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Your Reliable Custom CNC Harley Parts Supplier in China

HDC can provide you a one-stop solution for CNC Harley parts needs. We are producing and distributing CNC Harley parts around the world for over 12 years. With our latest CNC equipment and tools backed by our top engineers, we assure you get outstanding and high-standard CNC Harley parts.

  • Low MOQ form 50 pieces for your start-up business
  • Design analysis inclusive in a quote
  • Fully customized CNC Harley parts
  • Various surface treatments available
  • 24/7 online support
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HDC- Expert CNC Harley Parts Manufacturer

As a Custom CNC motorcycle parts supplier for more than 12 years, we have gained a rich experience in aftermarket Harley Parts,

If you need high-quality and excellent CNC Harley parts designs, HDC has you covered! In our factory, we have produced hundreds of CNC Harley parts designs for you to choose from.

Equipped with 3,4 5 axis CNC machines, We can produce your ideal harley davidson custom parts based on your preferred sizes, designs, surface treatments, and materials.

Custom Your CNC Harley Parts with HDC

CNC Rear Shock

It is made of CNC T6061 billet aluminum. HDC provides satisfying quality of CNC rear shock to fit your desired applications.

CNC Motorcycle Foot Peg Parts

HDC motorcycle footpeg parts are available in color black. We can customize your ideal motorcycle footpeg parts according to your needs.

CNC Slide Crash Slider

If you want a sleek and beautiful slide crash slider, HDC has a wide range to offer. We provide a CNC slide crash slider according to your own designs and requirements.

CNC Aluminum Swingarm

HDC offers thousands of CNC aluminum swingarm designs ready to ship. You are guaranteed that all of our aluminum swingarms are 100% checked the quality.

CNC Aluminum Alloy Handlebar

CNC aluminum alloy handlebar is made from high-quality aluminum. Quick and easy to install, durable to use, and different sizes are guaranteed.

CNC Aluminum Heel Toe Gear

The motorcycle accessories from HDC are made from durable and high-quality materials. We provide different sizes, designs, materials, and styles for your motorcycle accessories needs.

CNC Numerical Control Handle

HDC offers OEM and ODM services for you. We also offer flexible MOQ from 50 pieces to start up your business.

CNC Nut Cover Bolts

Our numerical control handle is made from high-quality aluminum alloy. It is available in many different sizes and designs.

cnc nut cover bolts

You can avail of our CNC nuts cover bolts in many different colors. If you have any requirements for CNC nut cover bolts, just let us know!

Why HDC CNC Harley Parts

With Rich experience in the motorcycle industry, HDC is an ISO-certified company in China capable to produce top-quality CNC Harley parts from solid aluminum, For more than 12 years, we satisfy most customers’ requirements. HDC is your perfect go-to source for CNC Harley parts with excellent features.

Aside from our quality products, HDC is known for delivering excellent services. Before we ship the CNC Harley parts order, our experienced QC team thoroughly inspected each CNC Harley part to ensure the quality of the product. Our skilled service team makes you as easy as buying locally.


cnc machined harley parts manufacturer

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Harley Parts

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CNC Machining
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CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
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Laser Cutting
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Rapid Prototyping
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Sheet Metal Fabrication
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Laser Engraving

Custom Your CNC Harley Parts with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC CNC Harley Parts

HDC manufactures high standard and affordable CNC Harley parts. we have the knowledge, experience, and modern manufacturing equipment needed to produce high-quality CNC Harley parts. HDC can provide all your needs for CNC Harley parts along with our outstanding services.

HDC manufacturing factory provides different types of CNC Harley parts ranging from numerical control handle, nut cover bolts, heel-toe gear, handlebar, swingarm, footpeg parts to a rear shock to accessories, HDC got you covered!

All of our CNC Harley parts are machined from high-end raw materials such as aluminum, alloy, stainless steel, bronze, and many more. You can find different designs of CNC Harley parts in our showroom.

Aside from our provided CNC Harley parts designs, HDC also has thousands of CNC Harley parts mold to produce customize Harley parts according to your requirements and specifications. Rest assured that your own ideas or designs for custom CNC Harley parts are kept confidential.

As a leading manufacturer in China, you can get all you need for your CNC Harley parts from sizes, materials, designs, and surface treatments, it’s only from HDC! You can order HDC CNC Harley parts with MOQ from 50 pcs.

HDC CNC Harley parts have been trusted by top 500 companies and brands around the world. With many years of experience, HDC has built an excellent partnerships with different companies worldwide. You can get satisfied with our products and services too, just like our repeat customers.figure 5 pros of cnc harley motorcycle parts

HDC has all the skills and capabilities for CNC Harley part production, which lead us to become one of the top manufacturers in China.

Whether you’re a distributor, supplier, or an established company that needs to import high-quality CNC Harley parts, HDC is always the best choice!

Aside from our offered CNC Harley parts, we also provide CNC racing parts, CNC motorcycle parts, CNC Ducati parts, and many more.

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Why Use CNC Machining to Produce Harley Parts?

cnc motorcycle hubs

CNC machining turns out to be a better way to make the parts of the Harly because of its unequaled accuracy, capability of creating complex shapes and many other advantages. It enables repeatability which is found to be very high in mass production for the standard and non-standard designs making the process of manufacturing easier and cost-effective. The automated CNC machining is not only a tool for the fast speed production but also a tool for improving quality life of workers in the production area. Due to this, CNC machining is employed as an integral part of production of Harley parts, in line with the company’s dedication to excellence, performance, and personalization.

Custom Options That HDC Provides for CNC Harley Parts

  • Material Selection: HDC allows customers to choose from a variety of materials for their parts, including aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium, depending on the desired weight, durability, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Custom Designs: You can submit Your designs or work with HDC’s design team to create custom parts that reflect your personal style or improve your motorcycle’s performance. This includes everything from custom-engraved details to unique part geometries.
  • Finish Options: HDC offers a range of finishes for CNC Harley parts, such as anodized, powder-coated, or polished finishes, providing both protective and decorative qualities to the parts.

How to Start a Custom CNC Harley Parts Project With HDC?motorcycle rear sprocket 3

To begin a custom CNC Harley parts project with HDC, visit our website and fill out a request for a quote form, detailing specifications like dimensions, materials, finishes, and quantities, and providing any relevant sketches or design blueprints. It’s beneficial to specify the Harley model for which the parts are intended. Upon submission, our experienced sales team will promptly reach out to discuss your requirements, offer design assistance if needed, and provide a competitive pricing quote. Optionally, you can request prototypes to ensure the quality and accuracy of the parts before finalizing the order. This streamlined process ensures that you receive high-quality, customized CNC Harley parts tailored to your specifications and Harley model.

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