging For Automotive Application

Aluminum forging in HDC is suited to automotive applications where power, security, and performance will not be compromised. It is ideal for the automotive industry for it requires high performance with energy efficiency.

Aluminum Forging for Industrial Components

HDC also produce lots of components for other industry such as air gun, spray gun and other industry, from aluminum forging, CNC machining, anodizing, give you  a finished part

Why HDC As Your Reliable Aluminum Forging Service Supplier

HDC specializes in high-volume production runs for aluminum forging. We have different processes (open-die forging, closed-die forging, and rolled-ring forging) to develop precise forged aluminum parts . HDC’s aluminum forging services can exceed your expectations and qualifications for your components.

Possessing the leading machines and equipment, HDC has the power to save your time and money with well-made aluminum forging parts. We are also capable to bring you the most convenient customer care, packaging, and shipment in your most preferred type. HDC will never let you have any sort of bad experience when associating with us.

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HDC Capabilities On Aluminum Forging Manufacturing

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CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
metal laser cutting
Laser Cutting
rapid prototyping manufacturer
Rapid Prototyping
sheet metal fabrication service
Sheet Metal Fabrication
laser engraving parts
Laser Engraving

Custom Your Aluminum Forging Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC-The leading Aluminum Forging Service Company In China

HDC’s high performance and strength in aluminum forging took the spot to be one of the most profitable machining companies. An ODM and OEM manufacturer like HDC has the means and capability to make your prototype or one-offs at a competitive price and in a short period of time.

We use any kind and grade of aluminum, we will guarantee your design and layouts will be secured and be done with high precision. The surface is also well-made with HDC, you can choose your own preference you would like your component to have. 

We will never be an IATF 16949:2016 certified manufacturer without our expert engineers and technical team. Knowing everything about a certain service and equipment has proved that HDC’s knowledgeable company has immense expertise in machining. 

Shipping and payment will never be a hassle here in HDC. We will let you decide which shipping (Courier, Sea shipping, Air shipping) and payment (T/T, L/C, D/P) you want for your own satisfaction. Trade terms are also available (FOB, CFR, DDU, DDP).

HDC also has the ability and capacity to offer CNC machining services, as well as plastic injection, sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, aluminum extrusion, investment casting, pressure die casting and so much more!

We are glad to welcome you as our client and quote you within 1 working day. You will never regret letting HDC be your supplier for aluminum forging. Be with HDC! NOW. 

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