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HDC is Motorcycle Experts’ No. 1 Choice For Front Wheel Hub Manufacturer.

Look no further, HDC is here to provide you with the superior motorcycle front wheel hub that is made from solid dependable aluminum. We manufactured millions of motorcycle parts including hubs that increased our company’s credibility by delivering flawless components. Know that HDC’s front wheel hubs can fit any motorcycle type, wheel spoke and size. 

  • Broad experience in motorcycle parts
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  • Numerous surface treatments available for your motorcycle hubs
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HDC- Your Innovative Supplier Of Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub

HDC’s hubs are suitable for you whether it be an ATV or off-road motorcycle bike. Our CNC machining processes can absolutely deliver your hub in prototype and customized type, you can also choose from the motorcycle hubs in stock and from HDC’s signature hub series. You can always assure that we have hub experts that know every detail in creating intricate hubs. 

We manufacture motorcycle parts like a sprocket, hub, wheels, exhaust, rims, handlebar, and many more! HDC has always been the headquarters for motorcycle components, especially the hubs. We gained the trust of the people, even the pickiest ones regarding the quality and the standard of every component.

Custom Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub With HDC

NC Complete Front Motorcycle Wheel Hub

HDC’s AL6061-T6 alloy is suited for your front wheel hub. It is CNC machined built from the finest components and tools available. Your parts are tested and ensured to last long in an aggressive performance.

Custom Motorcycle Front and Rear Hub Sets

You can have your motorcycle front and rear wheel hub in different anodized colors. Consider it being decorative, highly dependable, and corrosion-resistant.

Dirt Pit Bike Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub

HDC’s hubs are designed according to your motorcycle’s type of running, it can also be packaged with a professional assembling installation.

Aluminum Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub

We have expert consultation assistance for every motorcycle front wheel hub to know the exact and appropriate kind of aluminum and machining processes that should be done for your motorcycle hub. It can be AL7075, AL6061, AL2024, and so on.

Front Wheel 40 Spoke Motorcycle Hub

HDC’s front wheel hubs are perfect as your replacement hub that can suit your motorcycle’s style and required 40 spokes. Our hubs can fit any brand and type of motorcycle.

Custom Front Wheel Motorcycle Hub

We are capable of delivering motorcycle hubs in any color, surface, style, size, and so on. You can also give us your customized logo and which will be etched into your hubs that are free of charge.

Why HDC Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub

HDC’s motorcycle wheel hubs are machined from a piece of aluminum and being processed through forged and billet machining. We are capable of supplying wheel hubs with any kind of surface and wheel type, even the number of spokes, styles, and size are being considered when a client’s purchasing a personalized hub. HDC also has assembling services for your components to give you peace of mind in putting each of your parts to their right places. 

Our motorcycle front wheel hubs are created to make the wheel more movable when driving. You’ll surely never get enough of HDC’s hubs that have lightness and durability. We manufacture highly malleable material to create a precise style, form, turns, and holes for your motorcycle hubs.

Custom Your Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub

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Custom Your CNC Motorcycle Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Front Hub

O.L.D Sealed Bearings Hole
100 mm 2 32
100 mm 2 32
110 mm 2 32
110 mm 2 32

HDC Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub

Have you ever tried to come across an ISO9001 certified manufacturer and receive the best services? HDC is now inviting you to try experiencing the best motorcycle wheel front hub that is made from high-grade aluminum and manufactured using forging and billet machining. You can literally create a layout out of your own ideas and HDC will make it as fast as you can imagine.

Having high technology CNC machines is not enough to create the most dependable components, you should always have knowledgeable experts. For more than thirteen years, we carry out top-quality parts all around the globe, all of this is because of HDC’s diligent team and brilliant motorcycle components specialists.

In every component you purchase, you have the right to choose the best surface treatment with the help of our engineers’ consultation services, it can be heat treating, as machines, tumbling, anodizing, and so much more. We consider your part as a treasure for we make sure to construct it with high expertise and unreachable standard. 

HDC will also let you choose the right packaging for your components, as well as the shipping (courier, air, and sea), payment (PayPal, T/T, and L/C), also trade terms (FOB, CFR, and DDP). 

Along with offering Motorcycle Wheel Hubs, HDC also has other Custom motorcycle parts, such as Custom Motorcycle Wheel, custom motorcycle sprockets, custom gas capsCNC triple clamp, Cnc Handlebars riser so so on. We also offer CNC machining service for bike parts, Auto parts.

Be our next client and discover the best CNC machining company you’ll ever encounter. Talk with HDC!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub

Embark upon an exploration into our exhaustive compendium dedicated to Motorcycle Front Wheel Hubs! Whether you boast the seasoned acumen of an adept rider or the burgeoning enthusiasm of a neophyte, this FAQ is meticulously tailored to confront your inquiries regarding the intricacies of motorcycle front wheel hubs. From discerning disparities between anterior and posterior hubs to proffering perspicacious insights into customization, we have your queries enveloped. Take the plunge into this intellectual abyss to enhance your cognizance and ensure a velvety traverse on your two-wheeled companion.motorcycle front wheel hub 1

What Are the Differences Between Motorcycle Front and Rear Wheel Hubs?

Motorcycle front and rear wheel hubs manifest conspicuous disparities in their outward manifestation. The anterior wheel hub typically assumes a slender profile, catering to a diminutive tire, whereas its posterior counterpart tends to boast a broader configuration to sustain a wider tire, thereby augmenting both traction and stability.

Concerning the constituents responsible for deceleration, the front wheel hub accommodates a substantial disc brake rotor and caliper, exerting a predominant influence on braking efficacy. Conversely, the rear wheel hub might integrate a diminutive disc brake or, in specific instances, opt for a drum brake.

The posterior wheel hub integrates the sprocket, establishing a connection with the motorcycle’s transmission through either a chain or belt, constituting the final drive system. In contradistinction, the anterior wheel hub lacks a sprocket, its involvement in power transmission being nominal.motorcycle front wheel hub 2

Discernible divergences in aesthetics emerge, featuring varied designs and finishes differentiating the anterior and posterior wheel hubs, contingent upon the motorcycle’s genre. Moreover, the anterior wheel hub facilitates steering and boasts a unique axle configuration, while the posterior wheel hub’s axle assumes a more uncomplicated role, primarily sustaining the motorcycle’s weight.

These overarching disparities may undergo permutations contingent upon motorcycle models and manufacturers, with technological advancements potentially ushering in novel features or modifications to traditional design elements.

What Are the Typical Dimensions of a Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub?

The dimensions of a standard road motorcycle’s anterior wheel hub typically span a diameter ranging between 17 to 21 inches. Nevertheless, this metric may tend towards the diminutive for lightweight or off-road variants, while embracing a more substantial scale for cruisers or touring iterations. It is imperative to underscore that these metrics undergo modulation predicated on the motorcycle’s intended function—be it sport, cruiser, or off-road—alongside adhering to manufacturer specifications and technological strides. For pinpoint accuracy concerning the specific dimensions of a given anterior wheel hub, recourse to the motorcycle’s manual or consultation with the manufacturer stands as the optimal course of action.motorcycle front wheel hub 3

What Material Is Used in Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub Construction?

Motorcycle anterior wheel hubs are typically crafted utilizing materials acknowledged for their robustness and enduring quality, with aluminum and steel emerging as conventional preferences. Aluminum, lauded for its featherweight attributes and resistance to corrosion, contributes substantively to enhanced maneuverability and responsiveness. Conversely, steel presents as a stalwart and long-lasting option, particularly fitting for motorcycles with elevated demands or those engineered for heightened performance.

The selection of material hinges upon an amalgamation of factors, encompassing the intended function of the motorcycle, considerations related to weight, and stylistic preferences in design. Certain motorcycles may opt for a composite of materials, such as an aluminum alloy, adeptly navigating the delicate equilibrium between fortitude and weight efficiency. For precision regarding the distinct material employed in a specific anterior wheel hub, recourse to the motorcycle’s specifications or perusal of the manufacturer’s documentation is judiciously recommended.

motorcycle front wheel hub 4

What Manufacturing Processes for Motorcycle Front Wheel Hubs?

The intricate crafting of motorcycle anterior wheel hubs involves a meticulous sequence of steps to ensure precision, durability, and robustness. Noteworthy methodologies encompass:

  • Casting:

    In this process, liquescent metal, commonly aluminum or its alloy, is infused into a mold, shaping the foundational structure of the wheel hub. This approach facilitates intricate designs in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Machining:

    Machination refines the casted or raw material through cutting, shaping, and finishing with precision tools such as lathes and milling machines. It ensures the hub conforms meticulously to explicit design specifications and tolerances.

  • Forging:

    The forging endeavor sculpts the material by applying force, typically with a die or hammer. This procedure heightens the material’s tenacity by harmonizing its grain structure, resulting in a wheel hub of heightened resilience and durability.

motorcycle front wheel hub 5

The manufacturing modus may exhibit variance contingent upon manufacturers and motorcycle typologies. Advanced technologies, inclusive of computer numerical control (CNC) machining, contribute significantly to elevated precision. Manufacturers adhere scrupulously to industry benchmarks, birthing hubs that meet the varied demands of motorcycle applications.

Is the Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub Interchangeable?

The potential interchangeability of a motorcycle’s anterior wheel hub hinges on the distinctive make and model attributes. Ordinarily, these hubs are meticulously tailored for a specific motorcycle, accounting for nuanced differences in dimensions and mounting configurations. Nevertheless, instances of interchangeability may manifest, particularly within the confines of the same manufacturer or model spectrum. To ascertain compatibility, one is encouraged to peruse the motorcycle’s manual or seek counsel from the manufacturer or a proficient technician.

motorcycle front wheel hub 6

What Types of Motorcycle Front Wheel Hubs Are Available?

In the motorcycle engineering realm, two pivotal front wheel hub archetypes unfold: spoked and integral.

  • Spoked Hubs:

    The spoked hub, a timeless design, features a central nucleus with spokes extending to the wheel rim. Ideal for off-road and classic motorcycles, its flexibility and impact absorption suit diverse terrains.

  • Integral Hubs:

    Integral hubs, cast as single units from alloys like aluminum, balance durability and cost-effectiveness. Common in standard road bikes, these hubs, machined for precision, marry strength with aesthetic appeal.

Spoked hubs allure with vintage aesthetics, favored for flexibility. Meanwhile, integral hubs, strong and cost-efficient, dominate the world of standard road bikes. Enthusiasts choose their wheels, guided by classic charm or the pragmatic embrace of strength and efficiency.

motorcycle front wheel hub 7

What To Pay Attention to When Installing a Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub?

In the installation process of a motorcycle front wheel hub, prioritize exact alignment, adhere meticulously to torque specifications, thoroughly examine and apply lubrication to the bearings. Ensure precise alignment of the brake system, proper axle installation, scrutiny of spoke tension if applicable, wheel balancing, confirmation of ample clearance, and a detailed inspection of seals and gaskets. Always defer to the manufacturer’s explicit guidelines for precise instructions. This diligent attention to intricate details guarantees the front wheel hub’s optimal functionality, safety, and enduring performance.

motorcycle front wheel hub 8

How To Maintain the Motorcycle’s Front Wheel Hub?

In the meticulous upkeep of your motorcycle’s frontal wheel hub lies the linchpin to a ride that seamlessly melds safety and fluidity. Routinely purge the hub of contaminants, meticulously scrutinize for any signs of detriment, and meticulously assess the wheel bearings, anointing them judiciously when required. Delve into the seals, vigilant for indications of attrition, and execute replacements if exigent. In the realm of spoke-laden wheels, be attuned to the tension in each spoke. Subject the brake components to a scrupulous inspection, ensuring an unswerving alignment. Apply torque to bolts and nuts at regular intervals, adhering to the maintenance timetable stipulated in the proprietary manual. When in doubt, solicit the expertise of a professional. Consistent vigilance and maintenance not only fortify safety and longevity but also contribute holistically to an elevated and enriched riding sojourn.

motorcycle front wheel hub 9

How To Customize Motorcycle Front Wheel Hub?

Embarking on customizing your motorcycle’s front wheel hub involves researching reputable manufacturers known for quality and customization. Choose materials like aluminum or steel based on weight, durability, and aesthetics.

Consider design intricacies, confirming if the manufacturer offers customizable blueprints. Precise measurements for compatibility with your motorcycle’s front axle and fork dimensions are crucial.

Select a surface finish (burnished, anodized, or chrome-plated) aligning with your style. Discuss bearing and seal options for optimal functionality.

Check compatibility with your motorcycle’s braking system, especially for disc brakes. Inquire about adding personalized engravings.

Before purchase, discuss customization costs, additional charges, and the production timeline. Thoroughly review specifications.

Upon receiving the custom front wheel hub, follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines, seeking professional help if needed. Maintain open communication and keep records of all agreements.

motorcycle front wheel hub 10


Congratulations! You’ve now explored the ins and outs of Motorcycle Front Wheel Hubs. Armed with knowledge about their differences, dimensions, materials, and maintenance, you’re better equipped to navigate the road. Whether you’re a rider who enjoys the classic charm of spoked hubs or prefers the efficiency of integral hubs, understanding the nuances of these components adds a new dimension to your riding experience. Keep the wheels turning and the rubber side down! Ride on, fellow enthusiasts!

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