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Bike Pedal Parts

A bike pedal is a device that transmits the power to the bike itself in order to move forward. People consider it the “heart” or the “battery” of the two-wheeler vehicle. This component is the key to turning your power into speed and genuine enjoyment. 

There are three (3) prime bike pedal classifications, Clip, Flat, and Clipless. The Clip, also known as the Toe Clip Pedal fixes the toes to the pedal through an enclosure or a leash. The Flat allows you to directly position your foot and go ahead to your riding. Clipless (Clip-in)  is the superior type of pedal for MTB, road bikes, and high-quality commuter bicycles.  

The bike pedals’ major parts are the axle, platform, bearings, cleats, cleat brackets, and screw, as well as the grip (sandpaper, pins, etc.). There are also parts of bike pedals that can be optionally added, such as extenders and power meter pedals. 

Common Bike Pedal Parts

neo chrome aluminum bike pedals parts
Neo Chrome Aluminum Bike Pedals Parts
custom aluminum bike pedals
Custom Aluminum Bike Pedals
cnc custom mtb bike pedal parts
CNC Custom MTB Bike Pedal Parts
bike pedal parts
Bike Pedal Parts
bicycle custom aluminum pedals parts
Bicycle Custom Aluminum Pedals Parts
aluminum custom road bike pedals
Aluminum Custom Road Bike Pedals

HDC Bike Pedal Parts Advantages

We know that maintaining your bike parts is always important, so HDC keeps on managing to develop durable, reliable, and highly competent pedal parts. Each and every part of your bicycle’s pedal is well-made by the ISO9001 certified bike pedal parts supplier, the HDC. 

HDC fabricates different pedal bearings configurations, there are Loose, Sealed, Nylon Bushings, Roller Bearings, and Light-Self Lubricating bearings. The pins(short or long) and other components are available in different sizes and specifications, mostly depending on the pedal’s style and configurations. 

Our bike pedal parts will surely be your advantage when it comes to cycling. It is made to last for many years and deliver the best quality there is. HDC has the ability to manufacture your custom bike pedal parts, in whatever size, shape, color, length, and other specifications just to achieve your desired component.

There are also tons of surface finishes available in HDC, there are anodizing, neochrome, passivating, and plating, to name a few. 

All of your requirements are well heard and appreciated by our company. Rest assured that HDC has the greatest services for every client we encounter and wish nothing but the best in accomplishing your projects.

Let us create your bike pedal parts. Contact HDC now and receive a never-before kind of accommodation!

Why choose HDC?

HDC uses steel or aluminum for maximum durability in fabricating bike pedal parts for they are strong, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion. We are capable of preparing and accommodating all of your inquiries in a short period of time. HDC assures you that the bike pedal parts that we are releasing will be in favor of your biking needs and demands.

We have different types of bike pedal parts for different kinds of bikes. Our bike parts specialists will guide you in planning your component’s size, and weight or even deciding about the form of the bearings, and so much more. 

HDC has all the necessities when it comes to manufacturing your desired component. From the designing, planning, fabricating, packaging, and even delivering, we will make sure to give you the utmost satisfaction.


Dimension Thread
89 mm x 61 mm 9/16″
98 mm x 63 mm 9/16″
100 mm x 100 mm 9/16″
106 mm x 100 mm 9/16″
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