SBC Custom Valve Covers

Small Block Chevy, or SBC for short, is a type of gasoline-powered V-8 automobile engine that’s used for Chevrolet vehicles. Because of this specificity, it also has a particular type of valve cover available as well – and they are SBC custom valve covers.

These are specific valve covers that are used for SBC vehicles and ensure that the components and mechanisms of the engine are covered and protected. We all know the value of these European cars and its components – and the Chevy? It isn’t a stranger to that. In fact, it’s one of the higher-rated, mid-range automotive companies in the world.

Whether you’re dealing with a Generation I or II non-LS Chevy small block engines, Generation III, IV, and V LS-based GM engines, or the Chevy Gemini SB engine, our custom valve covers will definitely befit your requirement.

HDC SBC Custom Valve Covers

A lot of manufacturers tried getting their hands on the SBC custom valve covers market, but, none of them could ever compare to the quality of our work. HDC Manufacturing carries a huge selection of SBC valve covers to ensure that the performance of your vehicle is straight and standard.

We offer many different types of customizations, from custom engraving, breathers, pass-through-tubes, and even extra-tall sizes for girdles, too! Check out our catalogue to find other customization options you can get when you choose our SBC custom valve covers.

The engine fit of our custom valve covers vary. We have it from the 1958 to 1986 SBC, 400, 383, 283, 307, and even 350 engines, too! All our products are made from military-grade die-cast aluminum and engineered professionally and with quality.

The options for surface finishing that we do and perform are anodizing, machining, hard anodizing, polishing, powder coating, and tumbling. In some cases, casting and plating can be done, too.

Whatever SBC engine you have in stock and no matter how complex you think your project is, our engineers and expert craftsmen is more than happy to help and produce the SBC custom valve covers you need and you’re looking for.

Why Choose HDC?

For 12+ years and counting, HDC Manufacturing has been one of China’s go-to manufacturers for SBC custom valve covers. The skills, experience, expertise, and focus that we have are exclusively designed to give all our clients the level of satisfaction and quality they need.

With all our experts having a combined experience amounting to 50+ or so years, we’re ready to give our best and our hardest work to ensure that you’ll get the exact custom valve covers for the SBC you’re looking for.

Apart from our SBC custom valve covers, we’re also considered by many as their go-to should they ever need other car or auto parts, such as block guards, intake flanges, wheel spacers, shift knobs, dipsticks, drain plugs, as well as other automotive vehicles, too!

HDC Manufacturing will never leave you out without you completing everything you need. Get the best and highest quality SBC custom valve covers at the best and most affordable prices you will ever see in the market!

Valve Covers | FAQ

At HDC, our advanced CNC machining equipment and experienced engineering team ensure high-precision, high-quality custom CNC machining services. One of our specialties is custom valve covers, designed to enhance both engine performance and aesthetics. We understand that each customer has unique needs, and we can tailor valve covers to your specifications. We offer a wide range of materials, including durable steel, stainless steel, and lightweight aluminum, to meet various performance and aesthetic requirements.

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What is a valve cover, and what is its function in an engine?

The valve cover is a crucial sealing component on the upper part of the engine, primarily connecting with the engine cylinder head. It ensures the proper operation and lubrication of the engine’s valve structure and serves as a dust-proof seal to protect the internal engine components.

Are valve covers different for engines of different models?

Valve covers can vary between engines of different models. The design and dimensions of valve covers are often specific to the make and model of the engine to ensure a proper fit and function.

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Does the material of valve covers affect their performance?

The material of valve covers can affect their performance. Different materials can impact factors such as durability, heat resistance, weight, and even aesthetics. The choice of material for valve covers should be considered carefully to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the engine and application.

Can I customize or upgrade my valve covers for aesthetics or performance?

You can customize or upgrade your valve covers for both aesthetics and performance. Many aftermarket options allow you to choose different materials, finishes, and designs to enhance the look of your engine bay. Additionally, some performance valve covers are designed to improve airflow or accommodate additional components, offering both visual appeal and functional benefits.


What are common issues with valve covers, and how can they be prevented?

Common issues with valve covers include oil leaks, gasket failures, and cosmetic damage. To prevent these issues, regular maintenance, such as checking and replacing gaskets as needed, and using proper torque during installation, is essential. Keeping the engine clean and avoiding over-tightening of bolts can also help prevent problems with valve covers.

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When do you need to replace valve covers?

You should replace valve covers when you notice oil leaks, gasket problems, or significant damage during regular engine maintenance or when customizing your engine for better looks or performance.

What does a bad valve cover cause?

A bad valve cover can cause oil leaks, affecting engine performance and potentially leading to safety hazards.

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Is a valve cover easy to replace?

Replacing a valve cover can vary in difficulty, but it’s typically considered a moderately challenging task for those with some mechanical experience.

How much does it cost to replace a valve cover?

The cost to replace a valve cover can vary widely depending on the make and model of the vehicle, the materials used, and whether you’re doing the work yourself or having it done by a professional mechanic. On average, it can range from $100 to $400 or more, including parts and labor.

Can an engine run without a valve cover?

Yes, an engine can run without a valve cover, but it’s not recommended because it can lead to problems like oil leaks and debris entering the engine, potentially causing damage. It’s best to replace or repair a damaged valve cover.

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Valve covers are like protective shields for engines. While they may vary among different engine models, their function remains the same: sealing components like the valvetrain, preventing dust from contaminating engine oil, and shielding against damage that can accelerate wear and tear on valvetrain parts. The material used for valve covers can impact their performance, and you also have the option to customize them for aesthetics or added functionality. Understanding valve covers and conducting regular checks, as well as replacing them when necessary, is crucial. This helps your engine run smoothly for a longer period.


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