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Enhancing Motorcycle Performance with Advanced CNC Rearsets

Discover the essential role of rearsets in enhancing motorcycle performance. This guide explains the function, benefits, and CNC machining process of rearsets, shedding light on how these components contribute to better comfort, stability, and customization for riders.

Function of a Rear Set in a Motorcycle

figure 1 what is the function of a rear set in a motorcycle

Rearsets are components in a motorcycle that’s main purpose is to replace the foot pegs of a motorcycle. Ideally speaking, these are third party components that help out in the replacement of rear brake lever and gear shifters, foot pegs, or even brackets.

They’re used by motorcycle bikers and riders to gain better comfortability and room for adjustments and customizations based on what and how they’re feeling.

Not only that, but they’re also engineered to give maximum stability to the legs and feet.

Understanding CNC Rearsets

figure 2 what are cnc rearsets

Before, the manufacturing or production procedure of rearsets is done manually, with human intervention painting 80% of the picture. CNC rearsets, however, are products that have 80 to 90% automated functions, meaning, there’s little-to-no human interaction when creating it.

A lot of businesses now have been in the CNC business due to a couple of pros and advantages.

Speaking of advantages, let us discuss the advantages, as well as the disadvantages and challenges of sourcing out CNC rearsets instead of traditionally-made and manufactured rearsets.

Pros of CNC Rearsets

figure 3 pros of cnc rearsets The pros and advantages of getting CNC rearsets for your motorcycle parts are:
  • The production rate is faster, as there are no limitations in capability, as well as production volume
  • Quality-wise, they’re more accurate and precise. In fact, they’re perfect for batch processing as it can produce 99.99% of the exact image that was first done
  • The time to market is less, because the prototyping will be faster and more urgent
  • Errors are minimal. If there are errors, then it will be due to how the pattern or software was programmed
You can think of CNC rearsets to be similar to standard or regular rearsets, and the only differences would be in terms of how they are made, as well as the accuracy and precision of the rearsets that have been produced.

Cons of CNC Rearsets

Along with those, let us not forget that there are specific disadvantages or limitations to CNC rearsets, too. These are:
  • Usually, maintenance costs are high, making the products costlier and more expensive
  • The preparation is the longest process, where it requires an expert to successfully operate the CNC machine
These are the cons of CNC rearsets. They’re not that big of a deal, when you look at the bigger picture or if you look at it as a whole.

Materials Used for CNC Rearsets

figure 4 what materials are cnc rearsets made of Don’t confuse yourself – CNC rearsets and traditionally-produced rearsets are made from the same materials. Just because they’re labeled “CNC” mean that they have specialized materials. As a matter of fact, CNC rearsets can be made from a wide range of materials, the most common of which include:
  • Aluminum Alloys
  • Stainless Steels
  • Carbon Steels
  • Tool Steels

CNC Techniques Used for Machining Rearsets

CNC machining is vital when it comes to rearsets, motorcycle accessories that relocate foot controls such as the pegs below or forward with regard tot he brake and gear switch levers. These precision parts require CNC processing for accuracy and individual requirement. CNC milling machines are used to form components, adjust angles and mount footpegs. Drilling provides accurate alignment of holes for mounting, tapped threads allow precise placement and supports secure fastening. CNC machining also allows for branding and appearance purposes through engraving or etching. In conclusion, CNC machining is crucial in making rear sets since they provide high precision and personalization that comes with improved ergonomics.Billet Motorcycle Parts

Finishes Applicable to CNC Rearsets

CNC-machined rearsets enjoy variety of finishes which are not only decorative but also functional. Typical variants are anodizing for corrosion protection and a wide range of colors, powder coating to provide durability as well as variety in color selection, polishing that provides glossy finish among other finishes like brushed effects or black oxide which gives matte black appearance with better resistance against environmental agents such as rusting while maintaining its natural shine through clear coatings used These finishes cover the range of different material types and tastes in aesthetics ensuring that not only do they perform but look good while also preventing corrosion.

The Machining Process of CNC Rearsets

CNC rearsets are made and manufactured via CNC machines and equipment, unlike traditionally-made rearsets. A brief step-by-step procedure on how CNC rearsets are made and manufactured goes something like this:

  1. The materials needed are sourced out and collected by the CNC manufacturer.
  2. Then, the CNC machine is programmed and patterned to produce the shape needed.
  3. After that, the machine is tested. It undergoes a dry run to check if the software or program has been set successfully.
  4. When it is, the process is then started.
  5. Several inspectors and assessors check the final results to check for any errors or problems that have been produced along the way.

This is the general process of how CNC rearsets are made. Of course, several manufacturers have different ways and styles of manufacturing their rearsets. Always remember that not all businesses and companies perform the same.

CNC Rearsets vs. Standard Motorcycle Rearsets

figure 5 cnc rearsets vs. standard motorcycle rearset

Many people think that there are large differences between regular or standard motorcycle rearsets from CNC rearsets. When, in fact, the only difference would be how they’re made.

If we factor in and consider the quality and precision, of course, that’s a primary difference, too as CNC rearsets are usually done and ready for distribution after it goes through all the steps that are included in the program.

Other than that, there are no physical or any other type of known difference between them.

Get High-Quality CNC Rearsets

We understand that finding a manufacturer of CNC rearsets can be challenging, especially if you are trying to look for a supplier that has customizability. But hey, that’s the reason we are at the top of the CNC rear set manufacturing industry’s ladder here at HDC Manufacturing. Named and distinguished as the best CNC rearsets supplier in the whole of China, our CNC rearsets have been identified by businesses and organizations as the best and highest quality. This came to an extent that we have produced CNC racing foot pegs, universal rearsets, custom aluminum rearsets, and many more! Besides our CNC rearsets expertise, we are also a reliable CNC manufacturer of other motorcycle and automotive parts, too! These include: Don’t hesitate to give us a call or shoot a message, should you need exceptional quality of CNC rearsets without burning a hole in your pocket! Contact us and get a free estimate of the wholesale orders that you need in a few hours!cnc motorcycle parts supplier in china

Cost Considerations When Custom CNC Rearsets

Customizing CNC rearsets comes with a number of cost factors to be considered. Such factors range from material type, component implication to designing inconveniences that seem obscure yet tend not put the assembly line in any sort of jeopardy. Balancing these factors is critical, as both budget considerations and specifications should be adhered to; therefore, working closely with manufacturers, finding the most optimal designs that are cost-efficient and evaluating material options for finishing results in same parts quality custom CNC rearsets.

Guidance for Custom CNC Rearsets From Manufacturers

Manufacturers of custom CNC rearsets require a systematic approach to sourcing the same. Start by specifying your rearset needs in terms of material, design and quantity. Carry out research and find reputable manufacturers who have the right experience as well as certification. Ask for quotations, and determine the various prices before awarding tenders. The material design and optimization of these aspects lead to the creation of prototypes for testing, validation processes.billet motorcycle parts 01

Quality assurance should be achieved using discussions regarding quality control processes and regulatory compliance. Write a detailed contract outlining all the terms and ensure there is clear communication during the project. In the end, carry out quality inspections when products are delivered and give feedback for future changes. Such a careful approach ensures the delivery of superior custom CNC rearsets that meet your specifications in terms of quality and performance, thus providing an effective partnership with manufacturers.


HDC Manufacturing primarily focuses on premium CNC rearsets for motorbikes and bicycles, featuring accuracy and individualization. These rearsets replace heel-toe foot pegs, providing more comfort and stability. We use materials such as aluminum alloys and stainless steels through finishes like anodizing, powder coating among others. Our CNC machining ensures accuracy. Although CNC rearsets have some benefits such as fast production and reduced errors, special skills of the operator are required. The projects are to be successful due to cost considerations and good communication with the manufacturers.

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