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Your Excellent Motorcycle Rims Manufacturer

We know that you want the best motorcycle rim manufacturer, that is why HDC is here for you! We have a basketful of rim finishes that can be applied to your component in any size and style. Our leading machine capacities will support you to find and create your motorcycle rim in the fastest way possible. 

  • Manufactured from a high-end series of aluminum
  • Conquered the off-road and motocross field
  • Long-lasting finishes
  • Able to fit almost all motorcycle brands
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HDC- The Most Consistent Provider Of Custom Motorcycle Rims

HDC’s motorcycle rims are designed to use with hubs, spokes, and nipples in any number and size. We can also meet all colors you and your bike require with one of the greatest color collections in the world. HDC’s processes, assessments, and sorting can help you discover the best motorcycle rims in any spoke count.

Our exceptional designs, intricate diverse steps informing, superior machining, surface processes techniques, and good customer care have always been the reason why HDC continues to dominate the world market. We are always grateful to serve you with all our knowledge and expertise in making high-quality motorcycle rims.

Custom Your Motorcycle Rims With HDC

Custom Motorcycle Aluminum Rim

Our custom motorcycle aluminum rims are constructed from highly refined aluminum and have been made with rolled edges. All of our rims have high tensile strength, offer a non-tarnish solution, and are easy to install.      

36 Spoke Custom Motorcycle Rims

HDC’s motorcycle rims have undergone anodization for surface treatments, resulting in a more vibrant and elegant-looking appearance. It is machined and inspected thoroughly before heading to your front door

CNC Custom Aluminum Dirt Bike Motorcycle Rims

Our aluminum alloy motorcycle rims are well suited for your off-road dirt bikes. We can make it as weightless as possible while possessing ISO9001 standard.

Aluminum Rims for Sports Motorcycle

HDC has aluminum motorcycle rims that are available in any number of required spokes, sizes, and colors. You can always talk with us regarding your desired layout.

Custom Racing Motorcycle Front Rim

Our custom racing motorcycle front rim is made from the premium 7000 aluminum series. It is treated from the highest obtainable strength and can befit any motorcycle brand.

CNC Custom Motorcycle Rims

HDC CNC custom motorcycle rims are ready to be served all around the globe in no time. We can assure the greatest appearance paired with exceptional quality. HDC is capable of doing every design and style you want for your custom rims. 

Why HDC Custom Motorcycle Rims

HDC has motorcycle rims that are created from steel or aluminum material that perfectly suit solid wheels and spoke wheels. The styling of our custom rims can be faceted, directional, angular, tribal, solid, and many more! You will never have to suffer from spoke deficiency and corrosion weak surfaces with HDC’s motorcycle rims. 

Repairing, checking, cleaning, and fixing your rims might be complicated for you, so HDC has engineering consultations for you to learn everything about your motorcycle rims. We are very knowledgeable and fast when it comes to manufacturing, designing, and delivering your motorcycle parts.

Custom Motorcycle Rims Manufacturer

HDC Capabilities on Custom CNC Machining

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Custom Your Motorcycle Rims With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Custom Motorcycle Rims

Our custom motorcycle rims will be made according to your most preferred material, style, size, and color with the guidance of our experts. HDC is very capable of manufacturing your custom components by having numerous advanced CNC machines that are delivering unsurpassed quality motorcycle rims.

HDC is known all around the world for having the most skilled and experienced team. Our clients have been trusting us for not failing them even once but exceed their expectations constantly. 

In manufacturing motorcycle rims, HDC offers surface treatments such as anodizing, hard anodizing, nickel plating, polished, tumbling, powder coating, and a bunch more! All of the components will never leave HDC without having the most strict quality inspections.

HDC has shipping ways like courier, air, and sea. The payment method can be processed through Paypal, T/T, L/C. we also have trade terms including FOB, CFR, and DDP. all of these will be handled according to what’s more comfortable for you, as well as the packaging. 

Besides Custom Motorcycle Rims, HDC also machines lots of other performance parts for motorcycles, such as custom motorcycles wheels,  CNC Levers, Handlebars, CNC Bar End, CNC Triple Clamp, Aluminum sprockets, and some other billet parts.

Any trouble finding the best motorcycle Rims? Have it now with HDC!

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