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Your Reliable CNC Bolts Supplier in China

HDC is a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC bolts in China. With more than 13 years of experience, we are experts in handling any OEM and ODM services. HDC can provide a one-stop solution for your metal part needs particularly the CNC bolts. If you want to have a better CNC bolts customization, Choose HDC!

  • ISO9001 certificated CNC bolts supplier
  • Free samples of CNC bolts are provide
  • Provides CNC bolts with competitive rate
  • Full support on new product development
  • Offer high quality CNC bolts and excellent services
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HDC- Top-Rated CNC Bolts Manufacturer

HDC can manufacture a high level of CNC bolts at competitive rates. We can follow your own drawing and samples to meet your special needs and requirements. HDC is a one-stop solution for any metal parts need like CNC bolts. We are specialized in providing CNC bolts with high strength.

We always manufacture our CNC bolts or any metal parts produced with the latest equipment to achieve high accuracy. If you choose HDC, you can get the finest CNC bolts!

Custom Your CNC Bolts with HDC

CNC Small Bolts

HDC CNC small bolts are in good condition and high-quality. We always check the material surface and roughly dimensions of our CNC small bolts before shipment. You can ensure the best quality of CNC small bolts from HDC.

CNC Titanium Bolts

HDC CNC titanium bolts are feature high chemical resistance and corrosion resistance. We will provide you with professional services and outstanding CNC titanium bolts. You can get HDC CNC titanium bolts with your exact specifications.

CNC Stainless Steel Bolts

The HDC CNC stainless steel bolts are suitable for use in wet or dry environments. These are not easy to rust and have good corrosion resistance that makes them ideal bolts for various industries.

CNC Bolts Socket Head Cap

HDC CNC bolts socket head cap has a good strength of extension. Our CNC bolt socket head cap is truly met different project demands. HDC can manufacture a high-end CNC bolt socket head cap for you and for your business.

CNC High Precision Bolts

HDC high-precision bolts are strong and durable kinds of bolts. We are capable to provide an accurate and standard size of CNC high precision bolts to make them suitable and fit for your desired applications.

CNC Machining Parts Bolts

Due to its high strength, corrosion resistance, and lightweight, the HDC CNC machining parts bolts are very popular among customers. We manufacture CNC machining parts bolts in the finest way to achieve the best quality.

CNC Custom Bolts

CNC custom bolts are very strong and are great for both indoor and outdoor use. These are superior to regular use and provide excellent rust resistance. We can provide customization services according to your needs.

CNC Hex Hollow Bolts

HDC CNC hex hollow bolts have a standard external hexagon head. This kind of CNC bolts has an internal through holes design for easy threading. HDC is a professional manufacturer of CNC bolt products for any application.

CNC Turning Nut Bolts

HDC CNC turning nut bolts are made of solid materials to prevent corrosion, no rust, no pollution, and high hardness. This is applicable in various kinds of machinery industry. HDC can give you the best type of CNC bolts.

Why HDC CNC Bolts

Hdc is an expert  CNC bolts manufacturer in China. HDC has been providing all the solutions for the CNC bolts industry. We have all the capabilities to offer a high-end CNC bolt. We will be your ultimate choice for your CNC bolts. Our factory has a quality management system to control the product quality.

We are the most recommended factory and supplier when it comes to CNC bolts. HDC is a company that will worth your trust. You can always count on HDC for any metal parts need!

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HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Bolts

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Custom Your CNC Bolts with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate


HDC is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of CNC bolts in China. We have decades years of manufacturing experience. Our team has a high-performance fastener. We are engaged in 13 years of CNC bolt production. HDC will provide you with a one-stop solution for any metal parts, particularly the CNC bolts.

cnc bolts

The HDC CNC bolts are absolutely made of solid materials which provide more durability and longevity. CNC bolts are can be customized with your dimension desired. The HDC CNC bolts feature high chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

Due to their great features, the CNC bolts can b used in a wet and dry environments. These are not easy to rust. The CNC bolts from HDC are offering high-strength, eco-friendly, and very lightweight and that allows being a top-rated type of bolts.

At HDC, you can find a CNC bolt with top quality and suitable for a wide range of machinery industries. HDC CNC bolts are great and popular bolts. One of the good things regarding our CNC bolts is that safe to use and has reliable performance.

HDC is a famous manufacturer of metal parts and we are an ISO9001-certified company. We are always following the ISO standard to avoid any product quality problems. You can expect all of the CNC bolts from HDC to be inspected before we made a shipment.

We always follow the delivery schedule to deliver your CNC bolt orders on time. HDC offers a lot of shipping procedure for your option to make it more convenient for you.  We are capable to offer sea shipping, air shipping, sea shipping, and door-to-door methods of shipment.

cnc custom bolts

Our skilled staff is always ready to give customer assistant. You can shop and purchase CNC bolts from HDC in a favorable way. HDC will always treat you in a respectful and professional way to satisfy your needs

If you dream to have an unmatched design for your products, HDC will be your ultimate solution. We always protect your product design to avoid any third party. HDC is the most preferable company for most metal parts business owners. 

We are capable to recommend or give any suggestion for your business. HDC always provides the right and exact products to complete your special needs. If you let us help you with your business, we will never fail your expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – CNC Bolts

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology has transformed bolt manufacturing, offering precision, customization, and reliability. In this FAQ, we’ll answer common questions about CNC bolts, their production, applications, and advantages.

What Are CNC Bolts?

CNC bolts are specialized fasteners created using Computer Numerical Control technology. They play a pivotal role in securing components in various applications, ranging from machinery and construction to automotive and aerospace.

cnc bolts 01

What Are the Primary Applications of CNC Bolts?

CNC bolts are used in diverse applications, including machinery assembly, automotive manufacturing, construction, and aerospace engineering. They provide secure fastening and play a crucial role in ensuring structural integrity and safety.

How Do CNC Bolts Differ From Traditionally Manufactured Bolts?

CNC bolts differ from traditionally manufactured bolts primarily in terms of precision and customization. CNC technology allows for the creation of intricate bolt designs with high accuracy, ensuring consistent quality and reliability.

cnc bolts 02

What Materials Are Commonly Used to Make CNC Bolts?

CNC bolts can be crafted from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium, and non-ferrous metals. The choice of material depends on the specific application’s requirements, such as strength, corrosion resistance, or weight.

What Types of Threads Are Commonly Used in CNC Bolts?

Common thread types used in CNC bolts include Unified Thread Standard (UTS), and ISO Metric Thread. UTS threads are widely used in the United States, while ISO metric threads are prevalent in many other regions. The choice of thread type depends on the specific application’s requirements for load capacity, precision, and sealing, as well as adherence to regional or international standards. Specialized threads may also be employed for specific applications.

cnc bolts 03

How Does CNC Technology Enhance the Precision and Quality of Bolt Production?

CNC technology enhances precision by allowing for accurate machining of bolt components. It ensures that each bolt meets tight tolerances and specifications, resulting in reliable and consistent quality.

Are There Any Finishing Options for CNC Bolts to Enhance Their Corrosion Resistance?

Yes, various finishing options can enhance the corrosion resistance of CNC bolts. These include coatings such as zinc plating, cadmium plating, and anodizing. These finishes protect the bolts from environmental factors that could cause corrosion.

cnc bolts 04

Are CNC Bolts Suitable for High-Stress Applications?

CNC bolts are suitable for high-stress applications, thanks to their precise manufacturing and material choices. They are commonly used in critical structural connections, ensuring reliability and safety even under extreme loads.

Do CNC Bolts Need to Be Used With Specific Nuts?

CNC bolts offer compatibility with a diverse selection of nuts, enhancing their versatility in various applications. It’s important to note that while CNC bolts are adaptable, selecting the right nut for a specific CNC bolt is crucial for achieving a secure and tight fit. This compatibility ensures that the threads of the bolt and nut align accurately, resulting in a reliable fastening connection. The choice of the nut should take into consideration factors such as thread type, size, and material to match the corresponding CNC bolt, ultimately optimizing the effectiveness and safety of the fastening system.

cnc bolts 05

How to Customize CNC Bolts?

Customizing CNC bolts involves a comprehensive process that begins with selecting the right size, considering materials for strength and corrosion resistance, and choosing the appropriate thread type, head style, and finish. Tight tolerances and quality assurance ensure precision and reliability. Customization also extends to determining the quantity required and considering any necessary testing and certification. The lead time for production and delivery is another critical factor. By collaborating with CNC bolt manufacturers and specifying these parameters, CNC bolts can be tailored to unique application needs, providing a secure and reliable fastening solution that aligns with specific requirements.

cnc bolts 06


CNC bolts have revolutionized the fastener industry, offering precision and reliability in a wide range of applications. Their ability to provide secure and durable connections has made them an essential component in various industries.

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