Custom CNC Motorcycle Parts

HDC is Your Reliable Custom CNC Motorcycle Parts Manufacturer In China.

Specializing in the CNC machining field for more than 13 years, HDC gain rich expertise in producing customized motorcycle parts. We can offer complete services for your product development, from prototyping to production.

  • Rich experience in the motorsports industry
  • Various materials and surface treatments for your choice
  • MOQ as low as 50 pcs to help your business
  • Free of charge logo etching
  • Keep your designs protected
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HDC- Professional CNC Motorcycle Parts Manufacturer

HDC manufactures different types of CNC motorcycle parts with excellent services, includes Aluminum Sprockets, wheels hubs, triple clamps, offroad protection parts, etc, If you need CNC racing motorcycle parts and accessories, HDC can manufacture for you.

We can provide standard and custom CNC motorcycle parts at a consistently high level with competitive costs, from materials to surfaces. All products have been strictly tested before leaving the factory.

Custom Your CNC Motorcycle Parts with HDC

CNC Aluminum Motorcycle Wheel Hub

HDC aluminum wheel hub is our regular motorcycle parts, they’re made from Aluminum 6061, with the colorful anodizing surface, logo etching is available, also we also can offer complete wheels for you.

CNC Motorcycle Parts Swingarm Reels Slider

HDC CNC motorcycle parts swing arm reels sliders come in aluminum with multiple colors. We can etch your logo in part surface, free of charge.

cnc motorcycle rear guard

HDC billet machined aluminum rear and front disk guard are designed to protect the discs on your offroad bikes. All parts are strictly inspected before go out. Lifetime guaranteed is provided.

CNC Motorcycle Triple Clamp

HDC CNC motorcycle triple clamps are customized ones, needs to be machined from your designs, they’re made of aluminum 6061, with colorful anodizing.

CNC Motorcycle Aluminum Sprockets

CNC Aluminum sprockets are one of our strong points in the motorcycle industry, we almost produce them every day, most of them are made of aircraft-grade 7075 Aluminum, 420,428, 520,530 are the common models we produce.

CNC Motorcycle Parts Handlebar Clamps

HDC can customize CNC motorcycle parts handlebar clamps with your own choice of material, and all specifications. We offer a free sample for you to check quality.

CNC Motorcycle Aluminum Throttle

HDC billet CNC machined Aluminum throttles are one of the highest quality ones on the markets, we can get your logo etched and packed as your instruction.

CNC Motorcycle Clip-on Handlebar

HDC Clip-on handlebar has different sizes for your choice,  31/32/33/35/37/39/41/51mm, we also can custom machine from your designs.

CNC Motorcycle Offroad Radiator Guard

Billet offroad radiator guards are also used for offroad bikes, they’re made of aluminum 6061, with different anodizing colors

Why HDC CNC Motorcycle Parts

With more than 13 years in the CNC racing field, HDC is an expert in CNC motorcycle parts and components. Equipped with advanced machines, experienced technicians, and skilled workers, You always can get your CNC motorcycle parts in high lever consistently.

As a responsible CNC machining factory,  we always keep your designs non-disclosure,  as our company rule, All your parts will be not allowed to show, sell or advertise to any third party.

CNC Motorcycle Parts

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Motorcycle Parts

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CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
metal laser cutting
Laser Cutting
rapid prototyping manufacturer
Rapid Prototyping
sheet metal fabrication service
Sheet Metal Fabrication
laser engraving parts
Laser Engraving

Custom Your CNC Motorcycle Parts with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Cnc Motorcycle Parts

As ISO 9001 certified manufacturer,  HDC is an experienced manufacturer that supplies all types of CNC motorcycle parts, with high precision equipment, rich experience engineers and skilled engineers, and advanced quality control system, you always can get your parts in high lever inconsistent.

At HDC, you will experience outstanding services and after-sales support. We have skilled engineers that balance the quality and cost of your CNC motorcycle parts.

We are manufacturing CNC motorcycle parts such as aluminum sprockets, wheel hubs, offroad protection parts, adjustable twist throttle, brake/ clutch levers, billet triple clamp, muffler end caps, rear sets. and etc. HDC produce CNC motorcycle parts for all types of motorcycle and brands.

To help your business, Our MOQ is as low as 50-100 pieces, and the first article will be available for quality approval before production.

With Advanced equipment, The tolerance can be down to +/-0.01mm. Our quality control makes sure that all your CNC motorcycle parts will be tested before shipment.

Besides Manufacturing CNC motorcycle parts, we also produce lots of CNC machining parts, such as CNC Bike Parts, CNC Auto Parts.

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HDC Aftermarket Motorcycle Radiator

HDC is using high-grade aluminum to create the most excellent motorcycle radiator that can fit any kind of motorcycle bike. With our advanced technology CNC machines, your demands regarding your parts’ improvement will be an easy move to carry out.

HDC Billet Motorcycle Parts

Your thoughts can always be assured that HDC is manufacturing only the best quality billet motorcycle parts. We have served millions of people around the world with our expertise in CNC machining.

HDC Billet Motorcycle Wheels

Our billet motorcycle wheels are giving the riders and racers an edge in their riding experience. You will never go wrong in dealing with HDC in experiencing the next-level billet wheels. We can let you design your own and upgrade your layout with the help of our professionals.

The HDC’s custom bike stem focuses on giving you the smoothest cycling experience. For more than thirteen years of serving, HDC analyzed everything about bike stems and their broad range of angles and size, letting the bikers achieve their ideal biking position. Managing thousands to millions of products with high standard qualifications and a fast-paced production is what HDC mastered. We design our custom bike stem according to your likes and preferences as we offer a one-stop solution for any bicycle part expect that you’ll get your dream bike stem. Upon designing your custom bike stem, HDC always considers the bike’s design, also the handling and steering. We acknowledge every rider’s convenience, biomechanics, and cycling demands. HDC will guide you regarding the bike stem’s perfect length as we believe that a comfortable position and posture result in a good performance.

Custom Motorcycle Exhaust Tips

Custom your motorcycle exhaust tips with HDC. We have full capabilities in custom motorcycle exhaust tips production such as CNC milling, CNC turning, rapid prototyping, laser engraving, etc. Being a leader in this industry, HDC handles high-level manufacturing techniques in the production fields of machining custom motorcycle exhaust tips.

HDC Custom Motorcycle Radiator Fabrication

As you get an aesthetic radiator along with the best services, you will also be having the opportunity to have the finest radiator features as good as its appearance. I guarantee you that you might not yet experience a good deal without transacting with HDC’s machining services.

HDC Custom Motorcycle Rims

Our custom motorcycle rims will be made according to your most preferred material, style, size, and color with the guidance of our experts. HDC is very capable of manufacturing your custom components by having numerous advanced CNC machines that are delivering unsurpassed quality motorcycle rims.

HDC Custom Motorcycle Wheels

HDC is a professional custom motorcycle wheels manufacturer for more than 12 years. We have been the leading manufacturer throughout the years. All our custom motorcycle wheels are best for your projects and business.

HDC Motorcycle Clip-Ons

On our more than thirteen years of experience in manufacturing parts for the motocross industry, we can prove to you the quality of aluminum clip-on we have been attaining for many years. HDC’s advanced CNC machines have made millions of components that made us reach the top of the game.

HDC Motorcycle Exhaust End Cap

When it comes to motorcycle parts, HDC has tons of materials like aluminum, brass, alloy steel, and many more that you can choose. We are also capable of doing any machining processes that your components need, as we have lots of CNC machines and services that will surely be the way to help you have the finest parts like motorcycle exhaust end cap.

HDC Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub

HDC is now inviting you to try experiencing the best motorcycle wheel front hub that is made from high-grade aluminum and manufactured using forging and billet machining. You can literally create a layout out of your own ideas and HDC will make it as fast as you can imagine.

HDC Motorcycle Radiator Guard

We will guarantee you that our aluminum and stainless steel materials will never fail in protecting your radiator even after so many years of serving. We are able to develop every kind of motorcycle part using our present-day CNC machines.

HDC Motorcycle Rear Sprocket

All of HDC’s sprockets are CNC machined respectively to develop the illustrious concentricity and its optimal tooth figures for its uttermost life and strength. We are certain in handing you your desired motorcycle rear sprockets.

HDC Motorcycle Rear Wheel Hub

HDC has forging and billet machining in regards to creating your superb rear hubs. But that’s not all, HDC also has milling, 3,4,5 axis machining, cutting, stamping, turning, welding, and so much more!

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