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Your Custom Radiator Fabrication Provider

Get the most reliable custom motorcycle radiator here in HDC! We manufacture motorcycle radiators that support your engine’s performance and durability. Customizing your parts with HDC, especially your radiator will cause no hassle for we are one of the most trusted manufacturers in the motorcycle industry for more than 13 years.

  • Extensive experience in the motorsports industry
  • Able to customize radiator to any kind of motorcycle 
  • ISO9001 certified company
  • No inconvenience transaction with fast turnaround time
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HDC- The Most Convenient Supplier Of Custom Motorcycle Radiator

During the creation and laying out a custom radiator, we are considering its condition, whether it be extreme or not. HDC knows that it might be hard for a biker to find a supplier that fabricates a motorcycle radiator that functions well even under a maximum severe terrain and riding situation. For that reason, HDC is here to accommodate your needs regarding radiators that are customized according to your preferences.

HDC is offering customization to your parts at its lowest achievable cost. You can also request to put your customized logo on your radiator and we will do it for free. If you have a riding style that might cause a lot of stress to your engine and radiator, HDC has the best service for you. We are more than willing to serve you any time of the day and deliver the best custom component right on your front door.

Custom Your Motorcycle Radiator With HDC

.Motorcycle Upgrade Aluminum Plate-FinRadiator

HDC custom radiator for street bikes is 100 percent brand new and reliable. It provides secure, fast, and stable cooling for your motorcycle engines, The upgraded motorcycle radiators are perfect to improve engine work and cooling capability. Your custom parts are well-handled and are capable of serving your motorcycle needs for a lifetime.

Custom All Aluminum Custom Radiators

We are manufacturing motorcycle radiators using aluminum alloy 6061 that are best suitable for your motorcycle bike. Available in any color you like, also examined in high temperature and pressure quantification.  HDC’s all-aluminum custom radiator has a full aluminum construction to empower its water cooling capacity. We ensure that every radiator we manufacture has superior sealing and dual toughness.

Customized AluminumRacing Fin Tube Radiator

Our custom radiators are capable of dealing with the stress of racing where dirt, mud, or other kinds of wastes are present. We are manufacturing much more sturdy and more competent in enduring the driving harshness in racing. We are letting our clients voice their opinions and artistic side in creating custom motorcycle radiators. Our engineering experts will guide you all throughout the process in choosing the right size, style, design, color, surface finish, and other features that may add to your radiator’s advantages.

Why HDC Custom Motorcycle Radiator

We’ve been manufacturing motorcycle parts for more than 13 years, HDC has learned and brainstormed a lot to be able to give every client’s ideal radiator. HDC is using aluminum in creating radiators because of its weight, qualities, and price considerations. We are acutely aware that every motorcycle deserves a radiator that has corrosion-resistant, top thermal conduction and utmost power.

Our custom motorcycle radiator can be manufactured based on your preferred size, shape, color, aluminum alloy material, even the number of fins and tubes. We will make sure that your custom radiators will be more than enough to get rid of the heat from the engine to maintain its good functionality.

Custom Motorcycle Radiator Manufacturer

HDC Capabilities on CNC Motorcycle Parts

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OEM Custom CNC Motorcycle Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Why Choose HDC for Your Custom Motorcycle Radiator

As you get an aesthetic radiator along with the best services, you will also be having the opportunity to have the finest radiator features as good as its appearance. I guarantee you that you might not yet experience a good deal without transacting with HDC’s machining services.

High-grade aluminum is what HDC uses in manufacturing motorcycle radiators. Our machining capacity has the ability to be your one-stop solution in regard to motorcycle components. Our advanced CNC machines are able to fabricate your parts with the highest precision and accuracy. 

custom motorcycle radiator fabrication

Being ISO9001 certified also means the class and standard we are putting in every project is matching international quality excellence. Our experts and enthusiasts here in HDC will be with you end-to-end of the whole process in producing your custom radiator.

You will see tons of surface treatments that may be put on your part, we have polishing, passivating, anodizing, heat treating, tumbling, brushing, powder coating, and many more! Every radiator that will be packaged has to undergo our strict restrictions and standard concerning quality control. 

Our shipping ways are through courier, sea, and air. Payment methods such as Paypal, T/T, and L/C are available in HDC. Trade terms are attainable through FOB, CFR, and DDP. 

Along with offering Custom Motorcycle Radiator, HDC also has other Custom motorcycle parts, such as custom motorcycle sprockets, Cnc Handlebars riser, Motorcycle Clip-ons, custom gas caps, Custom Motorcycle wheels, CNC triple clamp, and so on. We also offer custom CNC machining services for  Kart parts, Auto parts, bike parts.

We know, you are now looking for a great radiator that perfectly suits your bike, Contact us, and see how comfortable your ride will be. 

Benefits of Custom Motorcycle Radiator

custom motorcycle radiator 9

Custom motorcycle radiator offers a range of benefits which includes better cooling performance, durability and optimized fit for the models or the performance requirements. They allow you to save weight for cosmetic customization, as well as to improve the efficiency of your modified engine by using materials of high quality and having the opportunity of inserting special features such as custom inlet/outlet positioning and fan shrouds. Even though custom radiators may be costly with regards to the expenses of design and production, their unique design and enhanced function might be the best add-on for any motorcycle fan or professional driver who is after top performance and a unique look.

Considerations Before Custom Motorcycle Radiator

Before proceeding with a custom radiator, it’s important to consider the following:custom motorcycle radiator 5

  • Compatibility: Guarantee that the custom design would withstand the other components to ensure fit on your motorcycle.
  • Cooling Needs: Take into account the kind of riding, you do (racing, touring, off-road), and select an appropriate design that can fulfill your cooling needs as well.
  • Budget: The cost of custom options can vary greatly, from one place to another, so make sure that you’re able to sort out your needs with what you can afford.
  • Installation: Installation of some custom radiators might need the help of a professional, especially if the motor bike needs modifications.

Custom Options That HDC Provides for Motorcycle Radiator

  • Materials: Primarily high-grade aluminum, which includes 6061 and 7075 alloys, is utilized for enhanced endurance and cooling proficiency.
  • Custom Fit: The radiators of HDC differ from the usual aftermarket ones by their capability to be custom designed in accordance with the motorcycle’s individual features. This customization is intended to meet the demands of space requirements and the desired cooling capacity.
  • Finish and Design: HDC does the aesthetic part by giving the radiator its own signature finishes, colors and embossed logos to go with the design theme of the motorcycle.
  • Protection Accessories: In order to ensure that the radiator is from debris and impacts, HDC makes custom guards, grilles, or covers for the unit. Besides, they not only provide security but also can improve the motorcycle look.

custom motorcycle radiator 2

If you are looking for a specific recommendation or want a more detailed advice pertaining to your motorcycle, providing the make, model and year of your bike coupled with any unique specifications you may be looking for may help in getting customised suggestions.

How to Custom Motorcycle Radiator From HDC?

To order a custom motorcycle radiator from HDC, you can follow these optimized steps:

  1. Click the “Get A Quote” button on the website, fill out the form with your specifications, and attach any sketches or design drawings.
  2. Once we receive your request, our sales team will contact you promptly to confirm your needs, including dimensions, quantity, materials, and finishes, and provide you with a competitive quote.
  3. Before placing an official order, you have the option to request a prototype of the motorcycle radiator to assess the quality and product details.
  4. Upon order confirmation, you’ll need to pay a deposit, typically 30% of the total cost, to facilitate the smooth initiation of your project.
  5. After production is complete, we’ll notify you to pay the remaining balance, including shipping costs.
  6. Once the final payment is received, your goods will be delivered to you on time and safely, in accordance with your specified delivery method.
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