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Your Leading Manufacturer Of Billet Motorcycle Wheels In China

Developed as one of the major experts in manufacturing billet motorcycles parts, HDC produces customized motorcycle components and wheels out of heavy-duty and prime materials. The kind of dedication HDC has in every project has led to being superior in the billet motorcycle parts and wheels production. 

  • Rich experience in the motorsports industry
  • Advanced equipment with skilled workers
  • MOQ as low as 20 Pcs
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HDC- Your Source of Billet Motorcycle Wheels

Powered by a passion for giving precise billet motorcycle parts enthusiasts require, HDC CNC machining advertises components that suit any motorcycle model in the market. You can sincerely entrust our experts in handling your desired parts for we can do it superbly with no alteration. 

HDC is existing as ISO9001 certified. We design your custom billeted wheels that can fit your motorcycle bikes undoubtedly, introducing a hassle-free installation. You can also make a layout of your adoring motorcycle rims having intricate spokes that fills your demand. HDC can make your dream billet motorcycle wheels achievable.

Custom Your Billet Motorcycle Wheels With HDC

Forged Billet Motorcycle Wheels

HDC’s wheels being manufactured using the forging process can give you less porous, remarkable durability, and are less vulnerable to oxidation and erosion.

Billet Aluminum 6061-T6 Wheels

Our billet aluminum 6061-T6 motorcycle wheels are exceptionally strong, light in weight, and highly recommended by motorcycle experts. We assure the 100 percent inspection and reviews to make certain about our wheels’ quality.

Custom Billet Motorcycle Wheels

HDC specializes in manufacturing superb custom billet motorcycle wheels. Our clients may choose from a wide variety of designs, colors, sizes, surfaces, and materials of their choice.

Why HDC Billet Motorcycle Wheels

HDC’s wheels are formed in a chunk of firm aluminum using CNC machines. Because of our capacity and ability in making billet motorcycle wheels, fabulous sophisticated designs can be manufactured. We have incredibly good services for our customers including expert consultations, low-volume manufacturing, in-house engineering support, assembling services, and customizing parts all at competitive prices. 

Any of your desired material, colors, size, and designs can be made here in HDC. Our high-level expertise will assure you to have the greatest billet motorcycle wheels in a short amount of time. HDC, being a CNC machining OEM specialist for more than thirteen years, can empower the greatness of your motorcycle wheels.

Billet Aluminum Motorcycle Wheels

HDC Capabilities on Custom Billet Motorcycle Wheels

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Custom Your Billet Motorcycle Wheels With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Billet Motorcycle Wheels

Our billet motorcycle wheels are giving the riders and racers an edge in their riding experience. You will never go wrong in dealing with HDC in experiencing the next-level billet wheels. We can let you design your own and upgrade your layout with the help of our professionals.

billet motorcycle wheels

Using exceptional material like aluminum is what HDC is using to produce your billet motorcycle wheels. We are using high-standard CNC machines that can make your parts precisely made in the shortest time frame.

With all the advantages and superiority HDC is possessing, the technicians and workers are truly the reason why we are now in the leading rank of machining companies in China. HDC is delivering the finest surfaces such as anodizing, tumbling, hard anodizing, powder coating, and so much more.

Regardless of having advanced machines and a long time experience as an OEM manufacturer, HDC still retains quality control with lots of study and inspections before shipping. We also give samples before your final payment for quality approval.

Shipping ways will never be a hassle for HDC will let you choose from the courier, air, and sea shipment depending on what’s convenient for you. Payment methods are available at Paypal, T/T, and L/C. Trade terms are also available through FOB, CFR, and DDP.

HDC can do forging, milling, welding, and many more. We also offer CNC machining services and sheet metal fabrication services. HDC is willing to give you the finest parts for your motorcycle, bikes, auto, etc.

We know you want to have HDC’s billet motorcycle wheels, so put your skates on and contact HDC for the services you deserve!

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