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Small Piano Hinges

Small piano hinges are for installation on miniature structures or boxes that are decorative pieces. These hinges are very delicate and offer a good aesthetic appeal to the observers. Miniature piano hinges are resistant to chemical reactions to a large extent and therefore do not deteriorate even after long years of use. Small continuous hinges are extensively used in the toy industry, furniture industry, home décor industry, and in the manufacturing of keepsake boxes, humidors, jewelry boxes, and other small containers, etc.

Specification and usage of small piano hinges

Multiple variants of small piano hinges are available in the industry. These variants differ due to the shape, size, no. of holes, size of holes, and other such details. There is a lot of variety in the miniature type hinges as they are designed for small items that are usually decoration pieces. Therefore, you will find a lot of variety in the small piano hinges around the market. The usual size for small piano hinges are 0.360” in width with strip lengths of 4 ½”, 5”, 6”, and 15”. Some smaller strip lengths are also available in the market.

We can offer the standard sizes of miniature piano hinges and also offer any custom shape, design or configuration of the piano hinges that you need.

Product advantages of miniature piano hinges

Product advantages of miniature piano hinges

Small piano hinges are usually made from Brass. Since these are usually used for decorative purposes, a shiny coating of either gold, brass, or any other shiny metal is provided to make them appear aesthetically appealing. Brass offers great resistance against corrosion and therefore, the small piano hinges stay shiny and like new for longer times.

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