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Trailer Coupler

HDC stands out as a leading provider of trailer coupler, backed by over a decade of expertise in OEM metal craftsmanship. Specializing in Trailer Parts, we have earned a trusted reputation for our steadfast commitment to quality and efficient delivery. Going the extra mile, we offer samples to ensure our precision and excellence meet your exacting standards.

Within our comprehensive in-house manufacturing facility, supervised by seasoned engineers and an adept design team, we excel in CNC machining, sheet metal manipulation, and casting. HDC employs a diverse range of manufacturing techniques to breathe life into your Trailer Coupler projects.

Our dedicated professionals are unwaveringly committed to delivering top-tier products tailored precisely to your unique material and design requirements. From CNC machining to the finesse of sheet metal manufacturing and the artistry of casting, HDC’s proficiency guarantees excellence in every aspect of your Trailer Coupler needs.

Related Trailer Coupler

A-frame trailer couplers are distinctively orchestrated or A-frame trailers. This kind of couplers presents an excellent 50-degree design of an A-frame together with pre-accomplished tongue mounting holes. It has a collar pattern style along with a hinged form ball clasp that gives your coupler ball reliable security. One thing about this kind of coupler is that it is exceptional for tough utility trailer handling.

The most fundamental and most inexpensive variety of a coupler is the Straight Tongue Couplers. It is also the effortless one to prolong and handle. Straight couplers are fabricated for light-duty trailers. It works with a trigger-operated bar to shut the coupler clasp and a dual-action lever trigger to let go of the coupling.

HDC manufactures trailer couplers that are obtainable in bolt-on or weld-on varieties. We make sure that it can match the sophistication and the mass capability of your trailer. Our couplers are appropriate to use with electric drum brake trailers. 

As an ISO 9001 certified trailer parts supplier, HDC uses steel and stainless steel (304) for a highly durable trailer coupler. Our A-frame trailer couplers’ tongue capacity can hold up to 12,500 pounds and are designed with a lockable latch. Its latch can be styled in lever or trigger. HDC’s A-frame trailer couplers can also be the right choice for trailers with GTW (gross trailer weight).

Our Straight tongue couplers are good for trailers between 1000 lb to 6000 lb capability. Both A-frame coupler and straight tongue coupler are created by HDC with the same clamping method. Their ball sizes are available in 1-7/8”, 2-5/16”, and 2”. 

Surface treatments for trailer couplers from HDC can be plain or raw, zinc plating, or black powder coating.


Item No. Specific Capacity Packaging
HDCTC001 2″X2-1/2″ 3500LBS Master Carton


Item No. Specific Capacity Packaging
HDCTC002 2″x3″ 3500LBS Master Carton



Item No. Specific Capacity Packaging
HDCTC003 2″XA Frame 5000LBS Master Carton


Item No. Specific Capacity Packaging
HDCTC004 2-5/16″XA Frame 5000LBS Master Carton


Item No. Specific Capacity Packaging
HDCTC005 1-7/8″X2″ 2000LBS Master Carton


Item No. Specific Capacity Packaging
HDCTC006 1-7/8″X2-1/2′ 2000LBS Master Carton


Item No. Specific Capacity Packaging
HDCTC007 1-7/8″X3″ 2000LBS Master Carton


Item No. Specific Capacity Packaging
HDCTC008 2″X2″ 3500LBS Master Carton

Why choose HDC in manufacturing your couplers?

Aside from delivering high durable components, we also treasure your inquiries like we are making it for ourselves. HDC will give you a hassle-free transaction as well as installation. Our experts are also always ready to give you guidelines regarding your component.

Our well-fabricated trailer couplers will make you carefree as it secures your trailer to the vehicle with high durability. HDC also never has an issue customizing your couplers to their style, color, size, and length, even the logo, all the way to your required packaging. Come on now and get the best trailer couplers here in HDC!



Trailer couplers are extensively used to connect the trailer with the carriage. The trailer coupler has to endure the great weight and also comply with the weight limitations of the trailer coupler.  There are certain types of trailer couplings that are very popular in the industry.

Specification and usage of trailer couplers

Various types of trailer couplers are used in the industry. The main types of trailer couplers are as follows:

1. Straight Tongue/Channel Style Trailer Coupler

Square tabular trailer vehicle mounting sleeve or tongue that is bolted to the trailer vehicle.

2. Round Tongue

The round tongue trailer couple has a coupler that slides into the shank tongues. There is a spring-loaded collar for the fitting.

3. A-Frame Coupler

These solid steel trailer couplers are designed for heavy-duty loads. They are attached to the A-type trailer tongues.

4. Flat Mount Coupler

The mounting face can be bolted or welded. This trailer coupler mounts on the trailer tongue and can be used for heavier loads.

5. Gooseneck Coupler

Usually used with heavy trailers like the horse trailer. These long and tubular shafts are used with a hitch.

6. Adjustable Couplers

Adjustable couplers provide the option for variation in the connection point with the trailer. There are 4-6 holes in the adjustable couplers and can be adjusted as per requirement.

The category of trailers and their weight towing capability are as follows:

Hitch Class

Max GTW (WC)


Max GTW (WD)



Up to 2,000



 Up to 3,500



 Up to 6,000

Up to 10,000


 Up to 10,000

Up to 14,000


Up to 12,000

Up to 17,000

Although the above trailer couplers might not be easy for everyone to interpret, however, we at HDC know how to manage your trailer parts. In addition to the above, we also can arrange the custom designs of trailer couplers for you. You just share the design and parameters of your trailer part.

Trailer Coupler FAQS

Trailer couplers aren’t so easy to find in the market, not to mention those that have been produced via computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery. Here with us at HDC Manufacturing, though, you can bank and count on us if you need CNC trailer couplers!

Here’s a quick and easy FAQ guide to help you in navigating and understanding trailer couplers more!

What is a Trailer Coupler?

figure 1 what is a trailer coupler

A trailer coupler is one of the simplest and most basic products used in trailers and other similar vehicles. From its term alone, a trailer coupler is a component that “attaches” or “couples” a trailer onto a second trailer or another type of vehicle.

In other words, a trailer coupler is a connective point that mounts the trailer to the vehicle.

What Are the Parts of a Trailer Coupler?

figure 2 what are the parts of a trailer coupler

Generally, trailer couplers are comprised of four (4) different parts:

Ball Receptacle

This is the component that holds the vehicle to the trailer – it is the attaching point of a coupler.


The latch is the lock of a trailer coupler and is usually the component that is adjusted to be tighter or to be looser.

Handle or Lever

The handle (or lever, according to some companies) is the part that’s toggled in order to make the adjustments to the ball receptacle, going down to the latch.

Safety Clip

Lastly, the safety clip is the part of a trailer coupler that ensures that the latch is in line with the lever and all other parts and components of the trailer coupler.

These four (4) make up the majority of trailer couplers you need. Missing one or any of these could be dangerous and hazardous.

What Are the Types of Trailer Couplers?

figure 3 what are the types of trailer couplers

Traditionally, only two (2) types of trailer couplers are accepted and commonly used because of how some trailers and vehicles have been manufactured. These are the straight tongue and the A-shaped-tongue.

Out of these two (2), there are a few different styles for each of them:

For the straight tongue jack couplers, the variations of styles are:

  • Straight Channel
  • Foldaway Style
  • Round Tongue Style

When it comes to A-shaped tongues, the classifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Flat-Mount Style
  • Adjustable Tongue Mount
  • Lunette Ring Mount
  • Gooseneck Coupler

NOTE: These different styles and types of trailer couplers are significant to a particular trailer mount or vehicle. Choosing the incorrect trailer coupler can lead to unfavourable results and dangers, which can lead to accidents.

What Materials Are Trailer Couplers Made Of?

Just like any other vehicle part or component, trailer couplers can be made from a wide range of raw materials and products, but the most common that we use (or our clients request from us) are stainless steel and aluminum.

In stainless steels, the particular product is 304 stainless steel. This is the most common for a number of reasons, but the majority of the decision comes at the fact that it is highly durable, resistant, and it’s extremely fashionable. This goes for both straight tongues and a-shaped tongues.

Apart from stainless steel, we are also skilled and equipped in utilizing aluminum for trailer couplers.

We here at HDC Manufacturing have the skill and the overall experience to produce your trailer couplers no matter what material you want or you recommend. Our expertise is seen by many companies and businesses as their go-to because of how complex and comprehensive our processes are, which all lead to the best and highest quality of trailer couplers.

Sleeve-Lock Couplers vs. Trailer Coupler

figure 4 sleeve lock couplers vs. trailer coupler

A lot of people have the misconception that trailer couplers are similar to sleeve-lock couplers. Technically, they are the same, but in terms of usage, functionality, and overall design, they are different.

Sleeve-lock couplers are couplers that are usually plugged in smoothly and flawlessly into the hole of a vehicle or a trailer, whereas trailer couplers are usually equipped with balls and latches.

We here at HDC Manufacturing can produce sleeve-lock couplers or trailer couplers, according to what and how you need them to be. Besides our experience and skill in material utility, we are also open to producing and manufacturing a wide variety of couplers for you!

All you have to do is to send us a sketch or draft of the coupler you need produced and we will go ahead and produce samples for you!


Does HDC provide an option for coating the trailer couplers?

Yes. HDC offers various types of materials for coating couplers. The main type of coatings that we offer is Zinc coating, Chrome, Brass, Bronze, Nickel, Zinc, etc. However, if you need any other type of coating you can contact us and share the details with us.

Can HDC provide a custom design of the trailer coupler?

Yes. HDC can manufacture all types of custom designs. You only have to share the measurements of the coupler and we will deliver it to you. Even if you have a picture of another coupler we can manufacture it for you.

Where Can You Get High-Quality Trailer Couplers?

High-quality couplers are scattered in the market. You can get them from American manufacturing companies, European companies, and even Chinese manufacturers. However, if you are looking for trailer couplers that can give you the best value for what you pay for, work with us here at HDC Manufacturing.

You’ll find numerous Chinese trailer coupler suppliers, but none of them wouldn’t actually service you like how we do here at HDC Manufacturing!

Why Should You Trust HDC Manufacturing For Your Trailer Couplers?

There are a ton of Chinese manufacturers that you can trust and fully bank on if you are in need of trailer couplers, but if you want the best quality trailer couplers without pushing too hard on your finances, get your trailer couplers from us here at HDC Manufacturing.

For 12+ years in the business, not once did we have problems when it came to the delivery of our products to our clients.

We here at HDC Manufacturing can produce straight tongues or a-shaped tongues all according to your needs! Most of our trailer couplers have capacities that can go as high as 12,500 pounds – even more!

So, if you find yourself in need of trailer couplers, you can bank and count on us here at HDC Manufacturing for it!

Besides trailer couplers, we’re also the best when it comes to trailer ramps, rope hooks, T-hinges, chest handles, and many more!

Unsure of how much budget you’ll need for your trailer couplers? Reach out to us and we’ll send a free quotation or a free estimate over!

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