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Trailer Paddle Lock

A trailer paddle lock is required for securing the trailer doors. It is extremely important to secure the trailer items as there are multiple valuable items inside. Also, during travel, if a strong lock is not provided on the trailer door the items can fall out and be damaged. Therefore, having a paddle lock for trailers is very important.

Specification and usage of Trailer Paddle Lock

There are multiple designs and shapes of trailer paddle locks in the market. However, these are a few common ones that are widely used in the industry:

1.     Stainless Steel finish Paddle Lock for Trailers

Stainless steel is one of the most reliable and strong locks to use on trailers. Since stainless steel is not easily affected by weather or moisture it is a good choice for trailers operating in moist or rugged terrains. This lock has standard locking cylinders and mounts in 2-3/4” x 3-3/4” holes. This lock can fix up to 7/8” thick doors.

2. Paddle handle latch with keys

The strong paddle handle latch is ideal for replacing conventional latches. Extra safety features of the paddle lock include a key safety lever which allows the lock to be only disengaged from the inside. These paddle locks are made with stainless steel and offer great support to the trailer carriage.

3. Polished Chrome Trailer Paddle Locks

The polished chrome trailer paddle lock is a global link lock that can be easily installed on your trailers. These paddle locks let you secure the 5th wheel or travel trailer. The lock comes with 2 keys, a door edge plate, a strike plate, and other associated installation parts.  

4.     Steel Flush Door Lock

The steel flush door lock fits into a standard cut-out of a 3-3/8” x 4-5/8” hole. This lock is slightly larger than the other types of lock. It can be mounted with rivets or screws on the trailer doors. The lock can sustain doors of 1-1/16” thickness.

Why Choose HDC

HDC is a reliable name when it comes to trailer parts. All our parts are thoroughly checked before delivery to ensure that they are as per the requirement of our clients or not. Due to our commitment to quality, we have been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate. When dealing with HDC, you will receive high-quality parts that will be delivered on the agreed time. Also, we have special teams to manage the final cost of a product, therefore, you will get the most competitive rates in the market.

Product Advantage

We carefully select the material for all our parts. To maintain a high level of standard, we choose stainless steel 304, aluminum, steel, zinc, and brass as our materials for manufacturing trailer parts. Furthermore, due to the high precision machines, all our trailer parts are within the allowed tolerance levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Trailer Paddle Locks

We’re delighted to present our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, focusing on Trailer Paddle Locks. Here, HDC aims to address your inquiries with utmost sincerity, helping you understand the importance and functionality of these security solutions.

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What is A Trailer Paddle Lock?

 A Trailer Paddle Lock is a type of security lock designed specifically for trailers. It provides an additional layer of security by preventing unauthorized access to your trailer and its contents.

How Does A Trailer Paddle Lock Work?

Trailer Paddle Locks are typically designed to fit over the hasp or latch of your trailer door. They come with a key or combination lock mechanism that secures the paddle lock in place, making it difficult for anyone to open the trailer door without proper authorization.

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Why Do I Need A Trailer Paddle Lock?

A Trailer Paddle Lock is vital for deterring theft, protecting valuable cargo, and providing peace of mind. Whether for compliance with regulations, insurance requirements, or general security, these locks offer a quick, convenient, and customizable solution to safeguard your trailer and its contents from unauthorized access and potential theft or vandalism.

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Are Trailer Paddle Locks Compatible With All Trailer Types?

Trailer Paddle Locks come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different trailer types. It’s important to choose a lock that fits your trailer’s specific hasp or latch.

Can I Use A Trailer Paddle Lock In addition To Other Security Measures?

Yes, Trailer Paddle Locks can be used in conjunction with other security measures like hitch locks and wheel locks for enhanced trailer security. Layering security measures provides added protection against theft.

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What Should I Consider Before I Order Custom Trailer Paddle Locks?

  • Trailer Type: Know your trailer type for lock compatibility.
  • Door Dimensions: Measure door width and height for the right fit.
  • Security Level: Assess security needs based on content and concerns.
  • Weather Resistance: Consider weather conditions for durability.
  • Installation: Decide on DIY or professional installation.
  • Lock Type: Choose the lock type that suits your preferences.
  • Keying Options: Determine keying preferences.
  • Budget: Set a budget for your custom locks.
  • Customization: Specify any unique requirements.

What Materials Do You Offer For Custom Trailer Paddle Locks?

We offer custom trailer paddle locks in various materials to meet your needs. Here are some common material choices:

  • Stainless Steel: Corrosion-resistant and durable for outdoor use.
  • Brass: Durable with an elegant appearance.
  • Steel: Robust and reliable for various purposes.
  • Zinc Alloy: Strong and lightweight for balanced performance.
  • Aluminum Alloy: Lightweight with corrosion resistance for outdoor use.

Please choose the material type that best suits your specific requirements and preferences. If you’re unsure about which material to use for customizing your Trailer Paddle Locks, our team can analyze your needs from a professional perspective and help you choose the most suitable material.

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How Can I Place An Order For A Trailer Paddle Lock?

Ordering a Trailer Paddle Lock is a simple process. To request an order, please use our “Get a Quote” feature on our website. Our sales team will then promptly respond to your inquiry assist you in selecting the right Trailer Paddle Lock for your needs and guide you through the ordering process.


We hope this FAQ has provided valuable insights into Trailer Paddle Locks and their benefits. If you have any more questions or require assistance, please reach out to our dedicated customer support team. Protecting your trailer and its contents is our shared goal, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way, Thank you for considering us as your security partner.

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