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PVC Machining Service

HDC has been an expert in PVC machining services for over 20 years. With a dedicated commitment to quality and performance, the company offers state-of-the-art processing of plastic products with its range of CNC milling machines and advanced technologies. Their experienced staff can produce custom parts that meet exacting requirements with minimal lead time. From small batches to large orders, the team at HDC is well equipped to handle any project, no matter the complexity or size.

pvc machining

HDC for PVC Machining Service

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is a rigid thermoplastic that is arguably the most used thermoplastic polymer around the world. Since PVC offers great strength, rigidity, and resistance to chemical/thermal changes, it has multiple applications in various industries. The major applications for PVC machining include used for manufacturing of pipes, fittings, insulation sheets, medical instruments, sports equipment, electrical components, etc. Here is why you should choose HDC for PVC machining.

Why Choose Us for PVC Machining Services

Best PVC Prototyping option

Our design team is highly experienced in creating prototypes for your PVC machined parts. We take basic input from you regarding the design requirements and then develop the best custom design for you. Furthermore, working with us give you the extra edge of having a fully dedicated design team at your disposal at all times. We also offer batch production services.

We use only high-quality material

Material selection is one of our specialties. We exactly know which grade of PVC best suits your needs. So, you will just give us your requirement for the PVC milling parts and we will select the best material for your product. Furthermore, there is no compromise on the PVC material that we use for your product. The ISO 9001 certification is proof of our long-standing commitment to excellence and quality.

High precision parts

The use of the latest technology enables us to meet your part specifications no matter how complex or intricate the part is. The PVC machined parts we provide are fabricated with the highest accuracy and precision. In case you need to provide us any additional information regarding the tolerance level of the product or adherence to certain regulations and specifications, then we can manage that too.

Delivery within the agreed time

Delivery time is another benefit that you will reap in working with us. With our state-of-the-art CNC machining services, we provide you with on-time results. Your product will be delivered to you within the agreed time.

Client satisfaction guaranteed

Our clients are most important to us. Therefore, we stay in touch with our clients and ensure that they get what they have ordered. Moreover, we keep your designs as trade secrets and do not share it with any third party. So, your work is safe with us.

Available PVC Materials for Machining:

PVC has a tensile strength of 45 MPa at yield. The water absorption of PVC is 0.2 % which makes it an ideal application for places where water ingress is very high. PVC has a service temperature between 60 °C to 70 °C. However, these properties tend to change over the different grades of PVC. Here are the main grades of PVC available in the market:


Type-I PVC

This PVC is a highly chemical resistant grade of PVC that conforms to the ASTM D 1784-81 Class 12454 B, Type 1, Grade 1. Type 1 PVC has multiple applications ranging from milling, machining PVC parts, ventilation equipment, etc.


The type II PVC conforms to the ASTM D-1784-81, Class 15344-D, Type II. This type of PVC can be used in cold rolling, machining, and other forms of development.

PVC 300 Grade

This grade is covered with C-300 static dissipative coating. It means that this grade of PVC is ideal for manufacturing of PVC machining products that can control static electricity. It is very apt to manufacture windows, machine bases, covers, cabinets, etc. from this grade of PVC.

PVC 350 Grade

This category of PVC is ideal to contain the spread of fires. Furthermore, the material shows amazing chemical skills and does not react to acids or alkalis.

Food Grade PVC

The food-graded PVC tubing makes use of non-oxidizing food-grade plastic that meets the FDA standards for food-grade PVCs.



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