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Motocross Wheel Set

HDC is Your Prime Supplier Of Motocross Wheel Set.

Don’t miss the chance in having the complete motocross wheelset here in HDC! We provide a full set of wheels for any kind of motorcycle, particularly in the motocross field. Our wheels are available in numerous colors that are suitable for your hubs and rims. HDC has developed an outstanding reputation when it comes to manufacturing motorcycle front and rear wheels.

  • Constructed by our professional wheel builders
  • Guaranteed by the highest global standard
  • Lasting guaranteed wheelsets and services
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HDC- The Most Trusted Motocross Wheel Set Provider In China

Being in the industry for more than thirteen years has let HDC discovered the most essential parts in producing motocross wheels. We are manufacturing motocross wheelsets that incorporate hubs, rear rim, front rim, nipples, and spokes. HDC also has brake discs, sprockets, bolts, and rim locks. Your wheelset can also occur with wheel spacers and bearings. 

In partnering with HDC, you can also custom your wheelset according to your preferences. Our engineering team is always ready to accommodate your requests and concerns pertaining to your component’s color, materials, size, and style. Know that HDC has numerous high-technology machines that can mold and establish the most maneuverable motocross wheels.

Custom Your Motocross Wheel Set With HDC

Motocross CNC Racing Wheel Set

Our motocross CNC racing wheelset has an anodized 7000 series aluminum rim that is machined to be the toughest when it comes to racing in a rough field.

19-Inches Complete Motocross Wheel

With durable hubs, rim, spokes, and nipples, HDC is manufacturing a wheel that is ready to ride right at the time you received it. We guarantee you that your wheelset will last for a lifetime.

Custom Motocross Wheel Set

Along with having a prototype and stock wheels, we also accept customized motocross wheelset that is particularly made for your bike. We make it exactly like what our client wants, and forge it to be on its highest quality standard.

Why Choose HDC To Be Your Motocross Wheel Builder

Our dirt bike rims are strong enough and heavy-duty to manipulate your wheels in dealing with thick mud, rocks, and high demand for driving power. You can definitely have your personal logo engraved on your part. HDC’s work outcomes, ethics, and professionalism has brought us to be the leading manufacturer of motorcycle components, including the rims in any kind of motorcycle wheel. 

HDC also offers wheel rim assembly for each client, aside from the consultations. We have rim enthusiasts who can inform you about your intended rim design, you will definitely be knowledgeable when transacting with HDC. We value your opinions and ideas in personalizing your component as we commit to deliver customer satisfaction.

motocross wheel builders

HDC Capabilities on Custom CNC Machining

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Custom Your CNC Motorcycle Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Motocross Wheel Set

Being our client will give you the chance to choose the best aluminum and steel alloy for your desired component. We manufacture it by the use of billet and forged machining processes. HDC has various CNC machines to create every intricate detail to your parts.

motocross wheel set

Towards success, HDC will never get here without the experts that made us be on top. We have put our whole dedication and expertise into creating, designing, and delivering every item we release. 

As an ISO9001 certified, we are capable of not just giving you your component with its required qualities, but also presenting tons of surface finishes to choose from, such as heat treatment, anodizing, tumbling, polishing, as machined, hard anodizing, and so much more!

Our quality control team has never failed to amaze our clients, for they continually surpass their expectations in assuring the component’s quality is internationally approved. Aside from that, we will also let you customize your packaging that will match your own demands. 

HDC has courier, air, and sea shipping ways. We also have Paypal, T/T, and L/C for payment methods, as well as FOB, CFR, and DDP for the trade terms. You can always tell us your preferred ways of shipment and payment terms that are convenient for you.

Along with offering Motorcycle Wheels, HDC also has other Custom motorcycle parts, such as CNC triple clamp, custom motorcycle sprockets,  custom gas capsCnc Handlebars riser,  ans so on. We also offer custom CNC machining services for  Auto parts and bike parts.

Thinking about changing your motocross wheelset but can’t find the right manufacturer? Worry no more for HDC is here to make you the best one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Motocross Wheel Sets

Motocross is an exhilarating sport that demands precision, skill, and the right equipment. One crucial component of a motocross bike that often gets overlooked is the wheelset. Your motocross wheelset can significantly impact your performance on the track. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll answer frequently asked questions about motocross wheelsets to help you make informed decisions and optimize your riding experience.

What Are Motocross Wheel Sets?

Motocross wheelsets are a combination of two essential components: rims and tires. They are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of motocross racing, where riders navigate challenging terrains, jumps, and obstacles. These wheelsets are engineered to provide the necessary traction, stability, and durability required for motocross competitions.

motocross wheel sets 3

Why Are Motocross Wheel Sets Important?

The significance of motocross wheel sets cannot be overstated. They are pivotal in influencing your motocross bike’s performance, impacting crucial factors such as:

  • Traction: Traction is the cornerstone of motocross racing, dictating your ability to control the bike and maintain stability. A high-quality wheelset provides a superior grip, boosting your confidence and performance on the track.
  • Durability: Motocross races subject your bike to extreme conditions—rough terrains, high-speed jumps, and challenging obstacles. Durable wheel sets can withstand these harsh conditions, reducing the chances of costly repairs and replacements.
  • Weight: The weight of your wheelset plays a vital role in your bike’s handling and maneuverability. Lightweight wheelsets are favored for their ability to enhance agility and responsiveness.
  • Performance: The combination of the right rims and tires significantly affects your bike’s overall performance. Whether you seek speed, control, or stability, selecting the perfect wheelset is critical.

Motocross Wheel Sets consist of which components?

Motocross wheel sets comprise two primary components:

  • Rims: Rims are the circular outer components that hold the tire in place. They come in various materials, including aluminum and carbon fiber, each offering distinct advantages in terms of durability and performance.
  • Tires: Tires, on the other hand, are the rubber components that make direct contact with the ground. They feature varying tread patterns optimized for different terrains, providing the necessary traction for motocross racing.

motocross wheel sets 4

What Materials Are Commonly Used in Motocross Wheel Sets?

The materials commonly used in motocross wheel sets include:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum rims are known for their durability and affordability, making them a popular choice among motocross riders.
  • Carbon Fiber: Carbon fiber rims, on the other hand, are renowned for their lightweight properties and excellent performance, albeit at a higher cost.

How Do Motocross Wheel Sets Differ from Stock Wheels?

Motocross wheel sets differ from stock wheels in several ways:

  • Specialized Design: Motocross wheelsets are purpose-built for the rigors of motocross racing, featuring robust construction and advanced materials that withstand the demands of off-road tracks.
  • Improved Traction: These wheel sets offer superior traction, allowing riders to confidently tackle the uneven and challenging terrains often encountered in motocross racing.
  • Enhanced Durability: Motocross wheelsets are engineered for extreme durability, reducing the likelihood of wheel damage during races.

motocross wheel sets 5

Can I Use a Motocross Wheel Set on My Street-Legal Motorcycle?

Using a motocross wheel set on a street-legal motorcycle is not recommended. Motocross wheelsets are tailored for off-road racing and may not meet the safety and performance standards required for street use. It’s essential to use the appropriate wheel set for your specific riding needs.

Are Motocross Wheel Sets Available in Different Sizes?

Yes, motocross wheel sets come in various sizes to cater to different rider preferences and track conditions. Smaller rims provide better maneuverability, while larger rims offer stability and control. Choosing the right size depends on your riding style and the terrain you’ll be racing on.

motocross wheel sets 1

Should I Replace Both the Front and Rear Wheels Simultaneously?

Ideally, it’s advisable to replace both the front and rear wheels simultaneously. This ensures uniformity in performance and traction, allowing your bike to perform at its best. However, if budget constraints are a concern, you can replace them one at a time, prioritizing the wheel that needs immediate attention.

How to Choose the Right Motocross Wheel Set?

Selecting the perfect motocross wheel set involves considering several factors:

  • Rim Material: Choose between aluminum and carbon fiber rims based on your budget and riding style.
  • Rim Size: Select a rim size that aligns with your riding preferences, prioritizing maneuverability with smaller rims or stability with larger ones.
  • Tire Tread Pattern: Consider the terrain you’ll be racing on and choose a tire tread pattern that offers the best traction for those conditions.
  • Brand and Model: Research and read reviews to find a reputable brand and model that suits your specific needs and budget.

Can I customize Motocross Wheel Sets?

Yes, you can customize motocross wheel sets to tailor them to your specific preferences and riding style. Customization options include choosing rim materials, colors, and graphics to make your bike uniquely yours.

motocross wheel sets 2


Your motocross wheelset is a critical component that directly influences your performance on the track. Choosing the right combination of rims and tires tailored to your riding style and terrain preferences is essential. Regular maintenance and proper care will ensure the longevity and durability of your motocross wheelset, allowing you to enjoy many thrilling rides.

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