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Metal Stamping Parts China

HDC is Your Premier Manufacturer of Metal Stamping Parts In China.

Transporting high-quality metal stamping parts around the globe, HDC provides you the best high standard that meets the ISO9001 quality. In whatever industry you are in, we are able to deliver your stamped metal parts in any shape, size, and material. You will always achieve high quality and durability, low cost, and fast turnaround time here in HDC.

  • ISO9001 certified manufacturer
  • Different types of stamping operations
  • Progressive Dies for high precision parts;
  • Lifetime dies guaranteed
  • One-stop solution for your metal parts
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HDC- Your Reliable Supplier of Metal Stamping Parts

HDC can manufacture highly complex deep-drawn parts with tight tolerances and perfect repeatability. Our stamping services use a combination of progressive dies, high-speed presses, 4 slide, and multi-slide presses to ensure the quality of your stamped parts. 

We are ensuring that you’ll have clear metal stamps to get. You may choose from different types of metal, whether it be aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, etc. HDC can manufacture at high speed with superior quality, resulting in fast arriving products and strong customer satisfaction.

Custom Your Metal Stamping Parts With HDC

Metal Stamping Medical Parts

HDC is knowledgeable to know that lives are at stake in this kind of industry and that it needs high precision of metal stamped parts. We make medical equipment with accuracy and durability to meet the demands of evolving medical industry.

Metal Stamping Furniture Parts

HDC has been providing metal stamping parts for the Furniture industry for many years. In this kind of industry, HDC’s metal stamping is used for washers, brackets, handles, fasteners, and so much more.

Metal Stamping Appliance Parts

We offer metal stamping, prototyping, coating, and assembly capability with a strong understanding of the needs of this kind of application. HDC has deep apprehension of the appropriate materials that can withstand extreme heat, high pressures, corrosive atmosphere, and caustic fluids.

Metal Stamping Aerospace Parts

HDC is knowledgeable to know that lives are at stake in this kind of industry and that it needs high precision of metal stamped parts. We make medical equipment with accuracy and durability to meet the demands of evolving aerospace industry.

Metal Stamping Construction Parts

Steel is one of HDC’s metal stamping materials for construction, strong, economical and versatile. It is vital to start with the right material that you will always have the right to ask our experts about.

Metal Stamping Automotive Parts

Automotive stamping parts is one of the mainly filed we are in,  the materials should first meet the performance requirements of auto parts, and also must be economical.

Why HDC Custom Metal Stamping Parts

HDC can produce stamping for mid to high volume to the long run and short-run production. We ensure your needs with superior quality and great customer appreciation. Having the leading machines and expertise from our engineers, programmers, welders and other workers had made our manufacturing services more modernized for your own fulfillment.

Over thirteen years of experience had let HDC know more and experience things that made us who we are today. Having great feedbacks are very sentimental for this craft has so much value for us, sharing it with you makes it more valuable. HDC’s stamping metal parts will never give you a problem, yet a wonderful experience.

Metal Stamping Parts Manufacturer

HDC Capabilities On Custom Metal Stamping Parts

cnc machining manufacturer
CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
metal laser cutting
Laser Cutting
rapid prototyping manufacturer
Rapid Prototyping
sheet metal fabrication service
Sheet Metal Fabrication
laser engraving parts
Laser Engraving

OEM Custom Your Metal Stamping Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Metal Stamping Parts

Metal stamping parts of HDC had served numerous industries around the world. We pledged the service of unending innovation, cost-effective, and high precision of metal stamping parts for little or mass production. 

For years of serving, we are capable to cater you your most preferred material such as brass, stainless, aluminum, copper, and many more. HDC is also capable of different kinds of surfaces you require for your metal stamping parts.  

HDC has the most advanced, accurate, and effective machines for metal stamping. We will help you achieve lifelong equipment with a fast turnaround and low cost per part. 

HDC’s experienced team with advanced types of machinery made it all possible to accomplish the simplest and the most tricky workpiece. We always have the ISO9001 standard that made the benchmark for our quality control, resulting in being the most trusted metal stamping parts manufacturer. 

Here in HDC, aside from allowing you to custom your parts, we also make sure the shipping and payment processes will be as smooth as possible for you. There are various ways of shipping and payment for you to choose from and we will make it all possible for you.

Apart from metal stamping, we also do investment casting, aluminum forging, aluminum extrusion, magnesium die casting, and many more to offer you a one-stop solution for metal parts! HDC also does  CNC machining service, rapid prototyping, sheet metal fabrication, and many other services you might need. 

Let HDC quote your metal stamping parts within one working day! 

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