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An expert Custom CNC sprocket supplier and manufacturer in China, HDC is able to hold your whole purchasing process. We can produce all CNC sprocket selections from the material, designs, surface treatments, and logos.

  • Over 14 years in the manufacturing of CNC racing parts
  • 100% CNC machined from the highest quality 7075-T6 sheet aluminum
  • Offer low MOQ from 30 pcs for each tooth
  • Responsive and quality services
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HDC- Expert Custom CNC Sprocket Manufacturer

If you are planning to get a custom CNC sprocket manufacturer in China, then HDC is your smart choice, as a premier manufacturer of CNC racing parts, we have been engaging in the power motorsports field for more than 14 years, with experienced engineers and workers, equipped with advanced machines and selected materials, we can ensure our sprockets are top quality on the market.

The common size sprocket we produce include 420, 428, 520,525, 530, and 630 sprockets, and pitch with a range from 25-70T, HDC also can produce custom CNC sprockets from your designs, high precision, special tooth shape, perfect anodizing colors, and your logo etching.

Custom Your CNC Sprocket with HDC

420 rear sprockets

Our CNC sprocket is also made of aluminum 7075-T6 , 100% CNC machined from sheet material, and different anodizing colors for your choice, and can get your logo etched.

428 aluminum rear sprocket

We made the best selections of CNC sprockets for motorcycles,  100% CNC machining ensures perfect dimensions and specifications, which can ensure smooth assembling.

520 aluminum sprocket

520 sprocket is one of the popular motorcycle sprockets we produce, we produce them every day, they are made of aluminum 7075-T6 sheet material from China’s Top aluminum alloy manufacturer

525 aluminum rear sprockets

525 motorcycle sprocket is another widely used motorcycle sprocket, made of lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum, the hardness could be 160 Hb, which ensures a stable and robust performance. 

530 aluminum rear sprocket

Another widely used motorcycle sprocket, constructed from 7075 aluminum, compared with ordinary steel sprockets, they’re lighter and more durable, uniquely designed and anodized for long-lasting sturdiness and aging resistance. 

630 aluminum rear sprockets

It is not a common motorcycle sprocket, the pitch we produce from 25-57 Tooth, is also made from the highest quality and lightest aluminum 7075, which makes the sprockets more durable. 

ducati sprockets carrier

It is one of our regular parts, made of durable and solid 7075-T6 Aluminum alloy, you can speed up your sprockets changing,  nylock nuts and flat washers are fitted.

high performance cnc sprocket

Besides stand motorcycle sprockets, we offer custom sprockets from your designs, just send us your designs, and we will do the rest for you.

aluminum alloy steel motorcycle sprocket

it is a hybrid sprocket, out disc is steel and the inner disc is aluminum 7075, which offers the durability of steel and lightweight 7075 aluminum.

Why HDC Custom Motorcycle CNC Sprocket?

As an ISO 9001-certified CNC sprocket supplier in China, HDC ensures features, specifications, and more using different processing machines tested by experts. We assure excellent output from holes, curves, finishes, and more.

You not only can buy  420, 428, 520,525, 530, and 630 common-use motorcycle sprockets but also can get your custom sprockets produced with HDC, at the same time, the quality is guaranteed, always top quality ones on the market.

HDC ensures to development of CNC sprocket production with complete machines and facilities. Our delivery times are ahead of the time you requested to meet your project requirements. We can fully support small to large businesses offering 20 pieces of CNC sprocket and more quantity.

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HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Sprocket

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Custom Your CNC Sprocket with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Choose HDC for Your Custom CNC Sprockets

  • Tailored Precision: HDC performs well in constructing CNC Sprockets according to your specified requirements. Our state of the art CNC machining centers guarantees that every component is precision cut with accuracy, leading to a perfect fit and optimal performance in your applications.
  • Extensive Expertise: HDC has worked in OEM metal craft for more than thirteen years, and this gained experience made it one of the leaders among such companies. We have a team of time-proven engineers and professional designers, who are in possession of skills to cope with even the most difficult manufacturing tasks concerning CNC sprockets.
  • Versatility in Manufacturing Techniques: Among the manufacturing techniques that are provided by HDC, there is CNC processing and sheet metal manipulation as well as casting. This diversity allows us to select the best approach for your individual needs, making sure that you get CNC Sprockets which are atleast as good or better than what is anticipated.
  • Customization Excellence: This is what makes us proud, the fact that we are able to tailor our solutions. The team of professionals in HDC understands your project’s specific needs and delivers CNC Sprockets that are ideally suited to all the criteria. HDC will help either when it is a regular or fully individual design.
  • Advanced CNC Machining Center: Thanks to our 4-axis and 5- axis CNC machining center, we have the ability not only to process complicated designs but also provide customers with high qualitative finished products of CNC Sprockets. This advanced technology makes HDC different in provision of precise engineered elements.

Overall, HDC’s skills and adaptability along with dedication to customization we are an agency that has everything when it comes to CNC Sprocket. CNC Sprockets of BHK Engineering are finely balanced combination between precision innovation and ensure to not only meet but also go beyond standards.

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