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Custom Machined Aluminum Parts

HDC is Your One-Stop Custom Machined Aluminum Parts Supplier In China. For more than 12 years of expertise in OEM CNC Aluminum parts production, HDC earned rich know-how to make your component needs. We have produced lots of CNC aluminum Parts for Motorcycle, Bike, Auto and other industries.

  • Advanced equipment, experienced technicians, and skilled workers
  • Tolerance down to +/-0.01mm
  • 50+ materials in stock to ensure fast delivery
  • Various Anodizing colors for your choice
  • Free etching with your own logo
  • Low Mini Quantity to help your business
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HDC- Premier Custom Machined Aluminum Parts Provider

If you are looking for a reliable CNC aluminum parts manufacturer, HDC has all the capabilities you are looking for. we have been specializing in providing high-quality CNC aluminum parts and components since 2009.

HDC is the one-stop-shop solution for CNC machining Manufacture, that will provide you advanced and high-performance custom CNC aluminum parts at competitive prices. To meet your schedule, Our company has flexible delivery times. you will get your orders already from 7 days. At HDC, you will have your CNC aluminum parts with satisfactory performance.

Your Custom Machined Aluminum Parts with HDC

Cnc Small Aluminum Part

HDC Cnc small aluminum parts can be customized with your design. Components are inspected rigorously to meet your stringent requirements. Can etch logo free of charges.

Cnc Machined Aluminum Parts

With 12 years of OEM CNC machining experience,  We can help you get perfect parts for your project needs,all our parts will be inspected before shipment.

Custom CNC Aluminum Parts

HDC can custom CNC aluminum parts as per your designs. With high production efficiency, we can make parts to high standard industry requirements, also, all your designs will be protected well.

Cnc Aluminum Screw Machined Parts

HDC has also equipped with small machines for CNC aluminum screw machined parts, that can ensure the competitive costs for your project, we can manufacture and supply a variety of custom CNC screw machine parts.

5-Axic CNC Aluminum Machining Parts

With 5-axis CNC Machines in-house, HDC can machine complex parts with high precision for your projects, also can make sure competitive pricing on all components.

Anodized Cnc Aluminum Parts

HDC Cnc machining anodized aluminum part comes in various colors, red, black, purple, green, blue, orange, gold, silver and grey are all available with low MOQ

Cnc Aluminum Bike Parts

HDC CNC machined lots of aluminum parts for bikes, such as chainring, sprockets, footpegs, wheel hub, stem, they’re made of aluminum 6061, 7075.

Cnc Aluminum Motorcycle Parts

CNC aluminum motorcycle parts are one of the main fields, such as CNC sprockets, Aluminum wheel hubs, throttle, bar end, muffler end cap, radiator guards

Why HDC Custom Machined Aluminum Parts

With advanced latest CNC machines and processes, composed of highly skilled engineers and workers, we consistently keep your CNC aluminum parts at a high level, the general tolerance is +/-0.10mm, to meet your high precision requirement, could be as low as +/-0.01mm.

Your designs are always welcome here at HDC. We can assure you that your designs are always safe and secured. as the company rule, all your designs are forbidden to show any 3rd party, so you always don’t need to worry about the original designs disclosure.

CNC Custom Your Aluminum Parts

HDC Capabilities on Custom Machined Aluminum Parts

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CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
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Laser Cutting
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Laser Engraving

Custom Your CNC Aluminum Parts with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Why Choose HDC Custom Machined Aluminum Parts

HDC is your premier CNC aluminum parts manufacturer in China. We have been manufacturing CNC aluminum parts since 2009, and that gained enough experience in providing OEM services for our customers worldwide.

To help your business, our MOQ is as low as 50-100 pieces.

To meet your different needs, We also offer various surface treatments for your choice, We have cooperated with suppliers for plain as machined, colorful anodizing, Hard Anodizing, Polished, Tumbling, and Powder Coating.

HDC guarantees you that our CNC aluminum parts have passed through our strict quality control. We can assure you that we deliver highly qualified custom-made aluminum parts.

For your custom designs, HDC will keep them protected.

As your reliable supplier for custom metal parts, besides aluminum material, HDC is also good at CNC steel parts, Stainless Steel, Titanium Parts. Send us your designs for us to quote today!cnc aluminum parts quotes 3

Benefits of Using CNC for Custom Aluminum Parts

CNC machining has numerous advantages when it comes to prototyping and production of custom aluminum parts on offer, such as tolerance, scalability and flexibility. On the contrary to manual processes, CNC processes guarantee a good quality and precision while offering a broad scope of configurable options and materials. Automated operations decrease man made labor and decrease in production time in CNC machining, thereby which costs effective manufacturing process and also minimizes waste materials. Being a versatile process oriented towards prototyping and individualized designs, it is a class local work environment where modifications and improvements can be made seamlessly, making it an excellent type of production for top quality of individual aluminum parts.

Custom Options That HDC Provides for CNC Aluminum Parts

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  • CNC Machining Techniques: HDC specializes in various CNC machining techniques including CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC grinding, CNC drilling, 5-axis CNC, and 4-axis CNC.
  • Materials: We offer a wide range of aluminum alloys to meet your material requirements, including aluminum 2027, aluminum 5083, high-strength aluminum alloys, aluminum 6060, aluminum alloy 6061, aluminum alloy 6082, and heat-treatable aluminum alloy 7075.
  • Finishes: Our finishes include natural aluminum alloy color, polishing, shot blasting, painting, laser engraving, anodizing, etc.
  • Dimension Specifications: We can precisely machine parts according to your specified dimensions, ranging from a few centimeters to several tens of centimeters.

Feel free to reach out to us for custom CNC aluminum parts tailored to your unique needs.

Process of Custom CNC ALuminum Parts From HDC

cnc aluminum parts quotes

To customize CNC aluminum parts from HDC, the following steps can help you understand the process quickly:

  • Submit the form from the website, giving a full description of your specs and uploading any sketches or drawings that you may have.
  • Once we receive your request, our sales team shall promptly contact you to comprehend your needs fully, assist you in the design, give you material and finish inputs, and present you with the most competitive price.
  • You may request a prototype before making a formal order in order to make sure the quality of the product and its details, which may require a prototype fee.
  • Following the award of the contract, you will be required to pay a deposit of 30% of the contract sum. This will act as a guarantee that the project will begin smoothly.
  • When we get your order, we will immediately put it into our production line in the manufacturing department. Please let us know as soon as possible if there are any changes to the design during the time of implementation.
  • Your order of custom aluminum goods will be ready by the deadline we agreed on. Nevertheless, you shall pay the rest of the amount (including shipping fees) in advance of delivery.
  • We will give comprehensive after-sales service and support. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or doubts.
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