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Custom CNC Auto Parts

HDC is Premier Custom CNC Auto Parts Machining Supplier in China, HDC is a certified and specialized CNC Auto Parts Manufacturer and supplier in China. Furthermore, We have good business cooperation with customers who have different demands from different countries. Complete production line, more than 13 years of experience in technology engineers, and well-trained workers.

  • ISO9001 certificated manufacturer
  • Specialized in CNC machining car parts
  • Free Samples are available for quality approval
  • Speedily and professional service
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HDC- Expert CNC Auto Parts Manufacturer

If you want to grow your CNC Auto Parts business, HDC Manufacturer in China is your one-stop solution choice. Develop your designs with reliable CNC car Parts Factory services in China. Equipped with advanced machines, our general tolerance is +/-0.01mm, and with 5-axis machines in-house, we can machine your high accuracy and complex parts.

HDC is an expert CNC Auto Parts manufacturer in China since 2006. We dedicate to CNC Parts machining and the production of CNC Auto Parts. HDC has accumulated rich experience, inherits the advanced industrial concept, and owned a professional design team and first-class CNC Auto Parts types of equipment.

Custom Your CNC Auto Parts with HDC

wheel adapter

Wheel adapters can be useful when upgrading to custom wheels or when using wheels from a different vehicle. However, it’s important to choose the right adapter for your vehicle and ensure proper installation to prevent safety issues.

wheel spacer

Wheel spacers provide extra space for tires, making them look bigger and more aggressive. Installing wheel spacers also prepares your vehicle for competition, enhances its appearance, boosts performance, and increases safety.

Block Guard CNC auto parts

CNC billet machined aluminum engine block guard, made of Aluminum 6061 t6, will expand your engine, which maintains high corrosion resistance and high strength. All are custom-made from your designs, and the mini quantity is 20 pcs.

CNC Chrome Billet Oil Dipstick auto parts

CNC Aluminum engine dipstick, made of Aluminum 6061 t6, and the surface can be anodized to different colors, that is a quality upgrade. All the custom CNC oil dipsticks need to be machine from your drawings,  and the MOQ is 100 pcs.


CNC auto parts Steel Wheel Nuts

Our billet  CNC wheel lug nuts, full CNC machined from lightweight Aluminum 6061 T6  or 7075 T6, the threads from M12 to M20, the anodizing surface gives amazing looking, can be installed easily to fix the wheels.

CNC Stainless Steel auto parts Shift Knob

Our billet machined shift knobs can be machined from aluminum, stainless steel, and also Titanium. The surface could be anodized, Neochrome and brushed finish are also available, All our shift knobs are custom made from your designs, and the MOQ is 100 pcs.

Custom Made CNC auto parts Oil Drain Plugs

All our CNC oil drain plugs could be machined from your designs, we also have different washers for your choice, aluminum, brass, and Teflon. With magnetic fitted,  it can attract fine particles from the engine oil, giving more protection to your car engine.

CNC auto parts Billet Valve Cover

The billet CNC valve cover, machined from Aluminum 6061 t6, gives you the best looking, you can get your logo engraved, the surface comes with different anodizing colors, and they’re all custom CNC machined from your designs, we require 20 pcs as MOQ.

CNC auto Parts Engine Oil Filter Cap

CNC billet  oil filter cap, machined from light alloy 6061 T6, The surface could be anodized to different colors, it is a good choice to replace the stock plastic ones, we can design and machine from your plastic ones, and the Mini quantity is 100 pcs.

Why do you Select HDC CNC Auto Parts?

HDC will create the most satisfying value for customers with superior technology and advanced concept of CNC Auto Parts. We provide a one-stop service for customers, which will greatly reduce the customer’s cost of product development and purchasing,  free engineering consulting is available to each client.

Equipped with an advanced manufacturing machine, experienced engineers, and skilled workers, HDC can ensure that your CNC machining car parts are always at a high-quality level, also all our parts will be inspected before shipment, and production samples are available before the balance payment.

CNC Auto parts supplier

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Auto Parts

5 Axis CNC Machining
5 Axis CNC Machining
cnc machining manufacturer
CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
metal laser cutting
Laser Cutting
rapid prototyping manufacturer
Rapid Prototyping
sheet metal fabrication service
Sheet Metal Fabrication
laser engraving parts
Laser Engraving

Custom Your CNC Auto Parts with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC CNC Auto Parts

HDC is your perfect and excellent CNC Auto Parts manufacturer and supplier in China. Our CNC Auto Parts is used for the automotive industry, CNC Auto Parts prototypes can include anything from headlight covers to engines.

CNC auto parts machining

HDC has the advantages of a complete production line, more than 13-year experienced technology engineers and well-trained workers. All products are manufactured and shipped in strict accordance with the ISO9001 standard.

Advanced Manufacturing Machines, experienced workers keep the Quality at a high level and consistent. We, HDC always recommend using CNC Auto Parts. We make our CNC Auto Parts with a high-quality and unique type of auto parts.

HDC can supply various types of CNC Auto Parts worldwide, Such as CNC block guards, Custom dipsticks, CNC valve covers, CNC shift knobs, Custom Wheel Lug Nuts, and some other CNC parts. We are proud to present our perfect CNC Auto Parts with the help of our professional workers and engineers. We prioritize our responsibility and make the right decision for every production.

CNC Auto auto parts shift knobCNC auto parts dipstickCnc auto parts Valve Cover

Our words are our doing! You can trust us. So if you are looking for good permanent business with CNC Auto Parts, please choose HDC. We can provide it for you without anything problems or any issues.

HDC can provide any products like CNC Auto Parts in a good and professional way. And also, we provide a one-stop purchase experience and create trustful and friendly long-term cooperation for the services.

CNC auto parts car parts

Besides CNC Machining auto car parts, HDC is also specialized in CNC bike parts, CNC motorcycle parts, and some other custom CNC machined parts.

If you are looking for the perfect and unique CNC Auto Parts, HDC is your best choice. You can feel free to contact us now.

We are happy to hear from your side about our CNC Auto Parts. We operate with the highest ethical standards.

Auto Parts Suitable for Production Using CNC Technologycnc auto parts 4

CNC machinery is vital equipment in the automotive production sector, with the ability to produce a myriad of components with exactness and reliability. With great skill, it creates engine components, suspension parts, transmission systems, brake systems, and also custom/ aftermarket goods that mainly consist of metal, plastic, and composites. The technology is versatile through its production of drivetrain components, steering system features, and interior cabin fittings are reproducible with high accuracy and repeatability. This is what distinguishes CNC machining, and thanks to it, one can produce very complex shapes and the necessary precision for vehicle parts, which further helps the automotive industry with high-quality and performance requirements.

Materials Used for Producing CNC Auto Partscnc auto parts 1

In CNC auto parts manufacturing, the scope of the plentiful types of materials is immense with each one of them being selected with a distinct set of properties relevant to automotive use. Aluminum and magnesium alloys are prized for being lightweight as well as strong, which means these materials are good to use for both engine and structural components. Stainless steel, and other variants of steel, are hands down the strongest and most reliable material for structures and mechanisms like frames and gears. In high-performance industries titanium is a top choice for its best strength-to-weight ratio. Brass and copper cannot be dispensed with in manufacture of conductivity and thermal management components since they have excellent conductivity and resistance to corrosion. Plastics and advanced polymer composites position themselves as a weight-reduction innovation and a design guru for both interior and exterior elements. Selection of strategic materials is the foundation of pursuit of performance, efficiency and sustainability in application of CNC machining processes in the auto industry.

How to Begin to Custom CNC Auto Parts From HDC?cnc auto parts 2

Starting a custom Auto Parts project at HDC is quite straightforward. We have a complete and logical custom product process. All you need to do is fill out the form on our website, specifying your custom requirements for the Auto Parts, including dimensions, materials, finishes, quantities, etc. It’s best to state which model of car the custom parts will be applied to and attach any sketches or design drawings you have. Click submit to send us your inquiry request. Our sales team will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your request to discuss your custom needs in detail, offer design assistance services, and provide you with the most cost-effective quote.

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