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Intake Flange

Upon reading the title, we should know what intakes are, and their role on your automobile. Intakes are the crucial and necessary parts that initiate oxygen towards the engine’s combustion compartment to regulate how much air is associated with the raging fuel. 

The air intake setup leads the air coming from the outside of the automobile towards the engine’s intake manifold, by then, it will be blended with oil out of your gas tank. The intake flange is ideal for a race or personalized intake build. 

stainless steel intake manifold flange

Stainless steel Intake Manifold Flange

intake flange

Intake Flange

cnc intake manifold flange

CNC Intake Manifold Flange

aluminum billet intake manifold flange

Aluminum Billet Intake Manifold Flange

aluminum billet intake flange

Aluminum Billet Intake Flange

HDC Intake Manifold Flange

HDC uses aluminum 6061-T6 in creating an ideal intake manifold flange. Aluminum 6061-T6 is a material that presents toughness and high strength as well as being resistant to corrosion. People choose this kind of material when high durability is needed. 

This component from HDC is CNC machined and has a ½” thickness with a 14mm O-ring. You can also request for it to be milled on its sides for great security. We also can fabricate it according to your cylinder heads and design for any size of injectors and fuel rails. 

This is perfect for your customization of the intake manifold and suits 1.75” tubing. Injector bosses and ports can be customized according to your needs. It also comes with a complete set of fasteners and bolts for a trouble-free installation. Our surface finishes are available in, passivating, brushing, heat treating, and anodizing, to name a few. 

Your product requirements will all be granted by HDC. We like to exceed your expectations by putting in all the efforts, hard work, and knowledge we gained over almost two decades. Your product’s all appearance and quality can be personalized and our designers and machinists are always prepared to accommodate you. 

HDC’s intake flange is perfect for your planning customization. Our approachable customer service will give you a quote within 24 hours! 

Why choose HDC?

HDC is an ISO9001-certified manufacturer that practices advanced methods in creating every part. We are offering a one-stop-shop solution for our clients as we want you to experience maximum satisfaction and convenience. HDC also has a free consultation with our experts regarding your product.

Aside from intake flange, HDC manufactures other CNC auto parts such as oil filter cap, auto shift knob, oil drain plugs, valve cover, engine block guard, oil dipstick, and so much more. We have low MOQ to support you if you are launching a business. 

Experts from the automotive industry trust HDC, as well as the racers, professional drivers, and starters choose our company for supplying them with components for their vehicles. Your products will be well-fabricated and well-taken care of by our professionals. 

Our intake manifold flange is designed to suit your cylinder heads. It is also easy to be installed and welded for your customization when application. All the products that are fabricated and made from HDC are budget-friendly while being highly durable at the same time. 

Here in our company, you are free to choose your preferred payment method (Paypal, T/T, and L/C), shipping ways (courier, sea shipping, and air shipping), and trade terms (FOB, CFR, and DDP).

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