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Choosing the Right Motorcycle Clip-Ons: Benefits and Customization

Discover the advantages of motorcycle clip-ons and how they differ from traditional handlebars. Learn about the materials used, manufacturing techniques, and their impact on steering and handling. Find practical advice on selecting and customizing clip-ons to fit your riding style and comfort needs. This guide provides insights for both sportbike enthusiasts and those seeking a comfortable ride.

Understanding Motorcycle Clip-Ons

Motorcycle clip-ons, also known as handlebar clip-ons or simply clip-ons, are a type of handlebar assembly commonly used on sportbikes. Unlike traditional handlebars, clip-ons attach directly to the motorcycle’s fork tubes, allowing the rider to lean forward and assume a more aggressive riding position.

custom motorcycle clip ons 4

Purpose of Motorcycle Clip-Ons

The primary purpose of motorcycle clip-ons is to enhance the rider’s control and aerodynamics. By positioning the handlebars lower and closer to the front wheel, clip-ons enable a more streamlined riding posture, reducing wind resistance and improving high-speed stability.

Difference Between Clip-On Handlebars and Traditional Handlebars

Clip-on handlebars differ from traditional handlebars in their mounting position and riding posture. While traditional handlebars are positioned above the triple tree, clip-ons attach below it, promoting a forward-leaning riding position that is ideal for sport and track riding.

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Advantages of Using Clip-Ons

Using motorcycle clip-ons offers several advantages:
  • Improved Control: The lower and forward position of clip-ons enhances control, especially during aggressive riding and cornering.
  • Better Aerodynamics: Clip-ons reduce wind resistance, contributing to improved aerodynamics and stability at high speeds.
  • Enhanced Feedback: Riders can feel the road and bike’s behavior more directly, leading to better responsiveness.

The Universality of Motorcycle Clip-Ons

Clip-ons are commonly used on sportbikes and certain other motorcycle models designed for aggressive riding. However, they may not be suitable for all types of motorcycles, especially cruisers and touring bikes, as these typically require a more upright riding position.

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Flexibility of Motorcycle Clip-Ons

Many clip-on sets are adjustable, allowing riders to fine-tune the handlebar position to match their riding style and comfort preferences. This adjustability makes them versatile for various riding situations.

Materials Used for Clip-Ons

Clip-ons are typically made from high-strength materials such as aluminum alloy or steel to ensure durability and strength while minimizing weight. These materials are chosen for their ability to withstand the rigors of sport riding. Some models feature rubber or foam grips for added comfort during extended rides.

custom motorcycle clip ons 3

Manufacturing Techniques for Motorcycle Clip-Ons

Manufacturing motorcycle clip-ons is a wide range of techniques and processes to produce these critical components. Machining processes such as CNC milling and CNC turning are used to machine solid workpieces into the required clip-on components with high precision and reliability. The bending and forming are achieved through hydraulic or mechanical presses, depending on the level of complexity in the shape of a clip-on. The drilling and tapping processes allow for the addition of holes and threads to components which can then have screws or bolts securely attached. In certain situations, welding is used for weldable materials such as steel clip-ons. Manufacturers sometimes apply these methods together depending on the design, materials used for production, and quality standards to ensure clip-ons that give riders control over their bikes through comfortability as well as safety.motorcycle clip ons 2

Finally, motorcycle clip-on production is a combination of machining, bending process drilling tapping and welding. These approaches are selected depending on the level of complexity in design and composition of materials to develop superior clip-ons that improve rider control and safety while riding motorcycles.

The Impact of Clip-Ons on Motorcycle Steering and Handling

Clip-ons can affect the bike’s steering and handling characteristics. Lower clip-ons promote a more aggressive riding posture and may require some adjustment to steering inputs. Riders should familiarize themselves with the bike’s handling after installing clip-ons.

Safety Considerations When Using Clip-Ons

Safety considerations when using clip-ons include the adjustment of the handlebar angle and height to maintain control and comfort. Riders should also ensure that their body position and riding gear accommodate the more aggressive posture associated with clip-ons.

custom motorcycle clip ons 1

Use Clip-Ons for Long-Distance Touring

While clip-ons are not commonly used for long-distance touring due to their aggressive posture, some riders may choose to install riser clip-ons to make touring more comfortable. However, traditional handlebars are generally better suited for extended touring.

Different Types of Clip-Ons

There are various types of clip-ons, including fixed clip-ons, adjustable clip-ons, and some with vibration-damping features. The choice depends on your riding style and preferences.

Customizability of Motorcycle Clip-Ons

Motorcycle clip-ons can often be customized to suit your specific needs and preferences. Customization options may include choosing different materials, colors, or ergonomic features to enhance your riding experience.

custom motorcycle clip ons 6

Choose the Right Motorcycle Clip-Ons

The right motorcycle clip-ons need to be selected for a comfortable and safe riding. As you choose your handlebar, take into account these aspects: type of the handlebars; material used in it construction; size that will fit your bike and adjustability to riding style, quality as a whole product and installation process while paying attention on price.

To begin, determine whether you prefer the clip-on handlebars or traditional ones based on your riding style and comfort. Clip-ons offer a more aggressive riding position than traditional handlebars that provide an upright seating. Now, assess the clip-ons’ material – aluminum, steel or carbon fiber in regard to weight and strength based on your needs as well as budget.

Ensure that the clip-ons are appropriate to suit your motorcycle model, as well as fitting in order to avoid installation and handling problems. Adjustable angle and height clip-ons enable you to adjust your riding posture in order to achieve comfort. Moreover, think about type of riding and its purpose – aggressive clip-ons are perfect for track racing while comfort may be important to a touring rider or commuters.motorcycle clip ons 4

Spend on trusted brands that are known for their quality and reliability to ensure safety, durability. Finally, determine your budget according to what you prefer because clip-ons come at different costs. Irrespective of whether you are inclined towards performance, comfort or both equally thoughtful analysis of these factors would assist in identifying the best clip-ons for your motorcycle.

Cost Consideration When Custom Motorcycle Clip-Ons

Cost considerations are crucial for personalized motorcycle clip-ons. Custom clip-ons provide specific functionality and appearances, but their cost may change depending on the choice of material, intricacy level design methods applied as well as additional features. Intricate designs and high-quality materials often raise prices, while some reputable brands provide options that are better but more pricey. Your choice must be based on the budget allocation and a long-term investment perspective, since custom clip-ons are able to improve performance and appearance but need you to strike an appropriate balance between wants versus means.motorcycle clip ons 5

Guidance for Custom Motorcycle Clip-Ons From Manufacturers

For individuals searching for customized motorcycle clip-ons from manufacturers, a systematic approach is essential to get the desired and quality product in line with his or her needs. First of all, conduct research on reliable manufacturers and contact them to discuss your requirements as well as the style you prefer. If available, ask for prototypes to ensure quality and design consistency. Discuss the price, lead times and payment terms clearly without any doubts; create a transparent contract for your project.motorcycle clip ons 4

In addition, put quality assurance processes, materials selection and compliance to law and safety standards as the top priorities. Inspect the final custom clip-ons carefully, and make sure that you carry out constant communication with your manufacturer throughout production. If requested, ask about installation services to guarantee a smooth integration with your motorcycle. If you follow these steps, then buying custom clip-ons will be a good option for your needs as well it would offer the best experience of riding.


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Motorcycle clip-ons are a vital component for riders seeking to optimize control, handling, and aerodynamics. While they may not be suitable for every riding style or motorcycle model, understanding their advantages and compatibility can lead to a more enjoyable and dynamic riding experience. Whether you’re a sportbike enthusiast or a casual rider, the right clip-on can make a significant difference in your journey on two wheels.

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