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Your Irreplaceable CNC Handlebar Manufacturer and Supplier in China

HDC is a premier CNC handlebars supplier with vast history and development in this industry. We are an ISO9001 certified company that provides low MOQ, top-rated customer services, fast production, free samples, and high-quality CNC handlebars.

  • One-stop solution for your CNC handlebars
  • 50+ Certified Materials in Stock
  • Offer free custom logo etched on your CNC handlebars parts
  • CNC handlebars will have our lifetime quality guaranteed
  • 13+ years of Cnc Machining OEM Experience
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Why HDC is a Professional CNC Handlebar Manufacturer

HDC is your professional CNC handlebars in China, with an advanced manufacturing line, modern production technology, and in-house engineering support. We ensure that all CNC handlebars we offer are inspected before shipment.

At HDC, we offer a one-stop solution to your CNC handlebars requirements. We are supported by an excellent R&D team and skilled technicians, willing to support your business from designing to finishing. Custom CNC handlebars are also available with your own logo, brand, sizes, color, and other specifications.

Custom Your CNC Handlebar with HDC

Removable handlebars

All our HDC removable handlebars are made from durable material suited to riding challenging terrain, dirt roads, trails, etc. All CNC handlebars are tested and checked before shipment.

22mm Motorcycle Handlebars

HDC has full control of both our manufacturing and electroplating processes that provides you the top-quality 22mm Motorcycle Handlebars.

Bike handlebar

HDC offers cost-effective CNC handlebars but not compromise the quality specifically, handle bars for mountain biking, bikepacking, dirt touring, etc.

Latest design handlebars

HDC custom-made latest design handlebars with 100% guaranteed materials and specifications. It comes in different colors like red, black, silver, etc.

BMX Handlebars

BMX Handlebars from HDC, have ape-style bars braced for action. With HDC, you can ensure to receive strong, effective, and safe BMX Handlebar.

6 Rider Drag Style Handlebars

For any type of motorcycle handlebars, you can rely on HDC. We can manufacture different types of these products finished perfectly and made to last.

Moustache handlebars

HDC is capable of making Moustache handlebars that certainly practical. For your comfort, there’s plenty of surface area when you want to change the position of your hands without sacrificing stability.

Aero handlebars

HDC Aero handlebars are one of the most elegantly and precisely engineered bicycle components from HDC. It is highly precision with great performance and designs.

Carbon fiber handlebars

HDC manufactured carbon fiber handlebars with a tidy and streamlined look. HDC will help you find the best and suitable style of handlebars for your needs.

Why HDC CNC Handlebar

HDC has more than 13 years of accumulated experience in fabricating CNC Handlebar. We use mature and ultra-modern manufacturing services which ensure a high-precision, high-performance, and durable CNC Handlebar.

With so many bike and motorcycle handlebar types and styles available, you can choose the right one for you. We design high-tech and innovative CNC handlebars that can improve the comfort of your rides. Settle with the expert now, HDC!

CNC Handle bars

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Handlebar

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CNC Machining
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CNC Turning
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Laser Cutting
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Custom Your CNC Handlebar with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC CNC Handlebar

Are you looking for the best supplier and manufacturer of CNC handlebars? Worry no more! HDC is your trusted CNC handlebars provider in China, with 13+ years of rich experience in this domain. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to develop high-standard and durable CNC handlebars at the best price.

motorcycle removable handlebars

There are so many types of bikes and motorcycle CNC handlebar available in HDC. It includes drop handlebars, BMX handlebars, carbon fiber handlebars, etc. All undergo stringent tests and checking before the moving process. HDC has full capabilities from CNC handlebars prototypes to production.

HDC designs high-tech and innovative CNC handlebar suitable for any motorcycle or bike model. Various styles are accessible including butterfly, mustache, cruiser, aero, bullhorns, etc. Choosing the right CNC handlebar from HDC, will allow optimal performance, increase your safety, and helps you avoid injury.

Of course, for great finished CNC handlebars, you can choose from our 10+ surface treatments such as powder coating, chrome, polishing, brushing, anodizing, sandblasting, and more. These surfaces treatment will make your finished product more attractive and more improve,

Moreover, we offer custom CNC handlebars manufacturing with your sample or drawings. You can choose the material, size, handlebar reach, drop, diameter, color, rise, flare, sweep, designs, and styles depending on the bike’s design and your preferred riding style. We can also etch on your CNC handles components the brand logo of your business, for free. Just send us your requirements so we can handle it rigorously with you.

cnc motorcycle handlebars

HDC is a professional manufacturer of CNC footpegs that offers a wide range of high-quality CNC footpegs. Our factory is well-equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment. We also have advanced and modern production technology.

As a professional supplier and manufacturing services provider in China, we provide low MOQ and timely delivery to customers worldwide. Owing to our ultra-modern CNC machines and skilled technician and engineers, we can give comprehensive services that satisfy your specifications.

As of now, we are serving more than 50 countries globally with our high-class quality CNC handlebars. For your bulk orders, we can provide a free sample for you to check the quality. Even for peak season, we can supply your needs. We have 1M+ various metal parts and components manufactured, available in our facility ready to deliver anytime, anywhere.

All your metal need is here in HDC! Besides CNC handlebars, we also manufacture a wide range of car rear sets, CNC bar ends, CNC levers, CNC twist throttle, CNC wheel spacers, and more. HDC is definitely your one-stop solution for your CNC parts and component needs in China.

For more information, just message us. We have a skilled and cooperative service team willing to work with you 24/7!

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