Custom Titanium Parts

When titanium is used as a material in fabricating a component, expect it to be as sturdy as steel but probably has much less weight. Titanium is known for being adaptable and can endure temperatures whether it be high or low, making it an excellent choice for intense temperature implementations.

titanium bolts and nuts parts

Titanium Bolts and Nuts Parts

custom titanium machined parts

Custom Titanium Machined Parts

custom titanium machined fasteners bolts and nuts

Custom Titanium Machined Fasteners Bolts and Nuts

custom titanium machined medical parts

Custom Titanium Machined Medical Parts

custom titanium machined automotive parts

Custom Titanium Machined Automotive Parts

custom machined titanium parts

Custom Machined Titanium Parts

custom machined titanium flanges

Custom Machined Titanium Flanges

cnc turning titanium fasteners parts

CNC Turning Titanium Fasteners Parts

Related Custom Titanium Parts

Moreover, titanium is an ideal material for situations and tasks that demand exceptional toughness and a little weight from the part. It is also being implemented in many applications and industries. 

There are several titanium grades:

  • Titanium Grade 1: Great for marine and automotive applications
  • Titanium Grade 2: Ideal for architectural and medical operations.
  • Titanium Grade 3: Also great for medical parts as well as aerospace applications.
  • Titanium Grade 4: Corrosion-resistant, superior malleability, and weldability. 
  • Titanium Grade 5: Frequently used alloy and has greater resistance with a high-temperature point.
  • Titanium Grade 7: Superb welding and forging properties.
  • Titanium Grade 9: Mainly implemented in aerospace and industrial approach.

Some titanium applications:

  • Aircraft
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Gears
  • Surgical components
  • Hydraulic systems, etc…

Why choose HDC?

When it comes to manufacturing titanium parts, we all know that only knowledgeable and skilled machinists can do it the best way possible. HDC has capable resources and facilities to accommodate every little detail and request. 

Machining titanium is one of HDC’s greatest advantages, as we have a great amount of mastery paired with high-quality toolings. We are welcoming every type of titanium part when customizing, whether you are from any industry or application. 

Know that HDC has dealt with varieties of titanium-made components for more than 13 years of service. We’re using the right and suitable materials and machinery to create state-of-the-art types of components that will give you a lifetime quality.

Aside from what is stated above, HDC also has other services like turning, welding, prototyping, metal fabrication, and -3 -4 -5 axis machining, to name a few. All of those with great customer care and fast delivery transactions are attainable in HDC, either with small or large volumes of orders. 

HDC Custom Titanium Parts

HDC’s custom titanium parts are ductile, corrosion and rust-resistant, nonmagnetic, nontoxic, low electronic and thermal conductivity, have a great strength-to-weight ratio, and are extremely strong. 

It has a high manufacturing temperature, which can be up to 1,000°F. We fabricate custom titanium parts for applications like maritime, military, aviation, aircraft engine plates, missiles, sports, medical applications, and so much more. 

One more asset of HDC’s custom titanium parts is its poor thermal expansion and its extreme boiling point which is approximately 3,000°F. Also, by getting our titanium parts, there is a broad range of finishes to choose from, there’s Plating, Passivating, Brushing, Anodizing, Powder coating, etc.

Anything you want your component to be, HDC, a certified ISO9001 plastic, and metal parts supplier, is always equipped to serve you. Your requests in color, size, shapes, style, surface finish, length, and other specifications are highly acknowledged by HDC. 

Looking for the best supplier that creates the best custom titanium parts? Come on now with HDC and let yourself experience the great services you’ll ever come across. 

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