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Custom Motorcycle Wheel Hubs

HDC is China’s Prime Supplier Of Custom Motorcycle Wheel Hubs.

HDC is probably your main base of motorcycle wheel hubs and other motorcycle parts and accessories. We know that aside from all of your motorcycle’s components, wheels are perhaps one of the most important parts that will appear in your mind. Come on now with HDC to explore the most substantial collections and customization of motorcycle wheel hubs.

  • Providing motorcycles performance parts for more than 13 years
  • Custom Machine from your designs
  • 100% CNC machining from billet aluminum,
  • Different anodizing colors available
  • MOQ as low as 50 Pcs
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HDC- A Five-Star Manufacturer Of Motorcycle Wheel Hubs

Our custom motorcycle wheel hubs are made of heavy-duty aluminum processed into forging or billet machining. Your components can be made through your personal choices of colors, sizes, styles, shapes, and material. HDC will help you attain your dream motorcycle hub because of the advanced CNC machining and wheel hub experts that have made HDC on top for over thirteen years. 

Clients have always had the trust and support in HDC for developing their motorcycle parts. We believe in our capability to supply your metal and plastic machining needs being a one-stop solution along with your desired component quality. HDC pledged to continue manufacturing excellent parts with immeasurable passion, fondness, and expertise for every negotiation.

Custom Your Motorcycle Wheel Hubs With HDC

Dirt Bike Custom Motorcycle Wheel Hubs

HDC’s dirt bike motorcycle wheel hubs are made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and are anodized according to your desired color. We will always make sure that your hubs are compatible and appropriate to your dirt bike.

CNC Motorcycle Hubs For Racing Wheels

Our motorcycle hubs are thoroughly made to perfectly fit your racing wheels, regardless of their brand and number of holes. It is constructed to match the type of riding and dependability that you are looking for.

Aluminum Motocross Wheel Hubs

Aluminum 6000 series are being forged to create wheel hubs that complement the needs of your motocross wheel. You may have your customized logo being etched in your hub for free.

Motorcycle Front Wheel Hubs

HDC’s motorcycle front wheel hub has high strength and behaves as a connection linking the front wheel to the vehicle that empowers your wheel to progress willingly when turning. You can assure that every hub from HDC can serve you for a lifetime.

Rear Motorcycle Wheel Hubs

Rear motorcycle wheel hubs from HDC can move and tolerate any type of road condition. It is made from a high-grade aluminum that focuses on characteristics that your motorcycle demands.

Custom Motorcycle Wheel Hubs

We supply durable, heavy-duty, fine, and superior motorcycle hubs as an ISO9001 certified manufacturer. You can freely state your favored features and characteristics of your desired component, then HDC will make it for you.

Why HDC Custom Motorcycle Wheel Hubs

Regardless of how fine your motorcycle wheels’ function is, you still can’t run securely and steadily if you have an assembled wheel hub that’s not performing properly. HDC’s motorcycle wheel hubs will connect your wheels to the body tightly and will guarantee to be with you year in and year out. 

HDC can supply you with any type of motorcycle hubs, also capable of doing all your requests without hesitation. Being in the industry for many years has put HDC in so many innovations and studies that lead our way to give you the most satisfying quality you could ever know. You can’t go wrong with HDC’s motorcycle hubs that deliver lightness and durability.

Custom Motorcycle Wheel Hubs

HDC Capabilities on Custom CNC Machining

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Custom Your CNC Motorcycle Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Front Hub

O.L.D Sealed Bearings Hole
100 mm 2 32
100 mm 2 32
110 mm 2 32
110 mm 2 32

Rear Hub

O.L.D Sealed Bearings Hole
135 mm 4 32
141 mm 4 32
142 mm 4 32
148 mm 4 32

HDC Motorcycle Wheel Hubs

Here in HDC, motorcycle wheel hubs are manufactured using your preferred aluminum alloy such as 6061, 7075, 2024, 5052, and 6063 that will be processed through CNC machining. The machines that HDC is using have proved their quality over the years and continues to manifest highly great standards in the market.

Because of HDC’s team, we’re manufacturing motorcycle hubs in big or small production runs as well as giving intricate styles, shapes, designs, and sizes. Our experts are always ready to serve you at competitive prices. 


HDC also has different types of surface treatments like polish, anodizing, powder coating, tumbling, heat treating, painting, engraving, etc. It will all surely give you the perfect finish you ever ask for. 

We are always making sure to give you components as faultless as possible. HDC’s wheel hub specialists have a great eye when it comes to details and it never fails to see the most minimal problem when inspecting. 

HDC’s shipment (air, sea, courier), payment method (Paypal, T/T, L/C), and trade terms (FOB, CFR, DDP) all depend on your desired method will make it hassle-free on your part. 

In manufacturing motorcycle wheel hubs, HDC also machines lots of other performance parts for motorcycles, such as Aluminum sprockets, custom motorcycles wheels,  CNC Levers, CNC Triple Clamp, Handlebars, CNC Bar End, and some other billet parts.

Want to have every motorcycle experts’ preferred hubs? Consult HDC, NOW!

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