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Steel Weld-On Hinges

Weld On Hinges, also known as Weld On Bullet  Hinges, welding hinges,They are a secure, durable  hinge for metal doors,  you can mount them in several different application configurations for easy welding.

HDC is one of the superiors for manufacturing trailers hardwares metal parts. With the vast machinery experience and expertise in making steel weld-on hinge components, many specialists rely on HDC for many years. We are more than capable of providing you with different kinds of weld on hinges with a guaranteed ideal result.

  • More than 13 Years of OEM Metal Parts Experience
  • Full dimension production from 60mm to 300mm
  • Free samples are available for your approval
  • Large stock for common sizes welding hinges
  • Production master with competitive prices
You may choose the preferred diameter of your component, from 10mm to 30mm, and the length can be 60mm to 300mm. You may also decide if you want it to have a grease fitting.
Normally the hinges are made of steel body, steel pin, you also can chose stainless steel or brass pin to meet your different requirement. HDC also designed it to be mounted whether left or right. 

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We manufacture steel weld-on hinges depending on your desired features, they can also be painted and customized for your project. Different kinds of finishes may also be applied for the additional more aesthetic and heavy-duty components. we have experienced technican  team to offer engineering consulting for each client.

steel weld on hinges with grease fitting

Why Choose HDC For Steel Weld On Hinges?

We are capable of dealing with nearly every project there is. HDC has the most advanced types of equipment and machinery needed to accomplish an intricate metal part. Our high-quality materials are also well-picked by our experts to ensure the components’ longevity. 

HDC’s steel weld-on bullet hinges are classic, efficient, and conveniently appropriate to daily devices and numerous variety of doors, or even toolboxes, gates, trailers, etc. 

The steel weld-on hinges from HDC made from mild steel, Q195 or Q 235,  Its weight max capacity  from 23kg to 642kg.

Be prepared for HDC is ready to give you the most satisfying Steel Weld-On Hinges! Enquire now and receive a quote within 24 hours.

What Are the Applications of Steel Weld on Hinges?

  • Heavy-duty Gates

Steel weld-on hinges are ideal for handling heavy duty gates. The exact weight each hinge can carry varies from design to design. However, you can share your requirements with HDC and we can develop the hinge specific to your load requirements. Usually, these steel hinges can handle door weights from 1,000 lbs. to around 40,000 lbs. and radial loads from 400 lbs. to around 25,000 lbs. You can share your requirements and we will suggest the best hinge for you. 

  • Neutron Shielding Doors

Neutron shielding doors are doors that lid the radioactive material inside. It is often used in medical and research facilities. Also, steel weld-on hinges are ideal for fitting of neutron shielding doors. This is because steel contains the radioactive radiation and also provide a durable operation to the door. 

  • Trailers and Tractors 

Steel weld-on hinges are ideal for trailer gates and doors. These doors are heavy and require hinges that can not only retain the load of the gate, but also work effectively for long time. Carbon steel is also resistant to corrosion, therefore, are ideal for application in the trailers and tractors. 

  • Military and Defense Industry

Carbon steel weld-on hinges are very common in military and defense industry. Tank hatchets, Aircraft/Helicopter door fittings, and submarine hatchets often use steel hinges for reliability and durability. These steel hinges are long lasting and do not corrode easily despite exposure to tough weather conditions and terrain. 

  • Ship Building and Mining

Ship building and mining are two areas where there is extreme humidity and weather effect. Steel weld on hinges are ideal for such scenario. Therefore, these hinges have wide applications in the ship building and mining industry. 

  • Vault Doors

Vault doors are heavy and need to be durable. Steel weld-on hinges provide the required durability and strength to the heavy vault doors to function properly. 

What Type of Steel is Used For Weld on Hinges?

HDC uses mild steel and carbon steel for manufacturing of weld on hinges. In addition, it uses brass bushing, brass or steel pins. However, these options are available to our clients and the final selection is based on their choice.  In case, you want to request for some specific type of steel or alloy for manufacturing, we can also arrange that for you. 

Be prepared for HDC is ready to give you the most satisfying Steel Weld-On Hinges! Enquire now and receive a quote within 24 hours.

Weld-on Hinges| The Complete FAQ Guide

Hinges have been used for a long time to create movable spaces between doors and frames. You can see different types of hinges at many places. 

welding hinges

Weld-on hinges have been used for joining two metal parts. They are very useful for metal doors, cabinets and electronic doors. 

What Is A Bullet Hinge?

A bullet hinge is a particular kind of hinge that takes small space and does look like a bullet. It is generally made out of three parts. One part is called the male part, another is the female part and the third part is a bushing that balances these two parts.

Bullet On Weld on hinges

Bullet hinges are particularly used for metal frames, cabinets, and metal doors. For beautification purposes, they have been in use for a long time. You can find their existence where beautification is equally important to the effectiveness of hinges.

What Are Weld-On Hinges?

Weld-on hinges are a general categorization of hinges. You will find that most of the hinges are welded on hinges except the hinges you use on wooden frames. 

The hinges need to be welded on metal frames like metal doors, metal cabinets, all are actually weld on hinges. The mounting of a weld on the hinge takes welding on the metal part. That is why it is called a weld-on hinge. Bullet hinges, Butt hinges, Lift-off hinges, all are examples of weld-on hinges.

What Are The Materials Of Weld On Hinges?

Weld-on hinges can be made out of different materials. There are vast options to create weld-on hinges according to the space and surface you have. 

the different types of weld on hinges

But because of corrosion and material cost-efficiency, you can find that most of the weld on hinges are made out of:

Among all materials, stainless steel weld on hinges is the most popular one. They are very easy to design and good for welding. Aluminum and Steel weld on hinges are also very good to work with.

What’s The Main Application Of The Welding Hinges?

Most of the hinges you have seen already have weld on hinges. They are particularly used on metal frames, metal doors, and anywhere metal surfaces are used and you need a hinge on it.

Some of its applications are as follows:

  • You can find the bullet hinges on most metal doors. They need less space and are less visible while you work with them. From 20mm metal cabinet doors to heavy-duty metal frame doors for households, you can find hinge welding.
  • Electrical doors for cabinets, mechanical doors for cabinets, all over, you will find metal frames and metal sheets. That is why you have to weld the hinges on them.
  • Laboratory cabinets, especially those metal lab cabinets where you always need to keep clean and need durability for the hinges, you need to weld the hinges with the frames.
  • Weld-on hinges, especially bullet hinges, are often used for interior decoration purposes, where you need to hide the existence of hinges as much as possible. So, home and kitchen cabinets often use this kind of hinge.

    What Are Weld On Bullet Hinges?

Weld on bullet hinges are basically the bullet hinges with welding. Bullet hinges do look like bullets. The color may vary depending on the material.

The metal bullet hinges must be welded on the metal frames and doors. The metal frames and doors can be household doors, cabinet doors, lab cabinet doors, etc.

A bullet hinge takes minimum space to move and install. That is why it is one of the most popular types of weld on hinges.

Can Hinges Be Welded?

There are different ways to mount or install hinges depending on the working surface and the hinge’s type.

Weld on hinges need to be always welded. They are used on metal surfaces.

Many hinges like butt hinges, ball bearing hinges can be mounted with screws.

But hinges like bullet hinges should be welded on two parts of metals like the frame and the metal door.

They are often used for metal door installation, metal cabinet installation, etc. purposes.

How To Use/Install Weld-On Hinges?

You can weld hinges on metal surfaces. Using the following steps you can easily install a bullet hinge with welding.

welding the hinges

  • Step – 1: At first identify the parts of the bullet hinge. A bullet hinge consists of three parts – a pin or male part, a female or part with a hole, and a bushing for balancing the male and female part.
  • Step – 2: Horizontally put the joining workpieces on the working table or the flat surface.
  • Step – 3: Now you need to align the male part of the bullet hinge vertically straight with the door and the metal frame. For your reference, the male part goes up and the female part goes down. You can use a scale, a rod, and two clips for finding the vertically straight position for the hinge.
  • Step – 4: Now if you are satisfied with the vertical alignment and the gap between the hinge and the metal door and frame, then tack weld at both sides. Usually, four points are welded. Both sides of the upper point, and both sides of the lower point.
  • Step – 5: At this point, you can remove the tool you have used for aligning the male post part of the hinge and fully weld head to toe of the hinge at both sides.
  • Step – 6: Adjust the bushing and put the female part.
  • Step – 7: Repeat step – 5 for the female part.

In this way, you can install a weld on hinge. 

How Do You Fit A Bullet Hinge?

You can fit a bullet hinge between two metal parts by aligning them on a plain surface. 

First, put the male part vertically straight in between the two workpieces with a tool. Then when the gap and the straightness are aligned, then tack weld the upper portion and the lower portion.

After that, remove the tool and fully weld head to toe of the male part with the frame and the door.

Put the bushing and the female part.

Then weld the female part head to toe at both sides for the frame and the door.

What are the benefits of using weld-on hinges?

Durability, strength, and security. Since they are welded directly onto the surface, they are less likely to be tampered with or removed, making them ideal for high-security applications.

Can weld-on hinges be adjusted?

You can choose an adjustable one if needed, it mainly depends on your requirement.

Can weld-on hinges be painted?

Yes, weld-on hinges come with a plain surface, you can be painted to match the color of the application,

What is the expected lifespan of weld-on hinges?

The expected lifespan of weld-on hinges will depend on the specific application and environmental factors such as exposure to moisture or harsh chemicals.

Are weld-on hinges easy to maintain?

Yes, easy to maintain. Regular lubrication and cleaning can help extend their lifespan, Regularly inspect them for signs of wear and damage.

How do I install weld-on hinges?

You can weld them directly onto the surface of the application.

What should I pay attention to when installing weld-on hinges?

Common mistakes include not welding the hinges securely enough or welding 

them in the wrong position, which can lead to misalignment or binding.

What are some common problems with weld-on hinges?

Common problems with weld-on hinges include rust, corrosion, wear, and misalignment.

How can I troubleshoot weld-on hinge problems?

Troubleshooting weld-on hinge problems may involve inspecting them for signs of wear or damage, lubricating them, or adjusting their position.



Weld-on hinges are very popular to work with different types of metal frames. They come in different shapes, colors, and materials from time to time. Nowadays, bullet weld on hinges are popular for interior and efficiency purposes.

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We manufacture piano hinges depending on your desired features, they can also be steel or stainles steel and customized for your project. Different kinds of finishes may also be applied for the additional more aesthetic and heavy-duty components. we have experienced technican  team to offer engineering consulting for each client.

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