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CNC Bar End China

HDC is Your Reliable CNC Bar End Supplier in China.

HDC has the most advanced CNC machine capabilities to produce CNC bar ends. For over 12 years in this industry, HDC became a leading CNC bar end provider to most industries and business companies around the world.

  • Professional R&D team to custom CNC bar end
  • Fully customized CNC bar end according to your ideas
  • Offers MOQ from 50 pieces to support your business
  • Printing your logo for free
  • Various surface treatments accessible
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HDC- Expert CNC Bar End Manufacturer

Since 2006, HDC has been working with CNC racing to manufacturing high-quality, beautiful bar ends. We have highly qualified and selected professionals that enable us to develop, design, and conceive high standard CNC bar end tailored to your applications.

Our company, HDC has a team of award-winning of excellence with a passion for technology, precision, power, team spirit, and speed.

Custom Your CNC Bar End with HDC

Motorcycle CNC Bar End

Made up of high-quality aluminum materials. We can support your business by providing our customers with our range of motorcycle CNC bar end in many different colors.

CNC Bar End Rear Mirror

We choose the right materials for these products. It comes with 2-way installation, classic and simple square shape. We can give you 100% brand new CNC bar end rear mirror.

Armrest CNC Bar End

Featuring outlet hole, line hole, and sponge pod that can removed and washed. We are utilizing the best quality raw materials backed by our advanced manufacturing equipment.

CNC Motorcycle Brake Bar Ends

Made up of stainless steel, copper, brass, alloy steel, carbon steel, and customize. We can coat your brake bar ends in Zn-plating, Cr-plating, copper-plating, and customize.

CNC Bike Handle Bar End

CNC bike handle bar is machined from full CNC aluminum 6061. We can produce your own design CNC bike handle bar end with your specific material requirements.

CNC Aluminum 22mm Handle Bar End

Our CNC aluminum 22mm handlebar end is offered high-quality and 100% brand new. The model is easy to install even without instruction.

CNC Alloy Handle Bar End Cap

Made from high-end alloy materials. We are capable of manufacturing 24 mm CNC alloy handle bar end cap with many colors available: red, black, gold, green, etc.

CNC Aluminum Hand Grip

HDC can offer OEM services to support your brand. We can customize your logo. CNC aluminum handgrip can be fitted for scooters, motorcycles, sportbike, chopper, and cruiser.

CNC Bicycle Parts Titanium Bar Ends

HDC offers OEM, customize, and design services. We can produce your bicycle parts with our CNC turning, drilling, milling, wire EDM cutting, grinding, etc.

Why HDC CNC Bar End

HDC can custom your ideal CNC bar ends according to your designs, sizes, and materials. We make sure that all of our custom CNC bar ends will meet all your needs. To make this happen, we can give you a custom quote as soon as possible.

HDC has the knowledge and equipment needed to manufacture high-quality CNC bar end in a quicker lead time with high precision. For all your CNC bar end needs, HDC is your go-to source! Avail now for competitive rates!

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HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Bar End

cnc machining manufacturer
CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
metal laser cutting
Laser Cutting
rapid prototyping manufacturer
Rapid Prototyping
sheet metal fabrication service
Sheet Metal Fabrication
laser engraving parts
Laser Engraving

Custom Your CNC Bar End with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate


Are you looking for the best supplier and manufacturer of CNC bar end to support your business? HDC has a wide range to offer. HDC has been in the manufacturing industry for over 12 years, providing innovative designs and high-quality CNC bar ends.

HDC offers different types of CNC bar ends, machined from high-quality raw materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, alloy, bronze, and many more.

We can offer you a thousand designs of CNC bar ends to support your business, just ask for design assistance from our professional design team. HDC can satisfy your CNC bar end needs by providing custom designs.

We are an expert in CNC bar end manufacturer in China, offering one-stop solutions for your CNC bar end needs. HDC CNC bar ends are machined with excellent quality and outstanding surface treatments.

For the surface treatments service, we offer anodized finished, Zn-plating, Cr-plating, copper-plating, powder-coated, chrome, and many more. No matter what you want for your CNC bar end need, HDC can make it for you.

HDC has complete CNC equipment to manufacture different types of CNC bar ends including rear mirror, armrest, brake bar end, bike handlebar end, handgrip, and many more. All of these are available in many colors, sizes, materials, and custom as per your request.

HDC is a leading Chinese manufacturer of CNC bar end committed to providing the best customer service for different industries around the world. Being one of the top manufacturers, we learn and work with a wide range of companies or brands to understand the needs of every customer.

HDC strives to provide you the best CNC bar end for your budget, whether it’s a small purchase, you’ve always counted on HDC.

For more information about HDC CNC bar end, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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