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PTFE Machining Service

HDC is a renowned expert in providing superior PTFE machining services. With their advanced machinery and expertise, they can offer the highest quality of product with a quick turnaround time. In addition, we are committed to delivering results that exceed clients’ expectations, ensuring satisfaction every time. Our dedication to craftsmanship and customer service has made us one of the most sought after providers in the industry.

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HDC for PTFE Machining Service

Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE, also popularly known as Teflon, is a fluoropolymer that has wide applications across multiple industries. The main characteristics of the PTFE that make it as a great material for products are its resistance to chemicals, excellent thermal stability, low coefficient of friction and resistance to changes in light/UV radiations. Applications of PTFE machining range from coatings of non-stick frying pan top, to medical equipment and manufacturing of wiring connectors, insulators, etc. Here is why you should choose us for precision PTFE machining.

Why Choose Us

You get high-precision PTFE parts

We have state-of-the-art machinery at our disposal which ensures that the PTFE high-precision parts are manufactured as per the requirements of our clients.  Therefore, the PTFE products will be as per the specifications provided and within the tolerance levels as required.

Shortest delivery time for PTFE materials

We value your time and clientele, therefore, it's our utmost effort to deliver you the products well within the time agreed. In order to achieve this, we plan the entire supply chain well in advance and ensure that you get the part when you need it. Furthermore, our supply chain team ensures that the entire process runs smoothly for your timely facilitation.

You will get the most competitive rates

Our research team is always busy in finding new ways to optimize the cost of producing PTFE machined parts. Therefore, we save at every stage of the process and deliver to you only at the best and most competitive rates in the market. 

Custom Design option available

Having a dedicated design team has its own perks. You will have full access to our design team for the development of the prototype. Therefore, you will be able to optimize the design on the run and in coordination with our design team. 

Protection of design

We fully understand how precious your design is to you. Therefore, we keep the client's design a secret from other clients. So, you can relax as your design is in safe hands and will not go with any other client.  

Available PTFE Materials

PTFE raisins have a continuous rating of 260 °C. Beyond this temperature, the physical properties begin to degrade. Although the physical properties are similar for most variants of the PTFE, however, the properties vary due to the different compositions of these different grades. PTFE machined parts are often chemically inert and thermally resistant over a large range of temperatures. In addition, PTFE displays a quality of high resistance and low coefficient of friction. The material has a tensile strength of 20-35 Mpa and a density between 2.13 – 2.23 g/cm3.

Here are a few common grades of PTFE :

Virgin Electrical Grade

The virgin electrical grade is extremely resistant to chemicals and has a low coefficient of friction. Furthermore, it resists temperature changes over a wide range. Since this grade is FDA-approved, it is widely used in the manufacturing of food-grade PTFE materials. Moreover, the virgin electrical grade is ideal for electrical connectors.

Reprocessed Mechanical Grade

The reprocessed mechanical grade PTFE is ideal for use in places where there are high temperatures. This grade of PTFE offers multiple benefits of mechanical and thermal resistance. Major applications of reprocessed mechanical grade include the manufacturing of bushes and bearings. 

25% Glass Filled

Glass-filled fiber offers multiple benefits like hardness, better response to compression, and resistance to wear. Furthermore, this grade of PTFE machined parts is resistant to temperature changes and higher loads. Also, this is the most commonly used PTFE. Commonly used for manufacturing of valve parts.

Custom Grades

Although not a standard grade of PTFE but there are many custom grades of PTFE that are available in the market. Custom grades of PTFE are created by varying the composition of Carbon, Graphite, or other additives. Each custom grade offers different benefits to varying degrees. Therefore, depending on your need the custom part can be manufactured.


FAQ About PTFE Machining Service

Is machining Teflon easy?

Due to the low friction coefficient and high thermal stability, it becomes easier to machine Teflon. These properties also prevent tool clogging and part deformation. So, CNC machining plastic parts is a feasible option for your plastic parts.

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What Chemicals can PTFE resist?

PTFE is resistant to almost all chemicals. However, at higher temperatures, PTFE may experience reactions with certain types of Alkalis metals, fluorine, and chlorine trifluoride.

How to choose the right PTFE material for machining?

There are a lot of factors involved in the selection of the right Teflon type for your product. Some of the aspects that affect the material selection are a temperature of an area of application, mechanical stresses the part has to undergo, any turning or torsion loads to be experienced by the part, etc. Selecting the right material for the job is a complicated task. That is why we have a dedicated team of material specialists who know which grade of PTFE to choose in what application.

What type of PTFE products can HDC manufacture?

We are experts in the industry when it comes to the manufacturing of PTFE parts. With the help of a highly experienced design team, we are able to manufacture all sorts of precision PTFE machining products. This includes any prototypes for testing and sampling. And batch productions once the product design has been finalized. Therefore, you will get the one-stop solution for all your CNC machining plastic parts needs to be fulfilled here.

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