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CNC Precision Machining Parts

Just for us to know what is precision machining, it is the process where a material is formed by cutting down the excess to produce an outcome specified by the CAD (Computer Aided Design) and/or CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) pattern. Manufacturers utilize this procedure in various production exercises and on numerous raw materials. 

The blueprint is essential prior to creating any part using Precision CNC Machining, the blueprint, patterns, and designs are made through the use of CAM or CAD. This results in extremely intricate 3D layouts that the CNC precision machine should follow in order to copy the part design effectively.

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CNC precision machining parts

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HDC CNC Precision Machining Parts

If you are looking for a time and cost-efficient manufacturing process for your component, HDC’s CNC precision machining is the best choice. You can pick your preferred material for your special application. HDC has metal parts like aluminum, steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, etc. Plastic materials are also available in Delrin, nylon, HDPE, etc. 

We manufacture toys, aerospace shuttles, bushing, ports, manifold, medical implants, shipping vessel parts, parts for pick-up trucks, plane parts, and so much more! We assure you that we produce components with clean cuts which enable the tightest tolerances. 

HDC assures you that you can have parts from our precision machining that are thoroughly inspected, has extremely tight tolerances, has impressive physical and material properties, and have accurate intricate configurations. 

We offer different surface finishes for every part and application, HDC has heat treating, passivating, screen printing, polishing, anodizing, tumbling, and brushing, to name a few. Never hesitate to create your custom parts with HDC as we have the appropriate machines and facilities to cater to all your demands. 

HDC is always up for your inquiries, contact HDC to know more. 

Why choose HDC?

HDC can manufacture CNC precision machining parts for nearly every part for each application and industry. Medical instruments, auto parts, aircraft, and every part that requires the process of precision machining are fabricated in HDC. 

Processes like turning, milling, forging, cutting, etc are what CNC machining in HDC does to bring off the finished product. With HDC, you can choose your own preferred material and we will do it for you, regardless if it needs to be plastic or metal. 

HDC has in-house engineering support and flexible lead times. We assist any kind of industry, whether it be aerospace, automotive, electrical, bikes, medical, etc. With more than thirteen years of machining experience, HDC keeps on innovating the ways and methods that can also accommodate modern parts that need to be machined. 

The experts from different industries are always looking forward to HDC being part of their projects over and over and supplying their needs of a custom component. We are always ready to manufacture even the component with the tightest tolerances. HDC will humbly accept and make the best component appropriate for a certain application. 

If only convenience is what we are talking about, HDC always finds its way to make your transaction as smooth as possible, from designing to packaging and the shipment itself. We only want what is best for our clients.

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