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Custom BMX Parts

If you want to acquire high-quality custom BMX parts that do not only look good in terms of physical aspects, but also functional and high-quality, we have a solution for you! We here at HDC Manufacturing are equipped with the right set of skills, knowledge, and technology in producing and manufacturing custom BMX parts.

Our custom BMX parts are usually particular when it comes to functionality. What this means is, regardless of the model, size, unit, and the overall type of BMX unit you have, we can assure you that it will be specific to whatever you need.

There are many different types of BMX parts, but they’re not the same when it comes to standard bikes or mountain bikes. As China’s top custom BMX bike parts manufacturer, we will always be ready to help you with everything that you need!

HDC’s Custom BMX Bike Parts

Crowned as China’s top manufacturer of custom BMX parts, we can give you the guarantee that we’ll be able to help you achieve high-quality parts without the need for you to spend a fortune. Most of our custom BMX parts are made from aluminum and steel, but if you have other materials in mind, just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help you with it!

Our expertise in manufacturing custom BMX parts don’t stop at regular and typical parts, we have engineers, professionals, and experts that can help you with your needs of bottom brackets, cranks, chain rings, chain guards, seat post, seat tubes, reflectors, pegs, and many more!

Quality is the number one trait we have here at HDC Manufacturing, and therefore, you will never have any regret on your decision in working with us.

Whatever surface finishing technique or process you require, we will help you with it! We can help you polish, heat treat, tumble, powder coat, anodize, even screen print the custom BMX bike part you order from us! You just let us know what you need, and our engineers, experts, and consultants will help you!

Should you have questions, concerns, or any other type of inquiry about our custom BMX bike parts, just let us know and we have a dedicated customer service team ready to service you 24/7!

Why Choose HDC?bmx pegs 6

For more than a decade, we here at HDC Manufacturing have been producing a wide library of custom BMX parts you need. Whether you need brand new custom BMX parts, replacement parts, or even parts and components to upgrade your unit, we got just what you need!

Besides our custom BMX parts, you can also consider us your go-to when it comes to auto parts, motorcycle parts, trailer parts, and many more! Being CNC expert manufacturers, we’ll be able to assure you of quality, accuracy, and precision without burning a hole in your pocket.

You can bank and count on us for the custom BMX parts you need! We can assure you that you’ll be comfortable and confident when choosing us as your custom BMX bike parts manufacturer!

Types of Customizable BMX Bike Parts by HDCcustom bmx parts 2

  • Frames: The basic design of the bike, adjusted by the size, geometry, and materials to be adapted to the characteristics of a rider and his/her riding style.
  • Handlebars: Adjustable in shapes, width and the position so to enhance your control and comfort.
  • Forks: The fork area at the front can be designed in a custom way for improving the suspension and handling.
  • Pedals: May be adjusted to form, composition, or angle of a handlebars for improved handling and power transmission in cycling.
  • Brakes: Along with the disc brakes and rim brakes –also customizable for rider preference and stopping power.
  • Cranks and Chainrings: Selectable in length and diameter for for the peak torque and acceleration.
  • Grips: Customized to be as comfortable and controllable as possible, with different materials and thickness capacities for your option.
  • Pegs: Caters to bikers who want to be performing tricks and stunts, size- and material-adjustable.
  • Paint and Graphics: Customization of colors, finishes, and graphics are made to personalize, and for the purpose of brand identity.

These parts are versatile and can be customized to adhere to the riding needs of a BMXer, be it racing, street, or casual riding.

How To Start a Customization Project With HDC?custom bmx parts 4

To initiate a custom service at HDC is both simple and efficient. You can do so by clicking on the “Get A Quote” button on our website, filling out the provided form, and detailing your customization requirements for BMX Bike Parts. This includes specifications such as dimensions, materials, finishes, quantities, etc., along with any sketches or design blueprints you possess. Our professional sales team will promptly contact you upon receiving your inquiry to thoroughly understand your needs, offer design assistance, and provide the most competitive pricing. Of course, prior to placing your order, you can also request a prototype to confirm quality and details.

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