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Custom Bicycle Hubs

HDC is Your Main Manufacturer Of Custom Bicycle Hubs.

As one of the leading CNC machining factories,  HDC has been engaging in the bike field since 2010, we have developed hundreds of performance parts for BMX, MTB, such as Sprocket, Chainring, stem, front and rear hubs, pegs, pedals, and cranksets.

  • More than 12 years of CNC machining experience
  • Rich experience on CNC Bike Parts
  • Advanced equipment and a complete inspection system ensure high-level quality
  • engineering consultation for bicycle hubs and other Bike Parts
  • MOQ as low as 50 Pcs to help your business
  • Various Anodizing colors for your choice
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HDC- Premier Manufacturer Of Custom Bicycle Hubs

We, a company that’s nurtured with knowledge, experience, and perseverance are ready to accompany you any time of the day. HDC brings superior bicycle hubs that can absolutely give you the most substantial capacity.

If you consider your bicycle’s time usage, axle size, the number of spokes needed, and rotor setup, it might be a challenge to seek the finest bicycle hub manufacturer. HDC knows the right hubs that your bicycle needs depending on your style of riding, whether it be an abusive type of riding or not. 

We are using top-graded aluminum alloys in creating bicycle hubs. HDC’s hubs are made of 6061 or 7075 aluminum, with anodizing surfaces, and get your logo etched or engraved,  also customized packages are available, at the same time, our experienced workers can meet your assembling requirement, HDC is equipped to assist your concerns in the fastest way possible.

Custom Your Aluminum Bicycle Hubs With HDC

Bicycle Hubs For Mountain Bikes

HDC’s mountain bike hubs come in a broad variety of proportions and classifications to suit numerous bike parts standards. These are appropriate in the dirt, mud, water, big rocks, and long riding hours.

BMX Bike Aluminum Custom Front Hubs

 Our BMX hubs have bend-resistant, lightweight, pleasant looking, and acquiring a lifelong usage capacity. HDC standing as an ISO9001 certified manufacturer will always assure the highest classification for your Bmx wheel hubs.

BMX Bike Aluminum Custom Rear Hubs

BMX Custom rear and front hubs are one of our common hubs we produce, they’re made form Aluminum 6061 T6, and the surface is colorful anodized, etched with your logo.

Custom Made Aluminum Bike Hubs

All our bicycle hubs are custom-made ones, need to be machined from your designs, they’re made from Aluminum 6061 or 7075, we will provide samples for your approval before mass production.

Custom Aluminum Road Bike Hubs

HDC has the expertise in manufacturing road bike custom hubs. It is made with performance, high quality, and longevity focus characteristics. HDC is able to do your chosen material, color, size, and layouts for your wished parts.

Custom Aluminum Bicycle Hubs

With more than 12 years of CNC Machining experinece on cnc racing parts, we can guarantee that your custom Aluminum Bicycle Hub
will be machined in high level quality.

Why do you select HDC Custom Bicycle Hubs?

HDC’s bicycle hubs are compatible with any type of brakes and can be machined with a lump of aluminum. Our respective teams and high-technology machines can do small or big production runs while delivering complex shapes and sizes. HDC has developed broad expertise to present to you the perfect component that can suit your budget.

Our services covered various types of hubs, you name it, HDC will give it. Our rear and front hubs permit your wheels to spin without constraint, to turn openly, and convey the driving strength of cycling towards the rear wheel. HDC will surely be your greatest supplier of custom bicycle hubs.

Custom bicycle hubs

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your Bicycle Hubs

5 Axis CNC Machining
5 Axis CNC Machining
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CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
metal laser cutting
Laser Cutting
rapid prototyping manufacturer
Rapid Prototyping
sheet metal fabrication service
Sheet Metal Fabrication
laser engraving parts
Laser Engraving

Custom Your Bicycle Hubs with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Why Choose HDC Custom Bicycle Hubs

In creating every component, HDC is very knowledgeable and certainly has the most effective equipment to deliver you your desired parts. Our machines have produced millions of parts and components that proved our ISO9001 standard.

Having the experts and technicians, welders and programmers, workers, and customer service representatives brought HDC to its highest rank in the market. We have spent more than a decade of learning and preparing to have the credibility we are currently possessing. 

Offering different types of surfaces like anodizing, polished, powder coating, tumbling, and so much more, will bring extra stiffness to each of your components. HDC is following strict inspections and analysis in every part before the final output. You can always consider HDC’s thorough investigation for you to have the finest component.

Besides Custom Bicycle Hubs, we also have CNC Chainring, Sprockets, Stems, CNC Crankset, Aluminum Bike Pedal, and some other CNC Bike Parts for your business, they are billet CNC machined from  6061 or 7075 Aluminum.

Custom bicycle hubs blackCustom bicycle hubs crankset

Aside from having all the said edge in the industry, HDC also produce CNC Automotive Parts, and CNC Motorcycle Parts for the Powersports industry, Besides that, As your reliable supplier for one-stop metal parts, HDC is also capable to do aluminum forging, magnesium dies casting, plastic injection, for your metal and plastic parts, and many more!

HDC will let you choose your preferred type of shipping method, payment method, and trade terms. The shipment can be through courier, sea, or air. The payment might be processed through Paypal, T/T, and L/C. While the trade terms of HDC are FOB, CFR, and DDP.

HDC is always open to accepting your inquiries for bicycle hubs. Be our client and experience the most convenient services!

Customization Options for Bicycle Hub

figure 2 types of mountain bike hubs

Customizing your bike hub is a valuable approach to both boost the efficiency of your bike and enhance its visual appeal. The type of hub selection is the key factor in this customization, and the hub types available range from speed road hubs, rugged mountain bike hubs, and BMX hubs which prioritize strength and reliability. The decision between the sealed cartridge bearings which offer low maintenance and good protection albeit at a higher cost and complexity, and the C&C bearings known for easy service but needing frequent maintenance affects both performance and maintenance.

Material selection also provides the opportunity for customization that provides aluminum for a lightweight and cost-effective solution, carbon fiber for high-end models with superior weight savings, and steel for unrivaled robustness especially in BMX bikes and freight bikes. On top of that, HDC’s ability to provide options in colors and finishes for hubs enables a rider to customize their bike aesthetically by matching or making the color scheme contrast the rider’s liking. These personalization features together make it possible for riders to customize their bikes to their specific needs and preferences, improving either the functionality or the style.

How to Initiate a Customization Project with HDC?figure 1 what are bicycle hubs

Initiating a custom bicycle hub project with HDC is straightforward, thanks to our complete and logical customization process. All you need to do is fill out the form on our website, detailing your customization requirements for the bicycle hub, including specifications, dimensions, materials, finishes, and quantities. Please also attach any sketches or design drawings you have. Once you submit the form to send us your quote request, our sales team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your customization needs in detail, offer design assistance, and provide you with a cost-effective quote. This process ensures your custom project is handled promptly and efficiently, getting your customization project off to a quick start.

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