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Custom Aluminum Swingarm

HDC is China’s First Choice In Custom Swingarm Fabrication. Do you ever think about how your wheel is constantly connected with your bike regardless of the road situation? HDC is a motorcycle swingarm manufacturer that can manufacture single or double-sided types of the swingarm. Our component continuous to retain its quality and withstand your riding demands in any kind of motorcycle and land condition.

  • Offers H or L shaped motorcycle swingarm
  • Products can be shipped all around the globe
  • Customized aluminum swingarm is obtainable
  • Has in-house engineering to support the development of your parts
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HDC- The Finest Motorcycle Swing Arm Manufacturer In China

HDC has been dealing with the motorcycle field in manufacturing millions of products for many years. We are developing motorcycle swingarms that are perfectly fit to your chassis that permits the tire and rear wheel to move freely with the road’s undulations. HDC’s swingarm can tolerate situations in the co-occurrence of shock and leap. 

We are in the CNC machining industry as an ISO9001:2015 certified manufacturer, presenting the most satisfying components quality standard and the highest level of customer service. You can let yourself be free from worries and negative concerns when transacting with HDC for we commit our whole experience and expertise in custom swingarm fabrication.

Custom Your Motorcycle Swingarm With HDC

Custom Made Aluminum Swingarm

HDC’s redesigned custom aluminum swingarm entails lighter weight and controls, and superior maneuverability. We also care about your components’ design and appearance, therefore we make sure to release a weekly production report for you to be updated in regards to your parts.

High Performance Custom Aluminum Swingarm

Our high-performance motorcycle swingarms are all custom machined,  can fit any motorcycle bike and wheels from your designs. You can choose your desired surface finish that will perfectly add to your part’s positive qualities.

Custom aluminum CNC machined swingarm

We manufacture a CNC machined short aluminum swingarm that supports the compactness of the wheelbase and ameliorates high-speed handling. You can have your chosen main material for your swingarm.

CNC machined motorcycle swingarm

HDC has a long motorcycle aluminum swingarm that upgrades off-the-line expedition, as a lengthy wheelbase better disseminate the mass of the motorcycle and engine capability.

Aluminum Welded Rear Swingarm For Pit Dirt Bike

Our Fabricated aluminum rear swingarm, offers attractive looks with undemanding chain preservation and motorcycle wheel removal.

H-Shaped Motorcycle Aluminum Swingarm

HDC’s double-sided motorcycle aluminum swingarm is most used by almost all motorcycle brands, whether it be a touring, naked, street, and sports motorcycle. You can customize your swingarm according to your bike’s style.

Why HDC Custom Aluminum Swingarm

Here in HDC, you’re allowed to customize your swingarm to the best appearance and quality material you preferred. You will receive an engineering consultation to your every transaction in order to know everything about your desired components, from their machining processes and material to their maintenance and conservation. 

HDC’s experts know what is the best swingarm for your bike and what is suitable for your kind of riding. Your preferred swingarm length and shape will always have an effect on your motorcycle’s performance on the road, so HDC is here to guide you in deciding the swingarm you wish to have.

Custom Motorcycle Swing arm

HDC Capabilities on Custom CNC Machining

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Custom Your CNC Motorcycle Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Why Choose HDC Aluminum Swingarm

HDC is producing an aluminum swingarm, can be constructed based on your color, grade of material, shape, size, and style. Your swingarm could be a swinging fork, cantilever, or parallelogram setup. HDC will process your material through our high technology CNC machining and make the most satisfying component you will ever get. 

H-Shaped Motorcycle Aluminum Swingarm

Our team here in HDC has developed the necessary skills and expertise in developing motorcycle swingarms, whether it be a custom or not, a low volume or mass production is a piece of cake with HDC’s experts. 

In all of our services, we manage to deliver the best surface treatments, such as plating, heat treating, tumbling, anodizing, screen printing, powder coating, engraving, polishing, and so much more! You can also request for your custom logo to be etched on your component.

Aluminum Fabricated Rear Swingarm For Pit Dirt Bike

Having the certification of ISO9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 is just proving that HDC has an immense standard when it comes to quality control. You can also purchase for your business as we offer low MOQ to every client. 

HDC has payments methods like Paypal, T/T, and L/C, shipping ways such as courier, sea, and air, while FOB, CFR, and DDP as the trade terms. You can always choose what’s convenient for you and HDC will give it to you.

Custom Made Aluminum Swingarm

Along with offering Motorcycle Aluminum Swingarm, HDC also has other Custom motorcycle parts, such as Custom Motorcycle Wheels, Custom motorcycle sprockets, Cnc Handlebars riserCNC triple clamp,   Custom gas caps,  and so on. We also offer custom CNC machining services and metal fabrication for  Auto parts and bike parts.

Hurry and get the most satisfying motorcycle swingarm here in HDC! You can transact with us any time of the day. 

The Function of an Swingarm

Swingarm is a core part of the suspension design of motorcycles and bicycles. It is instrumental in the functioning of the rear wheel as it moves in harmony with the road imperfections and provides alignment as well as transmits power from the engine to the wheel. It plays a structural role and links the rear wheel to the bike’s frame or chassis. Generating the forces during acceleration and braking the axle must be strong enough. Furthermore, the swingarm attached to many vehicles can be adjusted to improve handling capabilities. The greatest of the roles of the swingarm is to guarantee a comfortable riding experience, agile handling, and effective power transmission for the vehicles which apply rear-wheel suspension systems.custom aluminum swingarm 5

Benefits of Using Aluminum for Producing Swingarms

It is worth noting that aluminum, which is one of the materials used for manufacturing swing arms, has a number of advantages because of the properties of the material. The first advantage of aluminum is that it is light but strong, so the strength to weight ratio is also favorable and it does not compromise the structural strength of the vehicle. These weight reduction, however, also assist in the increase of handling and maneuverability and in lowering fuel consumption, especially for high-end motorcycles and bicycles. Moreover, aluminum is very good corrosion resistant and can thus protect the swingarm from wearing out even in harsh conditions. Moreover, aluminum makes it possible to get dimensional designs that are complex and precise, helping to achieve the best possible suspension performance and riding comfort. In the end, aluminum’s recyclability also makes it an environmental-friendly option, which agrees with the modern trend towards the eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Primarily, substituting aluminum for swingarm production guarantees a balancing act composing of the strength, lightweight construction, durability, performance and environment conservation.

Custom Options That HDC Provides for Aluminum Swingarm

  • Geometry: HDC allows swingarm geometry customization which is meant to ship riders suspension character and steering response, which leads to improved handling.
  • Materials: The HDC employs the latest and the most resilient aluminum alloys which include Aluminum 6061 and Aluminum 7075 that are well known for their strength, durability and lightweight qualities. Hence, there is a selection of materials to lift performance while reducing weight of the overall vehicle leads to improved maneuverability.
  • Material Thickness: HDC provides option for riders to personalize the thickness required of aluminum material in the swingarm construction. It gives the ability to make those characteristics either stiffer or more compliant according to the varying riding condition that you may encounter with the added flexibility to choose between a rigidity to comfort balance.
  • Finish and Aesthetics: HDC has got a few surface finishes and aesthetic options for aluminum swingarms among which we can have anodized finishes, powder coatings and custom paint schemes. These choices allow riders to manage the aesthetics of their swingarm plates by matching them with other motorcycle components that follow a specific design motif, aiming at improving visual appeal and customization.

Start a Custom Aluminum Swingarm Project With HDCcustom aluminum swingarm 4

Starting a custom aluminum swingarm project with HDC is straightforward. You can initiate the process by clicking on the “Get A Quote” button on our website, filling out the provided form, and detailing your custom requirements for the aluminum swingarm. This includes specifications such as dimensions, materials, finishes, quantities, and any sketches or design blueprints you may have. Our experienced sales team will promptly reach out to you upon receiving your inquiry to discuss your needs in detail, provide design assistance, and offer competitive pricing. Additionally, before placing an official order, you can request prototypes to confirm quality and details.

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