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HDC Piano Hinges: Precision & Durability

Why Choose HDC Piano Hinge

HDC specializes in providing precision piano hinges for a wide range of applications. With over thirteen years of CNC Machining OEM experience, we are experts in creating durable and strong hinges made from high-grade materials. Our hinges are ideal for extensive applications, including those in abusive and heavy environments where severe tear and wear are common. Thanks to rigorous testing and quality inspections, our products meet the highest standards, ensuring top-notch performance for everything from intricate lids to large boxes.

We offer a variety of sizes and custom-made options to meet your specific needs, emphasizing various methods, designs, piercings, holes, diameters, and the formation of the leaves. Our piano/continuous hinges are designed for uniform load distribution, effortlessly spreading the weight across the surface. These hinges can be screwed or welded and are easy to maintain, providing endless options and project design opportunities that perfectly match your requirements for design, performance, and application.

Having served 50+ countries, from designing to production and delivery, HDC prides itself on understanding customer demands, especially for customized components. Our customer service team is dedicated to offering support and satisfaction, available 24/7 to ensure you find the ideal solution for your needs.

Versatile Applications and Types of Piano Hinges

A piano hinge or continuous hinge is used in many applications aside from just being put on a piano, it also performs on heavy doors, fold-down desks, cabinets, toolboxes, lids, workbenches, etc. It is known as Piano hinges because even if they can be applied in many applications, it is originally utilized for pianos, attaching the cover to the body. 

Continuous hinges can also be done in different approaches, there are Plain ends hinge pin retention, Staked pin hinge pin retention, Crimped ends hinge pin retention, and Welded pin hinge pin retention to name a few. They perform exactly like the other hinges, attaching the two long rectangular forms by the knuckle and pin, while concurrently presenting a limited rotation extent. 

piano hinge 1
piano hinge 3

HDC Custom Piano Hinges: Personalization and Material Quality

HDC manufactures piano hinges or continuous hinges that can be customized, in your preferred size, color, and other specifications, your customized logo or name can also be etched. 

We fabricate piano hinges with our first-rated and engineering-approved materials, such as Stainless Steel 304 & 316 (eco-friendly, uncontaminating, biodegradable), Aluminum (corrosion resistant, appropriate for indoor and outdoor demands), and Carbon Steel (economical, heavy-duty), that can totally meet your material requirements.

Expert Guidance and Enhanced Features

HDC’s experts will guide you regarding creating your desired hinges and assure you that the manufactured piano hinges can hold the surface’s entire length with firmness and strength. The length can be 3/6/7/8 feet, may also be longer depending on your concerns, it can also be with or without holes.

We create the pin using brass for stainless steel piano hinges, while the aluminum pin and stainless steel pin are available for aluminum piano hinges. The surface treatments can be added to boost your component advantages, it is available in plain, black, zinc plated, and brass plated. You may expect the best piano hinges here in HDC.

piano hinge 2

Specific Applications of Piano Hinges

  • Piano Lids- Piano hinges permits the lid/cover of the piano to open and close, fold and rest. It provides the utmost strength and faultless appearance.
  • Doors- We all know that piano hinges can cover the door’s full length, consequently, you will never have an issue regarding the sagginess. When using a piano hinge, the weight of the door, its width, and the surface to which it will be attached should be considered. 
  • Marine Application- Piano hinges are suitable for marine applications. They are water, salt, and rust-resistant and are coated with an appropriate surface treatment. Piano hinges can be applied to yachts, skis, etc.

Including HDC’s piano hinges in your woodworking projects gives more support and stability than the standard hinges, making it perfect for different kinds of applications. our piano hinges offer trouble-free installation, are exceptionally dependable, and are inexpensive. 

Different Piano Hinges HDC Produce

We manufacture piano hinges depending on your desired features, they can also be steel or stainles steel and customized for your project. Different kinds of finishes may also be applied for the additional more aesthetic and heavy-duty components. we have experienced technican  team to offer engineering consulting for each client.

heavy duty continus hinges
Black-Coated Carbon Steel Piano Hinge
304 stainless steel piano hinges
Continuous Hinge in Brass
Marine piano hinges
Marine Piano Hinges
stainless steel continus hinges
Open Width Black Piano Hinges with Holes
trailer door hinges
Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Piano Hinge
product advantages
Open Width Iron Piano Hinge
304 stainless steel piano hinges
Stainless Steel 304 Continuous Folding Hinges 

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